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Oct 5, 2013

Fournil De Pierre: The Newest French Eatery in the City

I have been giving myself a priceless birthday gift for four consecutive years: REST! Just like last year, I am currently on a 10-day staycation, and so far, I've been having a blast. I've showered myself with a lot of me-time, learned to be a better homemaker and happily accepted event and restaurant invitations! 

Last Tuesday, Ed and I went to Fournil De Pierre's official opening celebration. Fournil De Pierre is a restaurant that has been around in France since 1980, and has recently opened its first branch in the UAE in Downtown Dubai. It offers freshly baked bread and pastries, healthy beverages and the finest French traditional dishes. I always love to discover new romantic dine-out spots, so I was excited to check out this newest French eatery.      

Fournil De Pierre at Downtown Dubai

French restaurants are always quiet and romantic, but Fournil De Pierre was bustling on its opening night! It was totally jam-packed and the ambiance was very lively. Inside, there was a musician who was probably playing romantic French music on the accordion, but all I heard were chitchats and laughter! There was also a photo booth where I had some fun snaps with a mini-Eiffel tower, a pink poodle and a man with a fake mustache. By the way, the mustachioed man is my dear husband who loves to goof around and make me laugh all the time! :)

a musician playing the accordion
a musician playing the accordion
fun snaps at the photo booth
fun snaps at the photo booth

Since there was no room for us inside the restaurant, we squeezed our way out and found an empty table in a quiet corner. The spot was perfect for us who wanted to dine in a real romantic French ambiance! The wait staff walked around the restaurant carrying trays and baskets. They endlessly offered mini-sandwiches, pastries, desserts and beverages. 

a wait staff with a tray of Fournil de Pierre's delectable sandwiches
a wait staff with a warm smile and a tray of delicious sandwiches 
Fournil De Pierre's sandwiches
French Classics: fresh from the oven bread filled with mozzarella, chicken and vegetables
Fournil De Pierre's desserts
I couldn't say no to these strawberry tartelettes and chocolate desserts.
Fournil De Pierre's pastries
another tray of pastries
Fournil De Pierre's freshly baked goodies
freshly baked goodies in a basket
Fournil De Pierre's freshly baked goodies
Ed and I both loved the chocolate croissant (at the top of the pile in this photo). 
It is crunchy outside, soft inside and filled with luscious dark chocolate!
Fournil De Pierre's framboise colada
Framboise Colada: This lovely drink is a blend of raspberry, coconut and pineapple! 
Healthy and very refreshing!
Fournil De Pierre's peach, pineapple and spinach smoothie
This green smoothie is a combination of pineapple, peach and spinach! 
It seems strange, but tastes very pleasant.  
Fournil De Pierre's tartelette citron
We also received two Tartellette Citron as a take-away gift!

Ed and I were very delighted to find a new date spot that serves high-quality French cuisine at reasonable prices. We both want to go back on an ordinary night. We could spend hours sitting in the plush sofa, having Traiteurs Chaurds, sipping Speciale Epinard (the weird-looking green smoothie), listening to romantic French music and just talking about sweet nothings! I bet, Fournil de Pierre would be a busy restaurant anytime soon. I'm pretty sure all the other guests are planning to go back too!       

Fournil De Pierre at Downtown Dubai

Fournil De Pierre
Boulevard Mohammed Bin Rashed (formerly Emaar Boulevard)
Standpoint Towers, Downtown Dubai

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