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Oct 27, 2013

Comical Night at The Punchline Comedy Club

Ed and I love to have our quality time somewhere nice and quiet. We usually spend weekend nights in a restaurant talking about anything and making each other laugh in between serious conversations. It has been our stress-reliever for years. It was just last Friday that we were in a very unexpected place, with a very unusual scenario. 

We were invited to the final show of The Punchline Comedy Club's October Tour in the Middle East at the Emirates Golf Club. The Punchline Comedy Club started in Hong Kong in 1994, and a couple of years later conquered the rest of Asia and Australia. The show features outstanding comedians from UK, USA, Australia and Canada. 

We arrived at the venue an hour before the show started. The event took place in a small function room for intimate events at Emirates Golf Club's pavilion. While waiting, pub grub and drinks were served. Ed and I have never been to a live comedy show before, but we know that there will be a comedic interaction with the audience which can be fun and awkward at the same time. We hoped that we can avoid it, so we sat at the third to the last row where we can blend in with the rest. Hahah! 

The Stage and The Pub Grub (my soda, vegetable quesadilla and Ed's Heineken)

The show that we watched featured renowned stand up comedians Jeremy O' Donnell, Junior Simpson and Canada's Comedian of the Year Simon Cotter. They are fast, very witty and can always pull off a good joke out of something! Most topics were about their personal experiences, along with some adult stuff and racial commentaries. They interacted with the audience, mostly with the people at the front row. Even though I found the jokes non-offensive, I'm still glad that our plan to stay safe from the mockery was a success. Ed and I were laughing for more than two hours! I think, the rest of the audience did as well. Everyone were in good sport and enthusiastic all throughout the show.  

Punchline Comedy Club will be back in Dubai on December. Life is better when you're laughing, so make sure to catch one of their shows this coming Festive Season. Show schedule, venue and ticket prices will be posted in their official Facebook Page

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