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Oct 30, 2013

Monorail Ride at The Palm Jumeirah

Right from the start, I knew Dubai is an incredible city and is going to be more extraordinary as time goes by. Though I am aware that everything is possible in here, I still get goosebumps every time I see unique structures! One of the most futuristic projects that I truly adore is The Palm Jumeirah, an artificial palm-shaped island. The island's trunk, fronds and crescent are lined by residential buildings, restaurants, luxurious hotels and white sand beaches. It was actually made to solve Dubai's beach shortage problem. The Palm Jumeirah has doubled Dubai's coastline and beachfront properties!

Palm Jumeirah is best seen up above. There are people who would ride a seaplane to catch a glimpse of its unique shape. Some would even dare to jump off the plane, I mean Skydive above it, just to have a better aerial view! But if you are like me who wants everything to be nice and slow, the Palm Monorail can take you from the foot of the trunk to the tip of the crescent.        

artwork of the Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Whenever my family and friends are here for a visit, I always take them to the Palm Jumeirah for a monorail ride. The journey starts at the Gateway station near Dubai Internet City and ends at Atlantis Aquaventure station. In between, there are two more stations which are still not open to the public. 

Palm Monorail at Palm Jumeirah Dubai
The Palm Monorail

At 15 AED for a single trip and 25 AED for a two-way ticket, the monorail isn't really the cheapest mode of transportation as the taxi fare would cost cheaper especially when you are traveling with a group. However, the monorail provides a better view as it runs above the main road.     

Palm Monorail Ticket Booth at Gateway Station
Electronic Ticket counters at the Gateway Station

The scenic monorail ride starts with an awesome sight of the high-rise buildings, luxury yachts and white sand beaches at Dubai Marina. Then, the monorail runs between the posh residential buildings at the trunk of the palm-shaped island. It also passes above the construction site of the soon-to-rise Palm Mall. At the Fronds, you can see the fabulous European-style villas with private beach! 

a view of Dubai Marina
skyscrapers at Dubai Marina
residential and commercial buildings at the Trunk of the Palm Jumeirah
buildings along Palm Jumeirah's Trunk
construction site of The Palm Mall Dubai
Palm Mall's construction site
luxury villas at the Fronds of The Palm Jumeirah
villas at Palm Jumeirah's Fronds

The monorail's first cabin offers a good vantage point to see Atlantis, the marvelous 5-star hotel and resort located at the tip of Palm Jumeirah's crescent. The island's crowning glory becomes more and more breathtaking as the monorail approaches the end station.

Atlantis from a distance
Atlantis The Palm at Palm Jumeirah's Crescent 
Atlantis The Palm
a closer look
A closer look at Atlantis The Palm
Atlantis The Palm upclose

The Palm Monorail ends at Atlantis Aquaventure station which is located in the middle of the main hotel and the water park. From the station, you can have a peek at the fun water activities, thus making Aquaventure the next on your list... but only of you have a day to spare!

Here's a free thrill: Have a short walk at the Palm's Crescent. There are walkways near the breakwater with a picture-perfect view of the Persian Gulf and Atlantis. Photo Op time!  

Atlantis Aquaventure
Atlantis Aquaventure
Palm Monorail Atlantis Aquaventure Station
Atlantis Aquaventure Station

Palm Jumeirah
Dubai, UAE

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