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Nov 6, 2013

Atlantean Adventure at The Lost Chambers

Legends are brought to life in the UAE! I have journeyed like Juha in Wild Wadi, searched for the lost pearl like Dana in Yas Waterworld, and recently, I went on an Atlantean adventure in Atlantis The Palm! The Lost Chambers Aquarium was conceptualized based on Plato's dialogues about the legendary island of Atlantis, particularly on its remains after it sank into the ocean. It is a maze-like structure composed of 10 chambers and 20 marine life exhibits with 65,000 marine animals! 

The adventure happened last month, during my birthday. It was a special day, but I wanted to do something nice and affordable. Since I have been eyeing The Lost Chambers' coupon on our Entertainer Dubai (a book of over 1,500 Buy1 Get1 vouchers) for the longest time, I thought it was the best time to use it! 

Lost Chambers at Atlantis The Palm Dubai

The moment I entered the first chamber, I definitely knew that it wasn't like any other aquarium that I have been to. I actually felt like I drifted into another world, in the world of Atlas and the seven Sages. I could have understood the concept and the codes on the wall if we joined a guided tour, but since Ed and I had a dinner reservation to catch, we went on our way with a brochure in hand.

Lady at the Entrance Portal of the Lost Chambers

The Navigation Room of Lost Chambers

With a concept that's quite hard to grasp, we had to bring out the child in us and play make believe for a while. One of the chambers is the Knowledge Room which serves as the communication portal of the Sages to the outside world. 

The Knowledge Room of the Lost Chambers

Lady at the Knowledge Room of the Lost Chambers

There is also a chamber where the Sages upload their discoveries in an organic computer powered by the crystals around it. Other rooms were for astronomical studies, mining and defense of the city where King Atlas ruled. The Lost Chambers surely had our imaginations run wild!

one of the chambers of the Lost Chambers

The Seven Sages Chamber of the Lost ChambersEd at the Abyss Room of the Lost Chambers

The organic computer at the Seven Sages Chamber

For people who are not into myths and legends, The Lost Chambers may be a little strange since it is way too far from reality. The truth is, you don't need to decipher the codes written on the walls or understand what Plato meant in Timaeus and Critias to appreciate The Lost Chambers. All you have to do is simply open your eyes and let thousands of marine species take your breath away!   

Unicorn Leatherjackets at the Lost Chambers

Honeycomb Moray Eels at the Lost ChambersLobsters at the Lost Chambers

marine life at the Generator Room of the Lost Chambers

The chambers are inhabited by the species we commonly see in other aquariums like jellyfishes, seahorses, sharks and Pomacentridaes (the family in which Nemo belongs to), and the exotic kinds like Arapaimas, Honeycomb Moray Eels, Red Bellied Piranhas and more sea creatures that I'm not familiar with! 

Colorful corals and fishes at the Lost Chambers

red tail catfish at the Lost Chambers

clown fish at the Lost Chambers

Some of the exhibits are not only for our eyes to see, a Marine Educator told us that we could touch the starfishes and horseshoe crabs if we want to. Of course, we did! And while we fed our curiosity, he also shared some facts. Here's fascinating one: Horseshoe crabs are arthropods, thus they are closely related to spiders and scorpions, not with crabs!  

Ed and the horseshoe crabs at the Lost Chambers

So, if somebody asks me how I celebrated my birthday this year, I think I'd blow off anyone's mind by my answer: "I discovered some of the relics of the Lost City and saw some moray eels and piranhas along the way." Strange, but in my whimsical world, that's the truth! :)    

Entrance Fee:
(as of October 2013)
Adult: 100 AED
Child: 70 AED
---Please check The Lost Chamber's website for current rates and promotions---

The Lost Chambers
Atlantis The Palm
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

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