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Nov 23, 2013

Random Ramblings: 15 Days after Yolanda

It's been fifteen days since the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda. My heart still bleeds for the typhoon victims, but as they say, life must go on! I have also been coping up with a recurrent flu for the past two weeks. I really thought that taking a break from blogging could help me, but it actually made me more sick and depressed. That's why I came up with this post. I want to share what I've been through while I was on a blogging hiatus. I still have loads of unfinished posts in my draft folder, so I will try to settle everything and will be posting regularly next week. 

* On Strength 

There's a trending comment on CNN's website about the Filipinos' strength and resilience. It is a fact and I have seen it surfaced amidst the tragic situation. Days after the typhoon, my Facebook news feed was filled with inspiring words from the typhoon victims themselves. While I was dazed and depressed, they remained strong and hopeful. Instead of me encouraging them, it's actually the other way around! I am blessed to know people like them. They are the ones who inspire me to be what a Filipino should be: a true survivor! 

* On Giving Up

Several days ago, a friend added me to an open group on Facebook "Together we give up, Together we give back". They are another bunch of strong and inspiring people! While reading through their posts on the important things they sacrificed to help the victims of the Typhoon, I began to contemplate on how I can do my part. I decided to start blogging again and pledged to give up my Blog's earnings next month along with a good portion of my holiday shopping money for a good cause. 

* On the Festive Season

Ed and I received an early Christmas present, and that is having our loved ones safe and sound. We will be celebrating away from home again, in the truest way it should be. And because you might probably get tired of my emotional ramblings, which this blog should not be made of, I will be doing my blogger's "task" of searching some holiday cheer in the city. I will be on the look-out for holiday eats, events (the cheap ones), and all the stuff that could turn that frown upside down!

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