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Nov 26, 2013

The Ambassador Lagoon at Atlantis The Palm

Out of all the attractions at Atlantis The Palm, The Ambassador Lagoon has the cheapest entrance fee. It is a part of the Lost Chambers, but visitors have an option to skip the chambers and head to the lagoon directly for a cheaper fee. For only 30 AED, it is actually reasonable for those who can't devote much time at the 5-star resort! With the 70 AED difference on the the entrance fee, it seems like a good deal. My stingy self have even skipped the Lost Chambers several times. I have always thought that both attractions are basically similar, why pay more? Little did I know, I've been missing a lot! 

On our recent trip to Atlantis, I was finally able to visit the Lost Chambers for the first time and the Ambassador Lagoon for the third time! I didn't think twice on paying the more expensive entrance fee as I got a Buy1 Get1 voucher in hand! Yay! 

Ambassador Lagoon at Atlantis the Palm

We passed through The Avenues, the starting point of every Atlantean Adventure for non-hotel guests. It is the busiest part of Atlantis as it is where the entrance to main attractions (Aquaventure waterpark and Lost Chambers), luxury boutiques and casual dining restaurants are located. I was happy to escape all the frenzy when we finally scored our tickets. The less crowded hallway to the lagoon, lined with gem-crusted torches and domes with mosaic, made me appreciate the Atlantean theme even more! 

The Avenues at Atlantis The PalmAtlantis The Palm's colorful ceiling

A short walk down the Avenues are tall acrylic panels where visitors flock to view the marine animals swim above the legendary ruins and artifacts of The Lost City. It is impressive. However, I was there minutes after I have left The Lost Chambers, so I found it not as mesmerizing as it was before.

Ambassador Lagoon at Atlantis The Palm

After passing through a series of tall viewing panels, we reached Poseidon's Court where the largest acrylic panel in Atlantis is located. It somehow looks like the aquarium in Dubai Mall, only a bit smaller. There is a designated schedule for fish feeding which can make the visit worthwhile (check the day and time at Atlantis The Palm's website). I remember, Ambassador Lagoon was in the headline years ago because it served as a home to a 4m-long female whale shark. It was released due to animal rights protest on 2010. Anyhow, shark or no shark, it is still a prime tourist destination.  

Ambassador Lagoon at Atlantis The PalmAmbassador Lagoon at Atlantis The Palm

What surprised me on our recent visit was the new Poseidon's Cafe. Poseidon's Court used to be grand and spacious. I love how it was before, when I could stand at the farthest end and still see the fishes without any obstructions. Well, I get it... Atlantis gave us another great spot to dine with a view. 

Ambassador Lagoon at Atlantis The Palm

A visit to the Ambassador Lagoon is not complete without a photo op at the Atlantis throne. The golden gigantic chair must be the throne of King Atlas. Now, everyone gets the chance to be the King or Queen of Atlantis for a few seconds.

Lady in Ambassador LagoonEd in Ambassador Lagoon

Those are the things that you can see and do at Ambassador Lagoon. The elegant staircase to the second floor is only for hotel guests. 30 AED worth? Pricey! If I only I knew how fantastic the Lost Chambers is before, I should have chosen it from the very start. But still, for those with a tight schedule, Ambassador Lagoon is a reasonable choice. It's a little sneak peek to the marvelous attractions of Atlantis The Palm.  

Ambassador Lagoon at Atlantis the Palm

Entrance Fee: 30 AED
(FREE if you'll visit The Lost Chambers or dine at Kaleidoscope)

Ambassador Lagoon
Atlantis The Palm
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