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Jan 2, 2014

Cheers to 2014: The World's Largest Fireworks Display

On the last day of 2013, I forced myself inside a jam-packed Dubai Metro cabin, walked for an hour and squeezed my way through the crowd at the beach beside Burj Al Arab. This city that has been crazy over breaking world records has made me do what I think I'm not capable of. I've pushed myself to the limits, knowing in the end it will all be worth it! :) 

My 2014 began with a bang, under a night sky lighted with 400,000 fireworks that is now known to be Guinness World Record's largest pyrotechnic display!!! 

2014 Fireworks at Burj Al Arab

The record-breaking fireworks display was the best and the brightest I've ever seen so far. The fireworks went off from one iconic structure to another, with long gaps that actually made people think that there's a major glitch with the highly anticipated largest fireworks show in the world! Burj Khalifa started the celebration promptly, while we stood there miles away wondering what happened to Burj Al Arab's and The Palm's much-talked about fireworks display. A few minutes past midnight, when the pyrotechnics show was over at the world's tallest man-made structure, the annual fireworks extravaganza of Burj Al Arab started. It wasn't in sync with our loud countdown, but it was all worth the wait!  

2014 Fireworks at Burj Al Arab

2014 Fireworks at Burj Al Arab

2014 Fireworks at Burj Al Arab

And then the Guinness World Record's largest fireworks display took place! It was 30 minutes late, but it happened! Some spectators who probably thought that Dubai's New Year celebration was over have already left their spot, leaving us with a clearer view of the astonishing pyrotechnics exhibition at The Palm Jumeirah and The World islands. The fireworks caught me off guard; I never expected it to be that wide! I was in a blissful state of shock that the only blog-worthy photo I got doesn't even do justice to what I have really seen. I want you to feel the major goosebumps too, so I'm sharing Dubai Media's YouTube video down below! 

2014 Fireworks at The World islands

With that extraordinary start, I guess I am bound to have an extraordinary 2014! I'm looking forward to more record-breaking events, looking down to see how much I've grown, looking up to thank the Lord for all the blessings! Happy 2014 everyone! 

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