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Jan 18, 2014

The Journey to Fujairah-Al Aqah

Back when the weather was still warm and too perfect for a beach getaway, Ed and I went on a road trip to one of the most beautiful resorts in this side of the gulf. This actually happened last October, for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. It is only now that I got the time to write a series about our sweet escape due to a major backlog, followed by the commotion caused by Yolanda and the eventful month of December! 

Ed and I spent a night in Fujairah-Al Aqah. Finally, it's time to tick off wish #1 on my 20 before 2020 list!  Before we booked the hotel stay, we actually had doubts on our plan since Al Aqah is too far from the city center. We searched for Fujairah-Al Aqah travel experiences via public transportation online, but couldn't find a detailed one. So, off we went to an adventure, with high hopes that we could bring useful travel information back home.  

The Inter-City Bus
Bus E700 runs between Dubai (Union Bus Station) and Fujairah every hour. Bus fare to Fujairah's town center is at 25 AED/ person. The big red bus has reclining leather seats which gave us the utmost comfort on our 2-hour trip.   

Dubai-Fujairah Intercity Bus
Dubai-Fujairah E700 bus

inside Dubai-Fujairah intercity bus
E700's reclining leather seats

The Dubai to Fujairah Bus Trip 
From Union Bus Station in Dubai, the bus ride to Fujairah takes two hours or more; depending on road traffic. What I love most about road trips in the UAE is the sudden change of view from my window seat. In a matter of minutes, the scenery changed from skyscrapers to a vast desert land!

vast desert land in between Dubai and Fujairah
vast desert land in between Dubai and Fujairah

I placed my headset on and had a short snooze on the first half of our journey. When I woke up, my view had changed from sand dunes to rocky mountains. I was mesmerized with scenery, most especially with the huge artworks on some of the slopes. Also an eye-catcher is the market place by the road in Masafi area. I heard, it is the right place to purchase plants, pots and carpets as the items are way much cheaper compared to the ones in the shopping mall.

the rocky Hajar mountains
the rocky Hajar mountains
amazing artwork at Hajar Mountain
amazing artwork 
plant stalls at Fujairah
plant stalls along the main road
carpet and pottery market in Fujairah
carpet and pottery market  

After the long travel along the Hajar Mountains, we have finally reached the main town. It isn't as simple as I thought it was. There are also high-rise buildings, mostly hotels, along the main road. I caught a glimpse of the second largest mosque in the UAE; the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah which somehow resembles the Blue Mosque in Istanbul!  

a glimpse of Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah
a glimpse of Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah

The Taxi Ride to Al Aqah
Bus E700 travels only until Fujairah's town center; pick up and drop off point is near Perfume Roundabout. At the bus stop, while looking for a public bus to Al Aqah, a cab driver convinced us to take the faster and more comfortable way. Our decision isn't money wise (taxi fare: 67 AED) but we could have lost a lot of time if we insisted on taking the public bus. Travel time from the bus stop to Al Aqah by taxi is approximately an hour. 

I think we made the right decision on taking a cab. We were blessed to have a very considerate taxi driver. He gave us sealed cups of water to drink though eating and drinking isn't usually allowed in public vehicles. He even offered to pick us up the next day and granted our request to have a quick stop at Al Badiyah Mosque (UAE's oldest mosque). If all taxi drivers are as good as him, life and traveling will be much easier! :)

the road to Al Aqah
the road to Al Aqah
We passed by Snoopy Island!
We passed by Snoopy Island!
Al Badiyah Mosque: the oldest mosque in the UAE
Al Badiyah Mosque: the oldest mosque in the UAE

Hello, Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa!
After two hours of bus ride, an hour in the taxi and various change of scenery, we finally arrived in Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa in Al Aqah! The wonderful resort tuck in between the Hajar Mountains and Indian Ocean is worth the long travel! 

Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa

Road Trip Expenses:
Dubai to Fujairah bus fare: 25 AED/person (one-way)
Taxi fare to Al Aqah: 67 AED

For current E700 bus schedule, please call RTA's Customer Service: 800 90 90.

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