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Jan 5, 2014

A Bucket of Joy at Seafood in a Bucket

The last time I had a plastic bib on and devoured delicious crab in a shallow metal bucket, our date night bill went up to a whopping 200 AED... and even more if we didn't use a buy1get1 voucher! Then, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a new seafood restaurant with almost the same unique concept, but with more affordable items on the menu! Imagine, a deep bucket full of sweet chili crabs for just 21 AED! 

Seafood in a Bucket is a new concept brought by ASAP in House Restaurant in Karama. Though the restaurant is not visible along the main road, it is the power of social media that has made every seafood-lover searching for this latest dine-out spot. 

Seafood in a Bucket by ASAP in House restaurant

Tuck inside Al Attar Business Center, beside Karama Metro Station, is a simple restaurant with graffiti walls and unusual light fixtures. Seafood is not the only thing in a bucket in this one of a kind restaurant, even the ceiling lamps are! It is always jam packed during the weekend, so we went a little past 5pm on our two consecutive visits, to make sure that we can immediately have a spot. 

seafood and ceiling lamps in buckets
a cool seafood restaurant

Seafood in a Bucket gives every diner the freedom to create a specialty meal. Ordering is so much fun and confusing (in a good way). They have seven kinds of seafood to choose from. For those who are allergic to seafood, don't fret as they also have chicken wings! After choosing which "fruit of the sea" to devour, pick a sauce that would match your choice. Then, decide which level of spice you can handle. For those who love fancy extras, you can have your meal served with corn on a cob or onion rings! To complete a hearty meal, there are very affordable coolers and desserts to choose from. 

Seafood in a Bucket in Karama menu
Seafood in a Bucket's menu

Our fun-dining began as the wait staff placed wax paper sheets instead of plates on our table. Then, the coolers in HUGE glass jars arrived! I was still in awe with the size and the refreshing taste of my 5 AED apple-cucumber drink when a bucket of complimentary crackers was given to us. That moment, I was already saying "I love Seafood in a Bucket" at the back of my mind.  

Seafood in a Bucket's huge coolers
big jars of apple-cucumber cooler and lime cooler
Seafood in a Bucket's complimentary starter
complimentary starter in a bucket
Lady at Seafood in a Bucket Karama
savoring the cheapest and the biggest glass of beverage in Dubai 

Then, our seafood and rice were brought to our table... of course in metal buckets too. We put our vinyl gloves on and began our hearty seafood dinner! We had the tilapia in black pepper sauce. The tilapia fillets were wrapped in thin crispy coating and drizzled with sweet soy sauce. Best fish fillet ever!! The steamed crabs were wonderfully paired with sweet chili sauce. It was less meaty than the exquisite varieties, but it's the joy of cracking, eating with hands and the zest of the sweet and spicy sauce that made the dish extraordinary!

Seafood in a Bucket's tilapia in black pepper sauce
must-try: Tilapia in black pepper sauce
Seafood in a Bucket's crab in sweet chili sauce
a hefty serving of crab in sweet chili sauce
Ed at Seafood in a Bucket
Ed is very happy with the meal... and the bill! :)
fun-dining at Seafood in a Bucket
Fun-dining: the joy of cracking crabs and eating with hands

It is only at Seafood in a Bucket that seafood and budget-friendly dining go along. We fell head over heels in love with the concept, the food and the prices, so we immediately went back a week after our first visit to have shrimps in garlic butter sauce and calamari in our favorite black pepper sauce. This time, we also left a little extra space in our tummies for dessert!

Seafood in a Bucket's garlic-butter shrimp
steamed shrimps in light garlic-butter sauce served with corn on a cob
Seafood in a Bucket's calamari in black pepper sauce
Black pepper sauce goes so well with fried seafood! Here's the calamari with a kick of spicy black pepper sauce. 

Still sticking on the creative concept, Seafood in a Bucket serves the desserts in cute glass jars! For only 10 AED, we got a jar of delicious Oreo Cheesecake topped with maltesers and oreo cookies!    

Seafood in a Bucket's oreo cheesecakeoreo cheesecake in a jar

Seafood in a Bucket brings a bucket load of happiness! It can make you forget about mud crabs and king prawns. You wouldn't look for the lavish tableware and wouldn't mind getting messy either! This restaurant is not about fancy fine-dining. It's all about the things that can tickle your fancy, but won't leave you broke!

The budget-friendly prices:
Crabs in sweet chili sauce: 21 AED
Tilapia in black pepper sauce: 18 AED
Shrimps in garlic butter sauce: 27 AED
Calamari in black pepper sauce: 12 AED
Lime cooler: 5 AED
Appe-cucumber cooler: 5 AED

*All dishes are served with unlimited rice!

Seafood in a Bucket by ASAP in House restaurant
Al Attar Business Center (beside Karama Metro Station)

Click on the link to read about Seafood in a Bucket's Ansar Gallery branch!

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