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Apr 27, 2014

The All New Dubai Miracle Garden

When my relatives came for a short vacation last week, I somehow played the role of a tour guide for them while being a tourist myself. On the top of their list and on mine is Dubai Miracle Garden, the most beautiful and the largest natural flower garden in the world.

Dubai Miracle Garden fascinated the whole world when it first opened early 2013. It was proclaimed by the Guinness World Records to have the largest vertical garden. The seasonal attraction was closed during the peak of summer, and just like everyone else, I waited in great anticipation for the temperature to drop and for the garden to finally reopen its gates.
Dubai Miracle Garden 2014

On a weekend morning, Ed and I excitedly hopped on a cab along with the real tourists and went on 30-minute ride to Dubai Miracle Garden. We reached our destination at 10 in the morning and I was surprised to see 4 seater and 8 seater cabs already waiting for passengers at the taxi stand, not like last year; Ed and I had to walk to the main road to get a taxi.  

As we wanted to escape the madding crowd, we were very pleased to arrive in a queue-less ticket booth. Entrance tickets are now priced at 30 AED/per adult. With the 10 AED difference from last year, I walked in with high hopes, and from where I stood at the gates, I was so sure I wouldn't be disappointed!

peacock at Dubai Miracle Garden
one of the three peacocks beside Dubai Miracle Garden's entrance gate
mini Burj Khalifa made of flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden
a floral replica of Burj Khalifa is such a welcome treat

Dubai Miracle Garden is definitely better this year! The whole garden transformed into something more beautiful. The cubes and domes of flowers are now gone and were replaced by unique floral structures. There's a miniature Burj Khalifa covered with purple and white flowers. There's a cottage donning colorful blooms from the roof to the walls! 

cottage and cars at Dubai Miracle Garden
car zone and the flower cottage
flowers and jars at Dubai Miracle Garden
jars overflowing with colorful blooms
different flowers at Dubai Miracle garden
burst of colors in a desert land

Apart from the new structures, the crowd-favorite photo op spots from last year are maintained. The pyramids are still standing tall! The floral heart arch pathway remains to be the most romantic spot. The pathways covered by umbrellas and hanging flower baskets are still there to provide shelter from the scorching sun. 

pyramids at Dubai Miracle garden
the Pyramids in full bloom
floral heart arch at Dubai Miracle Garden
Cheesy, yet this remains to be our fave structure at DMG.
Umbrella Pathway at Dubai Miracle Garden
Umbrella Pathway at Dubai Miracle Garden
flower pots at Dubai Miracle Garden
a tunnel of flower pots 

The pathways are lined by lovely benches with various designs. I greatly adore the iron butterfly chairs; I rested my feet and got a faux butterfly wings in return! Another great addition are the food and beverage stalls. Visitors can now lounge and eat under hanging flower baskets. And the best part of all, whistle-blowing was not as intense as last year, hence I got a truly relaxing weekend! 

shaded benches at Dubai Miracle Garden
my lovely guests taking a break on the shaded benches
iron butterfly chair at Dubai Miracle Garden
These wings are made to fly! :)
seating area at Dubai Miracle Garden
ample seating area near the food and beverage stalls 

Due to the limited time, we were only able to visit Dubai Miracle Garden's Phase 1. I heard there are flower valleys and butterfly domes at Phase 2. As the flower season is about to end, I'll be saving the visit to the 2nd phase next winter. Hopefully, the aromatic plants and edible plants garden are opened by then.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Land
Al Barsha South
For current timings and rates, please check DMG's official website.

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