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Apr 15, 2014

Seafood Feast at Boardwalk

2014's second quarter began with another sweet surprise. Once again, for the third time, a notification with the awesome word "Congratulations" appeared on my iPhone! I thought it was some sort of a late April Fools' joke, so I repeatedly verified the sender and the comment just to confirm it wasn't a prank. Yah, paranoia strikes sometimes, especially when it's just too good to be true! Much to my delight, the Instagram notification clearly said that I won a meal for two at Boardwalk, an iconic restaurant overlooking Dubai Creek. Thank God for Instagram, hashtags and the winning streak! ;)

Boardwalk at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

The Newly Revamped Boardwalk
Ed and I were so excited to be back at Boardwalk. The last time we were there, we were very impressed with the restaurant's Festive menu. It was their glorious holiday offerings and the stunning views from the terrace that made our Christmas a merry one! We were giddy over the thoughts of al fresco dining with a spectacular night view of Dubai Creek and the delicious stuffed salmon that lingered in our taste buds!

The outdoor seating was already full when we arrived. Actually, it was no surprise since it was a weekend night. We settled at the newly revamped indoor seating for a few minutes; browsed the menu while waiting for a spot at the terrace. We couldn't help but adore the main restaurant that went through a major renovation during the peak of winter. The 2-decade old restaurant looks sparkling new, modern and stylish. 

newly revamped Boardwalk restaurant
Boardwalk's newly renovated indoor seating
Boardwalk's modern and stylish interior
Believe it or not, Boardwalk is already 20 years old!

There is now a display of fresh seafood on a bed of ice. It is situated in the same room as the dining hall, yet there's no unpleasant fishy odor. With the mere sight of the fresh catch on the counter, we immediately decided that it's gonna be a Seafood Night

fresh seafood at Boardwalk Dubai
fresh catch on a bed of ice
seafood counter at Boardwalk Dubai
Seafood Haven!

Al Fresco Dining at Boardwalk
Minutes later, we were assisted to our table at the upper deck. Boardwalk's wooden terrace offers a splendid view of city's bright lights. We gazed at the breathtaking scenery, savored the calming breeze and listened to the chill music coming from the sky lounge. It's a great spot to end the tiring week and welcome everything that lies ahead.

dining at Boardwalk's wooden terrace
stunning views from Boardwalk's deck
night scenery from Boardwalk's wooden terrace
Bright lights. Big city.

Boardwalk's Healthy Fix and Splendid Starters
Boardwalk's complimentary bread was served together with our chosen drinks. It was Quick Fix for me and a glass of white wine for my dear husband. I have just shooed away the flu bug last week, yet I can sense that it is still lurking around the corner, hence I got a fruity drink loaded with vitamins that could boost my immune system. Quick Fix is a healthy mix of orange, banana, carrot and pineapple. 

Boardwalk Dubai's quick fix and herbed bread
Quick Fix and complimentary herbed bread

Dinner, or shall I say FEAST, started with four kinds of antipasti. Served in a wooden rack are small portions of Marinated Tuna, Feta and Watermelon, Carrot and Orange Salad, and Chicken Liver. All were mouthwatering, but one stood out from the rest! Can you guess which antipasti stole the limelight? Surprisingly, it's not the yellow fin tuna with herbs, it's the pan-fried chicken liver with balsamic reduction and orange zest! It's uber delicious that I had to move the bowl a spot near me!   

Boardwalk Dubai's antipasti rack
Antipasti to share: (left to right) marinated tuna, feta and watermelon, carrot and orange salad, chicken liver

Boardwalk Seafood Platter
When we said it's gonna be a Seafood Night, we seriously meant it. Out of all the enticing dishes on the new menu, we ordered Boardwalk Seafood Platter. Unfortunately, prawns were out of stock that night. I love prawns! I want prawns! I neeeeed prawns! My heart broke, yet our server quickly picked up the pieces by offering more calamari and whelks. More calamari sounded great, so we gave it a go. 

Our server came to us with humongous plate fit for a King... and Queen. It was filled with grilled slices of hammour, king fish and salmon, ample servings of calamari and whelks, and half Canadian lobster on top of flavored rice. I stopped myself from drooling as I focus the camera lens on the delectable array of seafood. I heard my husband's usual "Are you done? Can we start?" questions right after the first click. Impatient eh! Well, I couldn't blame him. 

Boardwalk Seafood Platter
the astonishing platter of seafood

Based on the photos alone, the lobster was the superstar. It surely is! It was grilled to perfection; meat was succulent and tender. The variety of seafood surrounding the Star were great as well; fish fillets taste fresh and flavorful, batter-coated calamari were crispy and light. As for the whelks, well it was my first, so it looked weird and tasted quite odd to me. 

Seafood Platter at Boardwalk Dubai
for the love of seafood
dinner with a view at Boardwalk Dubai
seafood dinner with a view 

Boardwalk's Delightful Desserts
The feast ended sweetly with scoops of ice cream and sorbet. My husband who's not fond of desserts was able to finish the Creole all by himself. As he didn't bother to share, I bet the pineapple and mango sorbet smothered with mint sauce is extremely good. :) I was glad he's satisfied with his choice as I guiltlessly savored my Crepe with Salt Flower Caramel ice cream. It's sweet, salty and lusciously rich; a perfect match to the buttery crepe!   

Boardwalk Dubai's tropical dessert
Creole: grilled pineapple and mango sorbet topped with mint sauce
Boardwalk's crepe with ice cream
Boardwalk's crepe and salt flower caramel ice cream... simply irresistible! 

P.S. Thank you so much Boardwalk for the overwhelming prize! 

Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club
 Contact # 04 2956000
For Boardwalk's complete menu, visit their website here

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