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Apr 11, 2014

Far Eastern Street Food at Wok It

If you think street food and fine dining don't match, think again! I recently discovered a dine out spot where I can have authentic Far Eastern street food served gourmet-style in a chic atmosphere. Wok It restaurant is a Karama gem that we took for granted for several months until we stumbled across the restaurant's booth at the Dubai Food Carnival. They had a busy stall at the event and that clearly means GOOD food! 

During the food carnival, Wok It launched a competition on Instagram. Being an IG fanatic, I joined the hashtag frenzy. My photo of Wok It's delicious Martabak Telor was chosen to be one of the winners of a Wok It feast, just a few weeks after I won a 3-course meal voucher in another Asian restaurant. Can't believe tags and hashtags can feed me well! :)      

Wok It Restaurant in Karama Dubai

I claimed my feast at Wok It with my foodie buddy/husband on a weekend afternoon. The restaurant looks very classic with white walls and wood trim. There are benches on one side for casual dining, and tuck behind the soothing water feature is a more fancy dining atmosphere with white leather dining chairs and dark wood tables. Wok It is beautifully-designed based on the principles of Feng Shui.    

wooden benches at Wok It Karama
Wok It Restaurant: a culinary gem in Karama
fancy Asian restaurant in Karama Dubaisoothing atmosphere in Wok It restaurant

We started our Far Eastern street food feast with the delicacy that made me win the Instagram competition. Wok It's bestseller, Martabak Telor, is a famous Indonesian street food. It is freshly-made and served hot from the pan! I simply love the thin, crispy pan-fried bread and the delicious blend of chicken-egg-spices stuffing. This is a starter dish, yet I can consider it to be a main entree as it is very filling! A single serving is good a group to share. 

Wok It restaurant's Martabak Telor
Martabak Telor: a popular Indonesian street food
Wok It restaurant's chicken Martabak Telor
Martabak Telor upclose: chicken, egg and vegetables wrapped in a crispy pan-fried bread 

As the Martabak Telor is quite heavy on the tummy, I made the right decision to order a soup dish instead of a meal with rice. I had Bakso Soup, a street food in Indonesia, popularly known as Meatball Soup. In a huge bowl of warm and savory broth are noodles, Asian vegetables and meatballs. The superstars of the dish are the firm and flavorful beef meatballs; the largest I have ever seen!   
Wok It restaurant's Bakso Soup
the very flavorful Bakso Soup

From Wok It's extensive selection of authentic Far Eastern cuisine, Ed ordered Roasted Soy Chicken. It is a Far Eastern restaurant staple and a comfort food for us Asians. Wok It's version has a strong flavour on the dark soy sauce-based gravy, yet the tender chicken meat underneath the thick glaze is delectable and easy on the palate.   

Wok It restaurant's Roasted Soy Chicken
Wok It's roasted soy chicken

The feast that we started with a savory Martabak, ended with a sweet variety. Martabak Manis is a delight for somebody who loves pancake so much! It's a super upgraded version of my fave breakfast item! Sandwiched between two thick Indonesian pancakes is a wonderful mix of chopped cashew nuts, chocolate and cheese. Yummy beyond words!

Wok It restaurant's Martabak Manis
Martabak Manis looks and tastes heavenly!
Wok It restaurant's Martabak Manis upclose
This is truly addicting! Can't wait to have some more!

Martabak Telor: 35 AED
Bakso Soup: 34 AED
Roasted Soy Chicken: 36 AED
Martabak Manis (small): 16 AED

Wok It Restaurant
Contact # 04 388 5711
Zainal Mohebi Plaza, opposite Centrepoint
Karama, Dubai
nearest metro station: BurJuman (red and green line)

Update: Wok It restaurant is now CLOSED! :(

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