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May 5, 2015

Chez Sushi: Fresh and Funky Japanese Dishes and Custom Built Rolls

Ed and I jive along in so many things, but when it comes to Japanese food, we're worlds apart! He'd go for ramen or teriyaki as I unleash the maki monster in me. Whenever I tell him that we're going to a sushi restaurant, he would always ask if there are offerings other than sushi. He wouldn't be happy if there's none, yet he'd eat whatever I eat anyway. No choice! Haha! I'd feel a little guilty though; hence, I was really hoping I could find a good sushi place where I could meet him halfway.  

And we discovered Chez Sushi

Chez Sushi is the casual counterpart of Sho Cho - a renowned fine-dining Japanese restaurant and lounge in Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa. Both created by the same people, Chez Sushi offers excellent Japanese food that mirrors Sho Cho's finest cuisines, but in a more laid-back atmosphere.     

Chez Sushi in Dubai Marina
Chez Sushi in Dubai Marina

It was a Friday night when Ed and I discovered Chez Sushi on the banks of the artificial canal in Dubai Marina. The location is awesome; it has an outdoor seating with a dazzling marina view and just a few steps away from Dubai Marina Mall

Most costumers preferred to dine al fresco, leaving the indoor seating almost empty. If only I wasn't after the good lighting for my food photos, I'd be dining outside as well! :) Well, actually, dining inside the restaurant isn't really bad as I got to experience Chez Sushi's funky atmosphere. I lounged in a neon green sofa beneath the light fixtures that resemble Japanese rolls. I hugged pillows in the shape of edamame and maki while waiting for the edible ones to be served. 

casual and funky sushi restaurant in Dubai
Chez Sushi: a casual and funky Japanese restaurant
Lady at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
huggable edamame and maki
Chez Sushi unique and fun interior
Chez Sushi's unique and fun interior

The husband was delighted when he saw the menu. Despite the name, Chez Sushi doesn't have an all-sushi menu. The choices are extensive from appetizers to salads to mains! 

We started with a bowl of Chez Sushi Edamame that went beyond the edamame-salt combo! The light and healthy appetizer was tossed in a concoction of soy, ginger, sesame and spices. It's edamame made even better! :) 

We also had Prawn and Coriander Gyoza; Japanese dumplings which are steamed then grilled. It's absolutely healthier and tastier than pan-fried. I love the flavorsome prawn and coriander filling and the soft, yet perfectly toasted on the sides, wrapping. 

edamame at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
Chez Sushi Edamame
gyoza at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
Prawn and Coriander Gyoza

Next served was the Calamari Salad with ginger dressing. Say ginger and my husband goes wild! But it wasn't only him who enjoyed the greens. I did! The dressing is super super good. It's tangy, lightly sweet and has that vibrant ginger flavor. The restaurant manager told us that Chez Sushi's sauces are homemade; mastered to perfection before it is introduced to the menu! That's why nothing in the market can ever match its taste!  

Aside from the Japanese Rolls, I was really excited on sampling Chez Sushi's Rock Shrimp. I heard so much about it and it didn't disappoint. The bite size pieces of rock shrimp tempura smothered with creamy chili sauce arrived in bed of greens. Thumbs up for the presentation and the taste! I went in various stages with one bite. It started with the delightful creamy sauce, followed by a kick of spice, a surprise light crunch when I reached the coating and a burst of fresh seafood flavor as soon as I chewed the rock shrimp in the center! Yes, It did ROCK my world! ;)

calamari salad at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
Calamari Salad in ginger dressing
Rock shrimp at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
Rock Shrimp Tempura in creamy chili sauce

Chez Sushi truly dares to be different, and I love it! Aside from the signature rolls on the menu, there's the "Let's Roll" or the custom built rolls option. It's a wonderful concept as diners have the freedom to mix and match! 

There are four easy steps to follow when customizing your very own Japanese roll. First is to choose your rice; white or brown (huge YEY for health buffs) or none. For the no rice option, the roll is wrapped with either tuna or salmon. Second step is to pick the main ingredients. There are more than a dozen to choose from. Third step is to add some veggies. Choose from the basic ones like avocado, cucumber, mango, or from the interesting sushi pair-ups like asparagus, jalapeno, carrots. The fourth and the last step is to enhance your creation by adding toppings and dressings. Once you've made your choices, the team will then "roll" it for you! 

Let's Roll at Chez Sushi
Let's Roll menu

Fully satisfied on the appetizers, Ed agreed to save the teriyaki for next time. He had two kinds of custom built rolls with me. I created a special roll of crab and prawn (two of my favorite seafood) with mango and avocado, wrapped in white rice, dressed with Yuzu and topped with spicy mayo. I was a little more on the safe side, but I was so happy with my creation! 

I was curious with all the other options, so I happily dared the super accommodating manager to customized a roll for me using brown rice. I was over the moon when he agreed. He came back with a very unusual creation; salmon with cream cheese, mango and avocado wrapped in brown rice and drizzled with Unagi sauce! It's the texture of the brown rice and the richness of the dressing that made it so special and so different from all the Japanese rolls I have ever had!            

Japanese rolls at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
custom built Japanese rolls
build your own sushi at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
a unique creation from the Build-Your-Own-Sushi-Roll concept

For my sweet tooth, we shared a serving of Mochi ice cream. It looks kawaii and tastes exotic! :) Each serving has three heavenly pieces perfect for a couple to share! We chose the popular green tea and two tropical flavors: coconut and mango. The rice cake wrapping is soft and delicate, giving the creamy flavors inside a chance to shine! 

Beyond the Mochi, Ed and I went crazy over the James White juices! The organic apple-ginger juice rightfully matched the Japanese dishes that we had! And not to forget the KitKat in fun flavors!!! I've been looking all over since it became famous in social media years ago, but couldn't find it supermarkets. Worth the social media hype? Yes yes yes! Thanks to Chez Sushi for bringing the eccentric KitKat varieties in the UAE. More flavors please! ;)
Mochi ice cream at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
Mochi ice cream
organic juices at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
organic juices by James White
kitkat flavors at Chez Sushi Dubai Marina
 KitKat in green tea and strawberry flavors

For the complete menu, promotions, food delivery and locations, 
please visit Chez Sushi's official website:

*We were invited to dine at Chez Sushi - Dubai Marina branch (nearest metro station: JLT - red line).  Although our meal was complimentary, this post is sincerely written and all opinions are my own.

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