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May 21, 2015

Burj Al Arab: The World's Most Luxurious Hotel Inside and Out

2008, I came to Dubai with three things in mind: to work, to grow and to see Burj Al Arab.

According to my guide book, Burj Al Arab is only for the rich and famous. Hence, my only intention was to gaze at the sail-shaped hotel from the shore, on the same angle that I have seen in magazines, in a Filipino film and in refrigerator doors. But a few months after my arrival, a friend excitedly called to tell me she has special passes to Burj Al Arab and I can tag along for free! Of course, I did. I wouldn't miss it for the world! 

Burj Al Arab is exclusive for the hotel guests; people who can spend thousands of dirhams for a hotel stay or a lavish meal. It would be so unreasonable for Ed and I to spend our hard-earned money for a single night, so it was clear to me that it was my first and last opportunity. Unless, a kind soul would offer us special permits again.

And then, Jumeirah Restaurant Week was launched. It is an annual 10-day culinary event in restaurants of Jumeirah Group, restaurants in Burj Al Arab included. Ultimate dining experiences are offered at almost 40% lesser than regular! Still expensive, yet already reasonable! JRW started on 2012, but it was only this year that I felt I rightfully deserve the special treat! :)                 

the world-famous Burj Al Arab
the world-famous Burj Al Arab

Our dinner date at Burj Al Arab was scheduled on an ordinary weekend. Nothing special for us to celebrate, yet we wanted the experience to be remarkable from start to end. So we booked a limousine service at Blacklane instead of hailing a cab.

Due to my excitement, I arranged our pick time way too early; an hour and a half before dinner to be exact. I wanted to have some spare time in case we get caught in the weekend traffic jam, and if not, an extra time to wander (and take tons of photos) in the hotel lobby.

To my delight, the chauffeur arrived on time and the journey was super smooth. We were already at the gates before sundown showing our booking confirmation to the guard. After a quick validation, our vehicle was allowed to enter the causeway.

Burj Al Arab Hotel
Burj Al Arab resembles a sail billowing in the wind.
selfie at Burj Al Arab
Before anything else, we had to take a selfie! ;) 

Ed and I were dropped off at the main entrance, right beside a fleet of Rolls-Royce. Luxurious is an understatement at the valet parking alone! 

It was a hot and humid afternoon and we were surrounded by the sea, in a private island made especially for Burj Al Arab, but that didn't make us rush to the hotel lobby. We were an hour early for dinner; hence we walked back to the slender causeway like most visitors do to have a good glimpse of the hotel that popularly possess the 7-star reputation. 

We had Jumeirah Beach Hotel - the wave-shaped hotel that complements the sail-shaped design of Burj Al Arab on our left and Pier Chic - Dubai's most romantic restaurant on our right. Both look splendid, yet could never outshine the glow of the most unique structure I have ever laid my eyes on! 

We strolled towards the gate, looked back after every few steps to simply adore Burj Al Arab. It felt like the first time! Shivers. Goosebumps. Imaginary fireworks. Yeah, I felt them all! 

Burj Al Arab hotel entrance
entrance to the lobby of Dubai's icon 
Ed and Lady in Burj Al Arab
Us at the causeway that connects Burj Al Arab's private island to the mainland
Jumeirah Beach Hotel from Burj Al Arab
a glimpse of Jumeirah Beach Hotel from Burj Al Arab

As soon as we felt uncomfortably sweaty (weather temperature was around 38 C that day), we proceeded to the hotel lobby to have a little slice of the 7-star luxury that Burj Al Arab offers. 

If the sail-shape exterior symbolizes the nation's seafaring heritage, the extravagant interior represents the nation's impressive growth and prosperity. For me, it mirrors the infamous glitzy and glamorous Dubai lifestyle. It is finely detailed from floor to ceiling and richly furnished in vivid colors. The robust color scheme is beautifully accentuated with pillars covered in 24 karat gold leaf!   

Burj Al Arab's main lobby
Burj Al Arab's main lobby in robust shades
Burj Al Arab hotel atrium
one of the world's tallest atrium at over 180 meters in height
Burj Al Arab cascade waterfall
the Cascade Waterfall that complements the kaleidoscope effect of the atrium 
We stood in front of the cascade waterfall with our heads tilted toward the ceiling. Been there, done that seven years ago, but I was still mesmerized! The atrium is in perfect symmetry. It's like peeking through a kaleidoscope. It made me oblivious to the world for a moment!

Our non-stop admiration went on as we took the escalator to Burj Al Arab's first level. There, we had a better view of the vibrant atrium that is among the world's tallest. It also offered a different perspective of the water and light cascade which is flanked by two stunning aquariums filled with corals and fishes of the Arabian Gulf. 

Burj Al Arab upper lobby
fabulous view from the upper lobby
golden elevator at Burj Al Arabto Burj Al Arab's first level

the Cascade Waterfall in a different perspective
the Cascade Waterfall in a different perspective

As we were there solely for dinner, we can only access Burj Al Arab's lobby and our chosen restaurant. The world-famous suites and facilities are secluded for the comfort and privacy of hotel guests. 

We spent a long time staring and taking pictures of the atrium and the golden columns, yet we were still ahead of our dinner schedule. We decided to take some quiet couple-time in the elegant seating area at the upper lobby as we wait for our time to walk in to the restaurant. 

Ed endearingly and cleverly said it's our day-sary. I love how Burj Al Arab made my husband extra-romantic. Hahah!  So, that ordinary night in the world's most luxurious hotel turned out to be an evening of celebration of love and life.

Lady at Burj al Arab upper lobby
a little taste of luxury at Burj Al Arab
inside Burj Al Arab hotel
impressive pathway to some of the restaurants and bars
celebrating love and life at Burj Al Arab
celebrating love and life at Burj Al Arab

*Our Burj Al Arab experience continues in this post: Junsui: Pure Asian Restaurant in Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab
Jumeirah Beach Road

For hotel and restaurant bookings, please visit Burj Al Arab's official website.

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