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May 13, 2015

I Found SALT: The Food Truck at Kite Beach

Finally, I found SALT!

Well, I actually found it four months ago during my parents' holiday in Dubai. As we were constantly out and about, I never had the time to share that I finally found the much talked about food truck. I was introduced to SALT on Instagram by a blogger friend; Kenneth Surat - the awesome guy behind Surat Journals and The Traveling Journal Project. Since then, I wondered what's behind all the hype. I was smitten by the food truck concept and the location by the beach is definitely an add-on. 

So, one winter evening, my family went to Kite Beach with a mission. And that is... to #findSALT!  

SALT food truck at Kite Beach
SALT food truck at Kite Beach

SALT: The Location and The Concept
SALT is two hippy silver food trucks parked at Kite Beach behind Saga World. One truck has a counter for taking orders, while the other one has the kitchen and the pick-up counter. There is a seating area by the beach which I think a wonderful spot to dine with a view during sunset. The menu is not extensive; only focused on sliders and fries for the sides. Prices are shockingly steep for a food truck, but I went on with my mission as the rave got me really curious.

As it was a weekday evening, I never had to queue to place our orders. I heard the queue is unbearable on weekends. I was immediately attended by a helpful staff at the cash counter. She explained that I'll be getting two sliders per order

Per order is only good for one person, but since we were fresh from our coffee+cake break, I only ordered one X2 Cheese and one X2 Cheetos. So, each member of our little family of four got one slider. I added cheese fries on the side and skipped the drinks as we still had half-empty bottled waters in hand.

SALT food truck order counter
SALT's order counter
Lady at SALT food truck
 giving in to the hype - spent almost a hundred for food from a food truck
SALT food truck seating area at Kite beach
SALT's seating area by the beach

SALT: The Famous Sliders and Cheese Fries
After a few minutes, the pager buzzed; a sign that my order is ready for pick up. A staff assigned at the seating area offered to claim my order, but since I love to see (and do) the whole food truck dining process, Ed and I went back to SALT's food trucks.

I greatly adore the presentation! It's very unique. The portion is just like what I expected. It's mini, something you can consume in less than five bites. The taste? Well, I got one of the X2 Cheetos. The butter bun is super soft and buttery. It has deep fried chicken as a patty which is delish and not oily. The patty is topped with melted cheese, a little veg and cheesy cheetos. Yes, it literally has Cheetos! 

So, every bite has a mix of textures and flavors; buttery, savory, cheesy, crunchy!   

sliders and fries at SALT food truck
SALT's sliders and cheese fries
X2 Cheetos sliders at SALT food truck
X2 Cheetos: deep fried chicken, melted cheese, cheetos in a butter bun

Ed got one of the X2 Cheese. The patty is made of Wagyu beef, and has melted cheese, lettuce and pickles in a butter bun. He said it tastes good and the patty is juicy. But for a guy, the portion is too small. It was gone in less than a minute! 

We shared a serving of Cheese Fries. It tastes simple; just fries with melted cheese on top. Hooray for the serving size though. It is good for four people to share; unless you're really hungry, then you can finish it yourself. :) 

X2 Cheese sliders at SALT food truck
X2 Cheese: Wagyu beef patty, melted cheese, pickles, original salt in a butter bun 
Cheese Fries at SALT food truck
cheesy Cheese Fries
my little family at SALT at Kite beach
my little family at SALT at Kite beach

Some people say SALT serves the best burgers. Some people don't agree because of the steep price tag perhaps. Honestly, I'm caught in between. I agree that it's costly, I can't help but love SALT though. The concept is distinct. The location is wonderful. The burger, not just the patty but the bun as well, is really good! And tell me, who can resist mini-burgers and shakes by the beach? So, if ever I'll be at Kite Beach in the future, you'd probably find me finding SALT again. 

Go and #findSALT and tell me what you think! ;)

SALT food truck's menu as of January 2015 (Sorry for the late post!):

SALT food truck menu
SALT's menu

What we had:
X2 Cheese: 30 AED
X2 Cheetos: 40 AED
Cheese Fries: 17 AED

SALT Food Truck
Kite Beach
behind Saga World
Umm Suqeim, Dubai

*Location may change, please check SALT's official Instagram: 
@findsalt for current location and timings. 

*Check out Kenneth's blog post on SALT: We Found SALT and Sugar at Kite Beach

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