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Feb 2, 2016

Street Art Brunch at The Oberoi Dubai

Have you ever wondered what would happen when the infamous Dubai Friday Brunch meets street food and street art? Oh surely, there's a whole lotta foodie fun! 

Nine7One at The Oberoi Dubai introduced an awesome Street Art Brunch concept late last year, and we were able to have a taste of it a few weekends back. The world-cuisine restaurant transforms its sophisticated ambiance into a lively street food market style atmosphere  from 1 to 4pm every Friday. It's casual, eclectic, interactive, and so different from all the regular brunches in the city!

Street Art Brunch at The Oberoi
Street Art Brunch at The Oberoi

Fromage and Charcuterie Walk and the Oyster Ladies
Situated outside the restaurant is the Fromage and Charcuterie Walk - a colorful station of artisan cheese, house-smoked charcuterie, and gourmet appetizers. It's where our street food journey around the world began! 

We had a creamy and gooey Raclette from the Swiss Alps, a strange yet delicious Cactus Salad, a to-die-for Lobster with Jalapenos and Avocado beautifully served in a lobster shell, and a classic Peruvian ceviche. We also got some oysters from the station, but soon realized that there are "Oyster Ladies" serving fresh oysters in every table.

Street Art Brunch charcuterie
a colorful station of cheese and charchuterie 
Oberoi Street Art Brunch seafood
Northern Atlantic Sea Fruits
Oberoi Street Art Brunch oysters
fresh oysters opened right beside our table by the "Oyster Ladies"
Oberoi Street Art Brunch bread
a wide variety of bread
Oberoi Street Art Brunch cheese
different kinds of cheese from Europe and the UAE
Oberoi Street Art Brunch raclette
Raclette from the Swiss Alps! Yum!

Live-Cooking Stations and Make-your-own Som Tam
Just like in a marketplace, interaction plays a huge part at the Street Art Brunch. I wore a red apron and made my own Som Tam (Thai Papaya Salad) with the help of the chef. Then, I was guided through the Indian Street Walk where I got my favorite Papdi Chaat! And in a corner, we found a little entertainment in live-cooking station for hand-pulled noodles. That Chinese Chef is a Noodle Master! 

Oberoi Street Art Brunch
Where to go first?
Oberoi Street Art Brunch som tam
making my own Som Tam (Turned out quite delicious. Thanks to the Chef.) 
Oberoi Street Art Brunch Indian food
Indian Street Food - Chaat FTW!
Oberoi Street Art Brunch noodles
hand-pulled noodles in the making 

The South American Streetfood and The Amazing Service 
And there's the South American street food station where diners can request for a specialty. They don't stock food in chafing dishes, so we had to wait for our order to be served in our table. That's actually good as we got our prawn tacos freshly-prepared!

I was amazed at how attentive the staff at Nine7One are. The moment our table was cleared up, a staff would offer a drink or a chef would come with a hot-off-the-kitchen dish! Ed and I happily accepted a bucket of Fish and Chips and a slider while we carried-on with our conversation. No need to stand up to take another serving!      

Oberoi Street Art Brunch South American food
live-cooking station for South American dishes
Oberoi Street Art Brunch fish and chips
Fish and Chips 
Oberoi Street Art Brunch tacos
Prawn Tacos

Homegrown Vegetables - Japanese Delights - Arabic Grill
Nine7One's Street Art Brunch also has a salad station that embodies S.L.O.W (Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wholesome) food philosophy. It's so nice to know that the UAE can actually produce such healthy greens! 

Adjacent to the salads is a live-cooking station for well-loved Japanese dishes; the Temaki is a pure delight! It was the first time that I have chosen it over my favorite California Maki, and I love how the cone-shaped nori was brimming with crabsticks and tobiko.  

At the outdoor dining area, we spotted an Arabic Grill station where Ed ordered lamb chops and grilled chicken. The lamb meat was juicy and well-cooked, and the grilled chicken was equally delicious.     

Oberoi Street Art Brunch SLOW food
SLOW food (Sustainable Local Organic Wholesome)
Oberoi Street Art Brunch sushi station
Sushi station
Oberoi Street Art Brunch grill station
Arabic grill and mezze
Oberoi Street Art Brunch grilled dish
char grilled chicken and lamb chops

Gourmet and Molecular Desserts
I was so glad I kept enough space for desserts as the Street Art Brunch offers all the sweet treats I love and the dessert trends that I have been wanting to try! There's a chocolate fondue station, a live-cooking station for Churros, and gourmet versions of Gulab Jamon and Tres Leches. 

The frozen dessert bar where the chefs serve molecular desserts is the highlight of the brunch for those who are born with a sweet tooth. Ummm... yes, like me! :)  I love the freshly-made raspberry ice cream popsicles and would never ever forget the awesomeness of Dragon's Breath - passionfruit meringue dipped in liquid nitrogen that emits icy smoke when munched. Check out our short video clip at the end of this post. :) 

Oberoi Street Art Brunch desserts
Heaven! Hahah!
Oberoi Street Art Brunch churros
Churros station
Oberoi Street Art Brunch ice cream
freshly-made raspberry popsicles
Oberoi Street Art Brunch tres leches
gourmet desserts

Bacardi Bar - Martini Tricycle - Mixology!
Dubai Friday Brunch is incomplete without the bubbly and the cocktails, and Nine7One perfectly delivers! There is a Bacardi bar station in one corner, a Martini tricycle in the middle of the restaurant, and "mixologists" serving drinks we have never heard of before. 

We are not big drinkers, but we couldn't say no to the interesting fusion of hot and cold gin tonic, and the sugar cane stalks soaked in vodka! Yah, we went home quite giggly. Hahah! But that's what brunching in Dubai is all about... FUN! :)

Oberoi Street Art Brunch Martini tricycle
Martini Tricycle
Oberoi Street Art Brunch Chef Vishal
a one-of-a-kind Gin and Tonic prepared by Chef Vishal
Oberoi Street Art Brunch vodka
sugar cane stalks infused with vodka

Street Art Brunch rightfully deserves a thumbs up! Brunch packages start at 299AED/person and you'd get what you paid for... or maybe more! :) Catch our Friday Brunching Fun at the Street Art Brunch in this short video:

Street Art Brunch
Nine7One, The Oberoi Dubai
Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
Contact # +97144441444

We were guests at Nine7One, but opinions in this blog post are my own. 
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