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May 5, 2016

My 16 Foodie Finds During My 2016 PH Homecoming

Uy! Tumaba ka!  You got fat! Those were the words I commonly got from friends when  I came back from my 2016 vacation in the Philippines. I wasn't surprised. Halfway through my 2-week vacation, I could barely slip in the only pair of jeans that I brought. 

Guilty as charged. I ate too much!

That was three months ago, and currently, I'm still on my way back to my old shape. You can't blame me. I couldn't blame myself either. Nothing beats the taste of home. And besides, mas maganang kumain pag kasama ang pamilya, right? Food tastes better when shared with loved ones. Sounds like a good excuse for eating too much huh? But hey, that's the truth! ;) 

Restaurants in The Philippines

Here's my foodie journey in the Philippines:

1. Seafood Dishes at Bacolod 18th Street Pala-pala Restaurant
Bacolod 18th Street Pala-pala is a native seafood restaurant that never fails to impress. It has been my favorite since 2004! The al fresco restaurant has a counter of fresh seafood where diners can personally choose what they want to be served on the table. I highly recommend the Kinilaw na Tangigue - a Filipino style ceviche and Grilled Scallops topped with garlic and butter!    

Bacolod 18th street Palapala
#Scallops #Kinilaw #PalaPala #Bacolod

2. Mud Pie at Calea in Bacolod
Nobody leaves Bacolod without a taste of Calea's cakes and pastries. A firm favorite is the Mud Pie. Ohhh mud pie! The thought of it is making me drool. It is an exquisite ice cream cake made of rich chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate cake crumbs, drizzled with chocolate syrup and garnished with almonds! Absolutely sinful but YUM!

Calea Bacolod mud pie
#MudPie #SugarRush #Calea #Bacolod

3. Authentic Filipino Fare at Hukad in SM Bacolod
Hukad is a Cebuano restaurant that is currently making a name in Bacolod's dining scene. The restaurant's vibe is festive and the food tastes authentically Filipino. The dishes are simple, quite reminds me of home-cooked meals, yet infused with special concoctions. I love the Adobong Talong - eggplant slices tossed in warm and rustic adobo sauce. Also not be missed is the Sizzling Sisig - finely chopped pig jowls and liver (Sounds exotic?), stir fried and seasoned with spices! 

Hukad in SM Bacolod
#FilipinoCuisine #Hukad #Bacolod

4. King Ludwig Platter at Tyrol Bacolod
Tyrol is Bacolod's hidden gem! It is a modern European restaurant tucked in Mayfair Residence in 12th street. I went there with friends for the first time and had the bestselling King Ludwig Platter. It has roasted pork knuckles, schnitzel, a variety of sausages, potato salad, sauerkraut and pretzels. It is sooo European, but I'm really happy to know that Bacolod is now embracing diversity when it comes to food. Two thumbs up! 

Tyrol restaurant in Bacolod
#KingLudwigPlatter #Tyrol #Bacolod

5. Pan De Coco at Sofia Bread and Pastries in Bacolod
Sofia is a homegrown bakery located in Narra Street. My parents were raving about it non-stop, so I went there with them for coffee, paired with bread of course. Sofia went beyond my expectations. What seems to be a simple pan de coco (dinner roll with sweet coconut flakes filling) turned out to be the best in town, if not in the whole country! The bread is uber soft and the filling is extra moist; delicious coconuty flavor in every bite. 

Sofia Bread and Pastries Bacolod
#CoffeeTime #PanDeCoco #Sofia #Bacolod

6. Boodle Feast at Palawud Resto Grill and Bar in Bacolod
Situated near the coastline, Palawud Resto Grill and Bar is an al fresco native restaurant suitable for chilling and dining. The menu is focused on seafood, quite apt as the sound of the waves can be heard from the restaurant. As I wanted variety, I opted to have the Boodle Fight with two seafood and two vegetables dishes, and 10 sticks of pork barbecue. It is perfect for sharing, actually too much for a group of five.    

Palawud Resto Bacolod
#Seafood #BBQ #Palawud #Bacolod

7. Beef Pho at Rau Ram Cafe in Bacolod
I could hardly believe that I can have an authentic bowl of Pho in Bacolod! Seriously, Bacolod's dining scene is better than ever! My friends took me to Rau Ram Cafe, a Vietnamese restaurant and another hidden gem. It is located in a residential area in Bata, but surprisingly thronged with diners! We ordered five dishes that night, yet it was the Beef Pho Noodle Soup that lingered in my taste buds. The flavorful broth is loaded with noodles, vegetables and beef strips. It tastes really delicious and authentic. I heard the chef has a work experience in Vietnam, so I guess that explains it all! 

Rau Ram Cafe in Bacolod
#Pho #GetInMyBelly #RauRamCafe #Bacolod

8. Brazos Cupcake at Quino's Cafe in Bacolod
Quino's is a little charming cafe and cupcake shop with branches in Lacson St. and The District North Point. I found it really cool that the cafe encourages customers to make great memories by staying offline! They don't have wifi. They offer books and toys instead, and the relaxed atmosphere is conducive to good conversations! Clap clap!  There, I had a Brazos cupcake, a cupcake version of the well-loved Brazo de Mercedes, while catching up with High School friends.

Quinos Cafe at The District Ayala
#BrazoCupcakes #QuinosCafe #TheDistrict #Talisay

9. Halo-Halo in Robinson @ Cruse Resort in Sipalay
Halo-Halo is a summer staple in the Philippines! It is a vibrant dessert of shaved ice, macapuno, tapioca, nata de coco, sweetened langka and beans, leche flan, purple yam, pinipig or cornflakes,  and ice cream. Did I miss something? Basta, all good stuff in one sweet bowl! You can grab it in restaurants, and I got a good one at Robinson @ Cruse Resort during our stay in Sipalay. So, it was a perfect day at the beach with a halo-halo in hand! 

Halohalo in Sipalay
#Beach #Summer #HaloHalo #Sipalay

10. Chicken Inasal at Bacolod Chicken House
No, I couldn't just leave the region without Chicken Inasal at Bacolod Chicken House. It is on top of my list, the first order of business! :) I was ecstatic when I knew that there is finally a branch in Silay. Inasal craving was conveniently sorted out on our first night, just minutes after we got off the plane! Chicken Inasal is an institution in Bacolod. It is often imitated, but could never be duplicated. I often long for its distinct aroma and unique flavor whenever I am away.   

Bacolod Chicken House in Silay
#ChickenInasal #MustEat #ChickenHouse #Bacolod

11. Floss at Breadtalk
I'm addicted to Breadtalk's pork floss buns. It's something I have to buy whenever we are in the mall, and that is... every other day! Uh oh! Breadtalk is an international boutique bakery with several branches in Bacolod. There are different kinds of floss buns, yet I always go for the classic one. I love the soft and fluffy bread, the buttery filling, and the melt-in-your-mouth pork floss on top.  

Pork Floss at Breadtalk
#Floss #Instagood #FlossMonster #BreadTalk 

12. Dried Danggit in Cebu
Honestly, I was never a fan of dried fish mainly because of its peculiar scent. But, when we went to Cebu this time (my nth trip to the Queen City of the South), I got curious with the popular local dried fish known as danggit. I think living away from home for so many years and getting acquainted with cuisines from different countries have widened my foodie horizon! :) I had few pieces for breakfast at Maribago Bluewater and guess what? I loved the salted, sun-dried, fried rabbitfish! It brings unexplainable comfort to the senses. No wonder why most of our friends abroad want danggit for pasalubong!     

Danggit in Cebu
#DanggitBai #DriedFish #CebuanoBreakfast #Cebu

13. Cebuano Dishes at Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Cebu
Good food. Good view. Good company. That pretty much sums up our family dinner at Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant in Cordova, Cebu.  There, I had the classic flavors of Cebu - Utan Bisaya, Pinakbet and Squid Adobo. The taste and quality of the food met my expectations, which was quite high as I was hoping it would be as excellent as the view. Serving sizes are okay for big groups, except for the squid adobo which came in a small bowl just enough for two people to share.  

food at Lantaw Floating Restaurant Cebu
#UtanBisaya #AdobongPusit #CebuanoDishes #Cebu

14. Cebu Lechon in Zubuchon
Anthony Bourdain called it the "Best Pig Ever!", so during our quick stopover in Cebu three years ago, I literally hunted down the famous lechon restaurant. I was planning to do the same this year, but failed to do so as I was trailing behind my family who are not big pork eaters. Good thing, Zubuchon has a small outlet inside Mactan Airport Pre-departure Area! So, while waiting for our flight, I devoured Zubuchon's crispy lechon belly. The meat is packed with flavor, no need to dip in sarsa!

Lechon in Zubuchon Cebu
#BestPigEver #Lechon #Zubuchon #Cebu

15. Breakfast Omelet at Cafe France 
Before heading back to Dubai, Ed and I spent a few days in Manila. My Ninang (Godmother) who welcomed us in the airport took us to Cafe France for breakfast. The well-established cafe has several branches around the metro. Since I usually don't spend so much time in Manila during homecomings, it was my first time at Cafe France. I had the Omelet topped with Norwegian Salmon, served with warm croissant, coffee and fruit juice. It is tasty, a bit pricey though. It costs as much as the breakfast meals in the UAE. Anyhow, thank you Ninang! Heheh!   

omelet in Cafe France
#Breakfast #Omelet # CafeFrance #Manila

16. Contemporary Filipino Cuisine at Crisostomo in Nuvali
I had a superb Filipino lunch at Crisostomo which is, again, my Ninang's recommendation. The restaurant menu is pretty enticing. Dishes are named after the characters mentioned in Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and historical places in the Philippines. There, I came to know Salome's Secret. Uhmm and I actually ate it! Salome's Secret is a dish of stuffed squid glazed with sweet sauce. I also had Manok ng Diablo - spicy deep fried chicken and Binagoongan Rice with adobo flakes and salted egg. Crisostomo gave Filipino cuisine a unique twist. I love it!

Crisostomo in Nuvali
#PinoyFood #Binagoongan #Crisostomo #Nuvali

What restaurant would you recommend for my next homecoming?
Leave your suggestion at the comment section below. :)

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