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May 24, 2016

Yakitate Japanese Boutique Bakery and Cafe

I can't remember how many times we trooped to Al Ghurair Centre just for Yakitate. I have fallen in love with this Japanese Boutique Bakery and Cafe ever since it popped up in Dubai's dining scene last winter. I have already been there for breakfast, for catch-up sesh over dinner with friends, and countless date nights with Ed!

Although Yakitate is not the first Japanese Bakery to open in Dubai, it easily captured my attention because of several reasons. 

1. Because of its convenient location. It is tucked in the district where we live.
2. Because of the ramen burger! There's nothing like it in Dubai.
3. Because it is sooo kawaii
Yakitate Cafe in Dubai

The Boutique Bakery
Yakitate occupies a small space behind the old Al Ghurair Centre, in the new foodie strip that I have been raving about in my previous post. The outdoor cafe became quite popular, hence they recently opened an extension just across the street to accommodate more diners. It now has an indoor seating which we badly need as dining al fresco is impossible during summer.

A huge variety of Japanese bread and desserts are on display indoor. There are uber cute character buns, colorful ice cream mochi and cake rolls, and too pretty to eat baked goodies! All look too artsy and expensive, but the truth is, most are under 12 AED! 

My favorite finds from the bakery are the Melon Bun with Matcha, Red Bean Mochi and the Japanese souffle cheesecake topped with caramel sauce! The latter is a fluffy cheesecake; so soft and delicate, it melts in your mouth! 

Yakitate in Al Ghurair Centre
Yakitate in Al Ghurair Centre
mochi and cake at Yakitate
Yakitate Japanese Cheesecake
Fave! Top it with caramel sauce (additional 4 AED) and you'll be in Souffle Heaven!
Japanese baked goodies in Yakitate bakery
yummy Japanese baked goodies in Yakitate bakery
character buns in Yakitate bakery
Kawaii! :)

The Japanese Breakfast 
Breakfast is served at Yakitate from 8:30 am to 12 nn. There are three breakfast set meals, all comes with coffee or tea, and freshly squeezed orange or apple juice. Ed and I were able to try the Kyoto Breakfast and Savoury Breakfast a few weeks back. Both were nicely presented; picture-perfect actually!

The Savoury Breakfast is a light meal composed of a savoury croissant and egg wrapped with bacon. Yakitate's pastries are to die for, hence there are no issues on the Kiri Cream Cheese Croissant. However, the serving size is quite small and couldn't really satisfy the morning appetite.

The Kyoto Breakfast, on the other hand, is the ultimate breakfast set. It has Japanese Omelet (Tamagoyaki), sauteed mushrooms, chicken sausage, and two slices of toast. The portions are just right, I even shared some with the husband.      

Yakitate Savoury Breakfast
Savoury Breakfast: Ed's light breakfast meal at Yakitate
Yakitate Breakfast
Kyoto Breakfast Set and Japanese Souffle Cheesecake

The Rice and Ramen Burgers
For lunch and dinner, Yakitate serves delicious Japanese fare in the form of a burger. It is not the typical burger. The bread bun is replaced with either rice or ramen! The patty options are our well-loved Japanese dishes like Chicken Katsu Curry, Dynamite Shrimp, Teriyaki! Bizarre, but so soooo good.

Out of all the Yakitate burgers I've had, I like the Ebi Katsu Ramen Burger the most. A patty of minced shrimp wrapped in crispy panko shell, a drizzle of creamy tartar sauce and a layer of shredded cabbage are swaddled in between the noodle buns. Ahhh! Tasty layers of different textures! Whoever created this food mash-up is a genius!      

dinner in Yakitate
dinner in Yakitate
Ramen burger at Yakitate Dubai
Ebi Katsu Ramen Burger with Edamame side dish
rice burger at Yakitate Dubai
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Burger with steamed vegetables on the side

The Matcha Latte
Yakitate has a huge drinks menu. There are a variety of tea, coffee, milkshakes with sago pearls. For first timers, I highly recommend the Matcha Ice Cube Latte. This drink will make your Yakitate foodie experience a little more unusual. 

A glass filled with matcha green tea ice cubes is served on a tray along with small glasses of matcha tea, condensed milk, and a bottle of milk. I took the liberty of mixing all the ingredients together and created a sweet matcha latte concoction. 

Matcha Ice Cubes Latte at Yakitate Dubai
Matcha Ice Cubes Latte

Have you been to Yakitate? Let's exchange notes, shall we? Tell me what's your favorite at the comment section below and I'll check it out on my next visit. :)

Price Range:
Breakfast: 20-25 AED
Rice/Ramen Burger with side dish: 27-29 AED
Drinks: 12-20 AED
*A complete meal for two (1 dessert included) costs more or less 100 AED.

Yakitate Japanese Boutique Bakery and Cafe
Al Ghurair Centre extension
Al Rigga, Dubai

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