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May 31, 2016

Family Getaway at Bluewater Maribago Cebu

Fond memories of my childhood include traveling to Cebu during summer. I was in grade school on my first visit. It was already called the Queen City of the South; a metropolis with huge shopping malls and lavish beach resorts. It is basically a far cry from my quaint hometown, hence I considered my short summer vacations in Cebu as EPIC!  

It has been a while since I traveled to Cebu with the whole family, more than decade I guess. So, when a plan of having a reunion surfaced, I was ecstatic!

Just like the old times, the family decided to have a get-together in one of the beach resorts in Mactan Island. We booked an overnight stay in Bluewater Maribago and it turned out to be another memorable family getaway. 

Bluewater Maribago Cebu

The Resort
Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort is a property managed by the Bluewater Resorts Group - a Filipino-owned chain of resorts illustrating what the Filipino culture and hospitality are known for. The reception area is in a native gazebo with thatched roof and contemporary Filipino pieces. 

The check-in process was a breeze. Staff were warm and friendly. Cold towels and refreshing coolers were offered while I signed the booking forms. The room key was handed over along with a map of the resort. Yes, a map is a must-have as Bluewater Maribago is a sprawling property with 170 guest rooms, 3 pools, 1 beach, 1 private island and several recreation amenities. 

A golf cart can take the guests to the accommodation. World-class service, I must say! But, since we're only staying for a night (No big luggage!), my family and I preferred to walk and find our holiday nook on our own.

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort's reception area
Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort's reception area
Bluewater Maribago bungalow
the Bungalows and the Golf Cart
Bluewater Maribago garden wing
accommodation in the Garden Wing
Bluewater Maribago marine wildlife lagoon
fambam in the resort's marine wildlife lagoon
Bluewater Maribago lagoon with reef shark
a reef shark spotted in the saltwater lagoon
Bluewater Maribago kid's playroom
Playroom for the kids and leisure activities for the adults are available near the resort's lobby. 

The Accommodation 
We stayed in a Deluxe Room tucked in the resort's Garden Wing. It is away from the beach, but conveniently located near the swimming pool. 

Although it is the cheapest room in the category, nothing was compromised. It has two cozy double beds, a minibar and coffee/tea making facility. The bathroom is spacious, has a tub and complete set of toiletries. Complimentary flipflops are also offered. The best spot is the private terrace overlooking the pool and the lush garden.  

Bluewater Maribago deluxe room
cozy beds in the Deluxe Room
complimentary flipflops
complimentary flipflops
Bluewater Maribago bathroom
the well-equipped bathroom
Bluewater Maribago Garden Wing pool
stunning view from our room's private veranda
Bluewater Maribago Garden Wing deluxe room
That's our lovely home-for-a-night in Bluewater Maribago.

The Beach
Lined with coconut trees, hammocks and cabanas, Bluewater Maribago's shoreline looks like a tropical paradise. However, Ed and I were quite disappointed with the beach. It's more of a lagoon; water is still and the sea bottom has slimy rocks. There are also some jelly fishes and sea urchins, hence we took a dip with caution! 

A staff advised us to head to the resort's private man-made island if we want to enjoy the open sea. A small boat can transport guests to and from the island, but unfortunately, it was not available when we needed one. 

While strolling along the coast, we noticed Bluewater Maribago's water sports facility. Kayak, jet ski and paddle board can be rented. Scuba diving, parasailing, and island hopping trips are also offered.    

Bluewater Maribago beach amenities
Bluewater Maribago beach amenities: hammocks, daybeds and a giant chessboard
Bluewater Maribago beach
Ed and Lady at Bluewater Maribago beach
Yay for sunny mornings in the beach! This resort is also ideal for romantic sweet escapes!
Bluewater Maribago resort boat
Probably the boat that would take us to the private island, no boat man though. 
Bluewater Maribago lagoon beach
The Parents taking a dip in Bluewater Maribago's lagoon-like beach

The Resort Pools
Bluewater Maribago has three bespoke lagoon-shaped swimming pools. All three perfectly match the resort's laid-back and family-friendly atmosphere. The main pool is accentuated with rocks and waterfalls. The Garden Wing pool is huge and inviting, and equipped with a kiddie slide. I didn't get to see the pool in Amuma Spa up close, but photos of it show how ideal it is for a relaxing retreat. 
Bluewater Maribago main pool
the main pool near Allegro restaurant
splish splash at one of the pools at Bluewater Maribago
splish splash in one of the pools at Bluewater Maribago
Lady at Bluewater Maribago swimming pool
cooling off at the pool's contemporary waterfall

The Breakfast
Breakfast Buffet is served in Allegro Restaurant. I was surprised to see how diverse the breakfast spread is. There are Continental options - bread, fry ups and the works. There are Asian cuisine as well - dim sum and Japanese rolls! And of course, Cebu's best is included in the posh buffet - danggit, Bai!

So, my morning meal at Bluewater Maribago was a wonderful mash-up of classic Cebuano pamahaw and traditional full English breakfast!

a posh Breakfast Buffet at Bluewater Maribago
 a posh breakfast buffet at Bluewater Maribago
breakfast options at Bluewater Maribago
The breakfast options... Thumbs up for the variety!

Overall, Bluewater Maribago is a good choice for a family getaway. It maintained a tranquil atmosphere despite the number of guests during our stay. Because it is a huge resort with lots of amenities, I sometimes felt it was kept privately for our family to enjoy.

Family at Bluewater Maribago
Cheers to more Sweet Escapes with the Fambam! 

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort
Mactan Island
Cebu, Philippines

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