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Sep 14, 2016

Kabayan Fiesta at Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai

Let's talk about Filipino Food! 

The Eatery restaurant in Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai recently introduced Filipino Food in their all-you-can-eat themed night buffet. I get kilig every time Pinoy cuisine is highlighted in International restaurants; hence, I was so excited to check this newly launched offer.

Kabayan Fiesta at Four Points by Sheraton

The Filipino themed-buffet at Four Points is called Kabayan Fiesta.  The venue is an all day dining restaurant with a casual and family friendly atmosphere. It actually looks a little posh to be a fiesta venue and the vibe could have been livelier if OPM was played instead of current English hits. Nevertheless, I found it as a great place for special gatherings.  

The Eatery at Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai
The Eatery at Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai

The buffet station is aptly decorated with vibrant festival decors. The spread is just right; not too simple, not too lavish. It features a live-cooking station for seafood, a wide-array of salads and desserts and well-loved Filipino dishes that are always present in local fiestas!

salad station
salad station
live-cooking station at The Eatery
live-cooking station

Crispy lumpia (vegetable spring roll) and prawn crackers started my dinner with a delightful crunch. It was then followed by the warmth of Bulalo (beef shank soup). I was super happy to see that the dish is loaded with marrow bones. There's one fatty chunk for everyone! It's mababaw, but bulalo without the marrow disappoints me. So, I'm giving The Eatery a thumbs up for this. 

Filipino appetizers at The Eatery
Pinoy na pinoy appetizers: lumpia and prawn crackers
Bulalo at The Eatery Dubai
Bulalo - beef shank soup

For the main course, The Eatery offered kare-kare, Filipino chicken curry, pancit palabok, stir-fry veggies, grilled and breaded fish and my hometown's specialty - chicken inasal. I'm very meticulous when it comes to inasal, and I have to say that the recipe of The Eatery's chef did not fall short of my expectation. Uhmmm, nothing beats Bacolod chicken inasal though! :) 

I was hoping to see the star of every fiesta - LECHON - in the buffet, but sadly The Eatery don't serve pork.

Palabok at The Eatery Dubai
Pancit Palabok - rice noodles with thick shrimp sauce, topped with hard boiled eggs, shrimps and fried garlic
Kare-kare at The Eatery Dubai
Kare-Kare - oxtail in savory peanut sauce served with steamed vegetables and shrimp paste
Inasal at The Eatery Dubai
Chicken Inasal - grilled chicken in special marinade
fish at The Eatery Dubai
fresh fish for grilling 

For dessert, buko pandan, maja blanca and leche flan were served alongside International sweets. Too bad, I was nursing a bad cough. Since I didn't hear a thing from my friends who sampled the sweets, I guess I can say it's all good. 

Filipino desserts at The Eatery Dubai
Maja Blanca - coconut pudding with corn
Buko Pandan at The Eatery Dubai
Buko Pandan - pandan jelly and young coconut strips in sweet cream sauce

Kabayan Fiesta is priced at 99 AED per person. It is expensive compared to other Filipino Buffets in the city, but reasonable for a hotel restaurant. The Filipino themed buffet is only every Friday, from 6:30 to 11:00 pm.

The Eatery
Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai
Mankhool Road
Dubai, UAE

We were invited to experience the Kabayan Fiesta buffet at Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai. Opinions in this blog post are my own. 

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