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Sep 8, 2016

Sugar Factory: Dubai's Newest Sweet Spot

Sugar Factory - the ULTIMATE candy la-la-la-land in the USA - is now in Dubai! The first ever branch outside the US is tucked in the newly revamped Dubai Festival City Mall. Of course, this lady with a sweet tooth must see what the fuss is all about!   

Sugar Factory American Brasserie is a candy shop cum restaurant. It started as a sweets store in Las Vegas in 2009, but a few years later, it was turned into an American Brasserie serving contemporary American fare and signature cocktails alongside the famous sugary treats. 

It's the first of its kind, so you can't blame me for being too excited. :)

Sugar Factory Dubai

I was like a little kid dragging my husband to Sugar Factory last weekend. The word SUGAR made Ed cringe. We're on the opposite poles when it comes to sweets, unfortunately. So, I had to reassure him several times that he won't go hungry while I'm getting my sugar fix. 

Sugar Factory in Dubai Festival City
Sugar Factory in DFC

Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Dubai Festival City Mall looks playful and informal from the outside. I spied some rainbow swirls, multicolored jelly beans and sparkly lollipops by the glass window. I also spotted a wall adorned with photos of Hollywood celebrities - Kendall, Drake, Britney to name a few - devouring Sugar Factory's iconic sundae, goblets and couture pops! 

Sugar Factory Dubai candy shop
the candy shop at Sugar Factory

A staff walked us to a table inside and I was caught by surprise when I saw a lavish contemporary dining spot! It has comfy booth seating, trendy wall pieces and glitzy chandeliers. Wow! I honestly did not expect Sugar Factory to be so posh and pretty! The elegant yet energetic ambiance somehow explained why celebs are often sighted in their US outlets.

Sugar factory restaurant
So posh and pretty, isn't it?

As soon as we were seated, a complimentary serving of pretzels and dip were brought to our table. I love how the dining experience started so different from the rest of the American restaurants we've been to! I had enough of bread and butter; hence the pretzels is breath of fresh air! 

Sugar Factory pretzels
complimentary pretzels 

Sugar Factory's menu is extensive. Over a dozen of candy-flavored cocktails filled the first few pages, followed by a variety of savory treats and outrageous desserts. 

Due to its popularity, I ordered the Lollipop Passion Goblet right away. It is a green colored drink that sizzles when poured into the huge goblet with dry ice! It tastes as wonderful as it looks. It reminded me of my holidays in tropics as it has a refreshing blend of melon, coconut and pineapple! 

Sugar Factory's goblets are made for sharing. But since Ed is not into sugary drinks, I had the whole 60 oz beverage for myself! #Sorrynotsorry. Hahah! 

Sugar Factory goblet
Lollipop Passion Goblet

For appetizer, we shared a serving of Popcorn Shrimp. The batter is thin and crispy and did not overpower the shrimp's delicate flavor. It comes with a marinara sauce for dipping and a wedge of lemon for an extra zest. 

I also had a Seafood Bouillabaisse Soup. It doesn't look appealing. I do think a little garnish would help. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the wholesome taste of the tomato-based broth and the generous chunks of seafood.

Sugar Factory popcorn shrimp
Popcorn Shrimp
Sugar Factory seafood soup
Seafood Bouillabaisse Soup

Ordering a main dish at Sugar Factory is quite tricky. The menu boasts a wide-selection of burgers, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, steak frites and entrees! I must admit, I was scared that it would be a hit or a miss! I was so confused that I actually changed my mind in every flip until I settled with Lobster Roll. 

Sugar Factory savory dishes
our savory grub at Sugar Factory

The Lobster Roll is nicely presented. The fluffy toasted bread oozed with succulent lobster meat in creamy sauce. It came with a side salad and fries, and the portion is generous. It was okay. However, it did not meet my humble expectation. I anticipated a zing of flavors, and sadly I never felt anything special until my last bite. :(

Ed, on the other hand, made the right decision by sticking to a dish recommended by our server. He had the Chicken Paillard; a grilled chicken breast dish served with tomatoes and lemon herb vinaigrette. The chicken meat is thinly cut, well-seasoned and perfectly grilled.   

Sugar Factory Lobster roll
Lobster Roll
Sugar Factory Chicken paillard
Chicken Paillard

For dessert, Sugar Factory offers tons of options - from cakes to ice cream sandwiches, sundaes to chocolate fondue! Still on a sugar high with the Lollipop Passion Goblet, I opted to have a S'mores Crepe thinking that it is less evil than all the others! Hahah! 

The S'mores Crepe is sinfully loaded with melted chocolate and topped with vanilla ice cream that gained a thumbs up from the husband because it is not too sweet. In between bites, I found myself making a classic s'mores from the graham crackers and toasted marshmallow toppings. Either way, this dessert is a winner!    

Sugar Factory smores crepe
S'mores Crepe

Overall, we had a good dinner at Sugar Factory. Staff are friendly. Service is prompt. Ambiance is superb! The menu is huge, so it pays to ask for recommendations from the wait staff. Prices are a little steep, but you'll find it reasonable once you see the portions. All are enough for two to three people to share!

Prices of what we had as of September 2016:
Lollipop Passion Goblet: 89 AED
Popcorn Shrimp: 45 AED
Seafood Bouillabase Soup: 26 AED
Lobster Roll: 65 AED
Chicken Paillard: 89 AED
S'mores Crepe: 42 AED

Sugar Factory American Brasserie
Dubai Festival City Mall
Contact No 04 2843456
Facebook Page: Sugar Factory UAE
*Sugar Factory also has a branch in Citywalk.

We were invited to dine at Sugar Factory American Brasserie.
Opinions in this blog post are my own. 

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