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Sep 18, 2016

What to Pack for an Autumn Trip to Turkey

Last year, around this month, I was totally confused on what clothes should I bring for a 12-day travel in Turkey. It was the first time that we're heading out for an Autumn Holiday. And since we're flying on a budget airline, I had to squeeze everything that I wanted to wear in my carry-on... which is clearly impossible!

I wasted hours googling what to pack, how to create a travel capsule wardrobe and the like. All because I'm OC when it comes to travel outfits! Uhhm. I'm not a fashion blogger and I don't see myself venturing into the fashion scene, but hey I'm a girl! I love to dress up! 

Yep, this post is focused on travel wardrobe; a topic which I should have included in this blog way way back! :)
What to pack for Turkey

So, my question was:
How can I pack light, dress appropriately according to the weather and still look presentable in photos? It was answered with these 3 easy steps:

1. Check the temperature in your destination. 
I monitored the weather forecast using Wunderground and Accuweather apps on my phone before and during our trip.

2. Choose a color scheme. 
With this, it was easier for me create a minimalist travel wardrobe. 

3. Layering is the key! 
The temperature during our trip ranged from 14 to 24 °C. It was sometimes warm in the morning, but all the time cold at night. I layered, mixed, and matched the clothes that I packed depending on the weather condition. 

Here are the clothes in my carry-on during our 12-day travel in Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Selcuk and Istanbul:

Top: 3 Blouses / 4 Long sleeves / 2 Knitted Sweaters
Dress: 2 Short dresses 
Outerwear: 1 Thick Cardigan / 1 Leather Jacket
Bottom: 3 Jeans / 1 Thermal leggings / 1 Skirt
Accessories: 2 Beanies / 3 Scarves
Footwear: 3 pairs of boots

Lady's packing list for Turkey
traveled light by mix and matching clothes

And based on my experience, here are 5 items that you must have in your luggage for an Autumn Trip to Turkey:

1. Thermal Leggings  
It is the perfect layering item. It kept me warm when I opted to wear a dress. Remember, this is not your ordinary black tights. It is a thick leggings with fleece lining. I got mine at New Yorker, and just recently, I came across inexpensive ones at Brands for Less. 

Lady in Fener Istanbul
basic shades amidst the colors of Fener Jewish neighborhood in Istanbul  

2. Black Jacket 
Black looks chic and bold and easy to pair with any outfit. I found my basic leather jacket so versatile. I paired it with jeans and with dresses. It was also just right for the chilly autumn weather in Turkey. 

Lady in Galata Bridge
Bring a good jacket to keep you warm and toasty!

3. Scarf  
This is another item that should be in your "layering list". It comes in handy when the temperature drops. Wrap it around your neck, and voila, you're cold-proof! It's also useful during mosque visits, just place the scarf over your head! I packed three kinds - a pink fluffy scarf, a thick black shawl, and a gray infinity muffler. 

Lady in Blue Mosque
Thumbs up for scarves that you can use to wrap around you neck or cover your hair!

4. Boots 
It's one thing every girl needs in her autumn travel wardrobe. It should be ultra comfortable, preferably flat heel, as traveling means lots of walking. I wouldn't advice wearing a brand new boots as you might end up hurting your feet. Pack a tested and proven pair! 

Lady in Ephesus
Brought my 4-year old brown boots!

5. Lip balm 
It is not a type of clothing, but I opted to include it here as I forgot to bring one! Expect your lips to chap in the cold. Mine looked terribly dry and unpleasant, I had to buy a Blistex in a pharmacy in Istanbul! 

Lady in Cappadocia
Smile and enjoy the trip! But, don't let the lips crack! 

Apparently, the 20 kg baggage allowance in budget airlines isn't that bad when you know how and what to pack! How about you? What's in your packing list? We're going on another autumn holiday soon, so I'd love to hear a tip or two!

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