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Mar 7, 2017

Daycation Brunch in Lapita Hotel

Immaculate and exotic, Polynesia is a place that never fails to catch my attention in travel websites and magazines. Whenever I see a photo, I can almost hear the turquoise waters calling out my name, but I have never imagined stepping foot in one of the islands. I heard it's expensive and it's miles away from where I live now.

But then, I live in a city where nothing is impossible. I may not able to go to Polynesia, but surprise surprise, Polynesia came to me in the form of Lapita! 

Daycation in Lapita Hotel

Lapita is a Polynesian themed hotel in Dubai Parks and Resorts. The sprawling property is connected to Riverland which serves as a link to Legoland, Motiongate and Bollywood parks. Hence, Lapita is an ideal accommodation when exploring these new Dubai attractions for a day or two. However, it isn't just a place to stay, it is a destination of its own! 

Polynesian-themed hotel in the heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts
Polynesian-themed hotel in the heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts

Lapita Hotel
Lapita Hotel is a part of Marriot's Autograph Collection.

Lapita Hotel outdoor pool
It is a family-friendly property with plenty of activities for both kids and adults.

Lapita Hotel accommodation
The sprawling property has more than 500 rooms; including 60 suites and 3 villas. 

Daycation Brunch
Ed and I were at Lapita for a daycation last weekend. The hotel recently launched a unique Friday Brunch wherein they transport guests to Polynesia for a day without having to leave Dubai. 

Is that even possible? 

Believe it or not, YES! From the time we were greeted with "Aloha" at the hotel lobby until the moment we were dropped off by a golf cart at the gate of Riverland, we felt like we were in one of the exotic islands of Polynesia and not in the Middle East!   

Daycation Brunch in Lapita
Daycation Brunch in Lapita

Daycation Brunch in Lapita table set up
Families are called Tribes in Lapita. How exotic is that? :)

Ed and Lady in Lapita
Our little tribe of 2! 

Lapita's Daycation Brunch is held in Kalea Restaurant; a casual dining venue with a great Polynesian ambiance. We were welcomed by a cheerful crew donning hula skirts, flower garlands and Hawaiian polo shirts! Then, we were offered something to drink, and that's when the fun started!

We drifted into a state of tropical bliss as we sip unlimited pina coladas from tiki mugs and coconut rums in fresh coconut shells! 

the bar at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
the bar at Lapita's Daycation Brunch

drinks at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
The attention to detail is impeccable!

pina colada at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
Pina Coladas

coconut rum at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
Coconut Rum: a refreshing adult drink in a coconut shell

The brunch spread at Lapita's Daycation Brunch is the biggest I have ever seen in Dubai! There are food stations inside the restaurant and in the garden outside. Despite the extensiveness of the buffet, every dish was meticulously presented and every nook was beautifully decorated.   

tropical vibe at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
tropical vibes in every corner

bread at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
wide assortment of bread

sushi cake at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
Sushi Cake

cheese station at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
Sweet dreams are made of CHEESE! I agree! :)

seafood at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
SEAFOOD: oysters, shrimps, mussels, crab, tiger prawns

soup station at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
Seafood Soup station

The whole brunch is fascinating, but there are two sections in the buffet that delighted me the most. 

First is the Organic Edible Garden. It is a miniature garden where you can "harvest" your vegetables to make your own salad! There are baby carrots, baby potatoes, mushrooms and other mini vegetables planted on a bed of edible soil. It is quite an eye-catcher! And because it looks super cute, I bet it's a good way to trick the kids to eat healthy! :)

Second is the Poisson Cru! It is Tahiti's version of ceviche; in the Philippines - kinilaw! The poisson cru at the Daycation Brunch is made to order. There are four kinds of fish to choose from, several kinds of herbs and vegetables to mix in, and three kinds of sauce. 

It was my first time to have poisson cru, so I had no idea on how create my own. Thankfully, the staff is knowledgeable enough to whip up a concoction based on my preference! A few seconds of mixing and tossing, I got a delicious poisson cru made of fresh salmon in a fresh coconut bowl!    

edible garden at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
The Edible Garden

salad station at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
harvesting veggies for my side salad

poisson cru station at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
Poisson Cru station

Tahiti dish at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
make-your-own Possion Cru

Tahiti ceviche at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
Poisson Cru - Tahitian Ceviche - This is YUM!

The buffet inside the restaurant is humongous that we almost forgot the outdoor food stalls! In the center of the garden is a grill station serving meat and vegetables, and a sandwich stall offering tasty Polynesian subs. Warm Hawaiian dishes, including my fave Huli-Huli Chicken, are arranged on the wooden kiosks in the side. 

Apart from the Polynesian cuisine, International dishes are also present in the buffet. There is a roast beef served with all the trimmings and Yorshire pudding. There is also a designated station for hot pot and hand-pulled noodles. 

grill station at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
outdoor grill station 

Staff at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
This guy makes delicious Polynesian sandwiches!

roast beef at Lapita's Daycation Brunch
Roast Beef

Lapita's Daycation Brunch has a tantalizing array of sweet treats; from the classic macarons and soft serve ice cream to the bizarre nitrogen frozen popcorn and dumdum! I have to say, please remember to leave enough room for dessert when you're brunching in Lapita. There are so many goodies worth-trying! 

Lapita-branded macarons
Lapita-branded macarons

Candykool frozen popcorn
Candykool frozen popcorn

dessert station in Lapita daycation brunch
a portion of the huge dessert station

dumdum in Lapita daycation brunch
Dum Dum!

Daycation Brunch in Lapita is an ultimate one-day getaway as it includes relaxing activities like a 5-minute shoulder and back massage given by the staff at OLA Spa Boutique. It was quick, yet it was enough to perk me up for the weekend!

A big plus point for the parents are the recreational facilities at Luna and Nova's Club for kids and teens. It kept the young ones busy while the adults enjoy the food, the drinks and the live music at the brunch.

Brunch guests are also entitled to a full-day access to the hotel pools. Lapita has two outdoor pools and a lazy river equipped with fun inflatable floaties! I hopped on a flamingo floater and drifted slowly along the calmness for a good ten minutes. I didn't want to leave! 

flamingo floater in Lapita Hotel pool
Flamingo Floater

lazy river in Lapita Hotel
 Lapita's lazy river

Lady in Lapita Hotel
Me and this floatie belong together! Hahah! 

The Daycation Brunch at Lapita Hotel is massively good; be it in food, in drinks, in service, in entertainment or in activities! It is exactly like nothing else! It is a taste of Polynesia in the heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts!

Location Map:

Lapita Hotel
Dubai Parks and Resorts
Contact # 04 810 9999

Daycation Brunch Packages as of March 2017:
95 AED for kids up to 12 years old
195 AED with soft beverages for adults and kids above 12 years old
295 AED with house beverages for adults

How to get to Dubai Parks and Resorts by public transportation?
Take the Dubai Metro to UAE Exchange.
Alight at the last station - UAE Exchange in Jebel Ali.
Take a taxi from there. Fare: 30 to 40 AED

We were invited to experience the Daycation Brunch at Lapita Hotel.
Opinions in this blog post are my own.

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