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Mar 17, 2017

The Enchanted Riverland in Dubai

In a land far far away lies a quaint little town nestled on the banks of a winding river. It is a picturesque medieval village with adorable houses and cobblestone streets. Wizards roam. Puppet animals talk. Princesses sing. 

No, this is not a fairy tale. 

I'm talking about Riverland in Dubai Parks and Resorts. 

Riverland Dubai

What is Riverland?
Riverland is the gateway to Dubai Parks and Resorts. It is located right in the middle of all the attractions; hence it serves as a link to Legoland Dubai, Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Park and Lapita Hotel. 

But Riverland is more than just a portal, it is a themed shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Those cute French houses along the river are not homes, but rather restaurants and retail outlets! Those alleyways lead to amazing shows and activities that can be accessed without entry fees! 

Riverland is free for all!   

Riverland in Dubai Parks and Resorts
Riverland in Dubai Parks and Resorts

way to Legoland
This way to Legoland and some of the amazing attractions in Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Legoland Dubai as seen from Riverland's bridge
Legoland Dubai as seen from Riverland's bridge

Bollywood's replica of the Taj Mahal
a glimpse of Bollywood's replica of the Taj Mahal from Riverland Dubai 

Little Europe in Dubai
Ed and I decided to take a stroll in Riverland after our Daycation Brunch in Lapita. The hotel has golf carts that can transport guests to a private passage to Riverland. We bid farewell to the exotic Polynesian vibe, and in a matter of seconds it was like we were transported from Tahiti to Strasbourg! 

Riverland has a strong similarity to the small romantic villages in Europe. It also looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale! I was humming Belle's "Little Town" song in my head while gazing at the pastel-colored French houses.  

Little Europe in Dubai
Hello, Europe?

Riverland looks like a beautiful village in France!
Riverland looks like a beautiful village in France!

cute homes in Riverland Dubai
one of the cute homes that would soon be a retail store

Zones in Riverland
Walking along the man-made waterway, we noticed that Riverland has different zones representing different eras. The French Village has medieval structures housing Mediterranean-inspired restaurants and cafes. Next to it is The Peninsula with  specialty restaurants inside 19th century buildings. There is the India Gate which can teleport park-goers to the vibrant republic. And last is the Boardwalk; a zone that depicts America in the 1950s!

Lady in Riverland Dubai
taking a break in between the French Village and the Peninsula

restaurants in Riverland Dubai
Stunning architecture in the heart of Riverland! These are restaurants, by the way.

the medieval French Village in Riverland Dubai
the medieval French Village

French Village in Riverland Dubai
Doesn't seem like "Dubai" at all!

Things to do in Riverland
Due to a dinner commitment, we were in a hurry when we visited Riverland. But if we were not, we could easily spend a couple of hours, or even a day, in the theme park and not get bored!

Riverland has a variety of events for the children and the young-at-heart. During our visit, there was a classic fairy tale show on the river. Giant book reading and workshops were ongoing at the Boardwalk. And we saw Merlin the Magician roaming at the French Village.  

The enchanting town is also a shopping haven. Souvenirs, Havaianas, gadgets and whatnots are being sold inside the charming structures which certainly don't look like the usual retails outlets!

Popular restaurants, fast food outlets and cafes are also present in Riverland. I barely recognized Starbucks and Mcdonald's because they are housed in a rustic cottage! I spotted specialty restaurants like Katsuya by Starck, Mila's Emirati Living, and Olive Garden. And just recently, I heard that Famous Dave's opened an outlet in Riverland's Boardwalk! I have heard good things about that restaurant; hence we would likely dine in there on our next visit! 

free show at Riverland Dubai
free show at Riverland Dubai

shops in Riverland Dubai
flipflops and trinkets in this beautiful French stone castle

Merlin the Magician at Riverland Dubai
Merlin the Magician

Riverland makes me love Dubai even more! <3

How to get to Riverland by public transportation?
Take the Dubai Metro - Red Line all the way to the last station in Jebel Ali. Alight in UAE Exchange metro station, and take a taxi from there. One way fare is around 30-40 AED.

Location Map:

Riverland Dubai
Dubai Parks and Resorts
Jebel Ali
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Timings: 10 AM to 11 PM on Weekdays / 10 AM to 12 MN on Weekends
Contact # 04 820 0000

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