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Mar 28, 2017

Enab Beirut Dubai: A Picture-Perfect Lebanese Restaurant in City Walk

Have you ever fell madly in love with a restaurant? Like it knocked you off your feet the moment you stepped in. You found yourself swooning over every little detail. You gushed over how perfect the concept is time and again. And you were already looking forward to coming back while you're halfway through your starters.

I did!

It happened to me with Enab Beirut Dubai last weekend. 

Enab Beirut Dubai Citywalk

Enab Beirut Dubai is a newly opened Lebanese restaurant in City Walk II, just across The Green Planet. It has only opened its doors a few weeks ago, and I was instantly drawn to it when I saw the photos. It is so beautiful that I didn't bother to search for food reviews. I have to be there and try it myself!

So, even though it was raining cats and dogs, Ed and I made our way to City Walk II last Friday. And Enab Beirut Dubai did not disappoint. It looks gorgeous up close! With a warm smile, one of the staff welcome us inside, introduced us to the restaurant and told us that the interior isn't finish yet. What? It already looks perfect to me!  

Enab Beirut Dubai
Enab Beirut Dubai

lovely Lebanese restaurant in City Walk II
lovely Lebanese restaurant in City Walk II

Enab Beirut Dubai has two levels. Both are decked with lovely pieces; wooden tables, mismatched chairs, bespoke lampshades, quirky mosaic tiles! The ground floor is bright and cozy; absolutely perfect for family meals. Upstairs is a restaurant doubled as a smoking lounge serving the highest quality shisha.

Enab Beirut Dubai unique interior
The restaurant is decorated with homey pieces...

Enab Beirut Dubai ceiling lamps
...with a dainty and quirky twist!

Dainty dining spots are my weakness! So, you can imagine how I was at Enab Beirut Dubai. I couldn't keep myself from standing almost every 10 minutes to take photos! The restaurant has a hint of "Alice in Wonderland" and a touch of a modern dollhouse ambiance. It is so unique; there's nothing like it in Dubai! The concept originated in Beirut where Enab Beirut Dubai has an equally lovely counterpart! 

Enab Beirut Dubai's 2nd level
Enab Beirut Dubai's 2nd level

flowers at Enab Beirut Dubai
The restaurant is filled with vibrant hues.

Enab Beirut Dubai fountain
It is an Instagram-wonderland! :)

Food and Drinks
When it was time to eat, I realized that Enab Beirut Dubai is a quintessential Lebanese restaurant. It may look trendy, but it is also comfortable and homey; just like the food being served. The restaurant has been famous in Beirut for serving exceptional "mom's cooking" cuisine.

Juices were served fresh; some infused with herbs which gave the drink a more refreshing taste!   

juices at Enab Beirut Dubai
watermelon with rosemary | freshly squeezed orange juice | basil lemonade

Lady at Enab Beirut Dubai
This watermelon juice got a thumbs up! 

We started our meal with Fattoush; a traditional Lebanese salad made of lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, sumac and parsley. It was served in a classic way. The vegetables are fresh and the dressing has a good zesty punch. Pita ribbons were served separately which is great as it has remained crunchy throughout our meal, not soggy.

fattoush at Enab Beirut Dubai

As it was brunch time when we came, we decided to have a breakfast favorite before having some cold mezze. We had Mankoushe; a Levantine flatbread topped with cheese and served with vegetables on the side. This one is an easy favorite. It is quite similar to a simple cheese pizza, but with a pronounced salty taste. 

mankoushe at Enab Beirut Dubai
Mankoushe / Kaaket Enab Cheese

Enab Beirut Dubai has an assortment of mezze (starters) on the menu. Knowing that our server Mohammad is from Lebanon, I felt it was best to ask him for recommendations. He suggested the all-time fave: Hummus, Meat and Pinenuts, and something we haven't tried before: Kebbet Batata.

As expected, the hummus was exquisite. It is smooth and creamy; absolutely great when combined with the tender meat and crunchy pinenuts. On the other hand, the Kebbet Batata was a surprise. The texture has a resemblance to mashed potatoes, but the flavor is distinct because it has coriander and walnuts.

cold mezze at Enab Beirut Dubai
cold mezze at Enab Beirut Dubai

Enab Beirut Dubai decors
The ambiance and the food made me feel I was dining in a Lebanese home.

The Lebanese Grill is definitely the highlight of Enab Beirut Dubai's menu. There are several kinds; Ed and I were initially drawn to the Lamb Cutlets, but eventually settled on the Mixed Grill as we want variety for our first visit!

The Mixed Grill has 3 types of grilled meat - beef, chicken and kafta. All managed to delight our taste buds, but if I have to choose a favorite, it would be the beef brochettes. The meat is succulent and so tender that it almost melted in my mouth.     

Enab Beirut Dubai mixed grill
Mixed Grill

grilled items at Enab Beirut Dubai
Chicken Cubes | Marinated Beef | Kafta Meat

Then came dessert... dessertsss rather! Well, Ed and I only ordered Halawet El Jebn, but thanks to the super generous and hospitable staff of Enab Beirut, it came with two other types of Lebanese sweets and a serving of Lebanese coffee!

Dessert #1 is the Meghli; rice pudding enhanced with Middle Eastern spices and garnished with nuts! Next is a green leaf-shaped dessert called Madoulaa bil Ashta. It has a blend of creamy and nutty textures, a sweet aroma, and an exotic Levantine taste. Must be the spices! Last is the sweet cheese rolls or the Halawet El Jebn. For a cheese lover, this one tops my list. It is made of delicate cheese dough stuffed with creamy clotted cream. 

meghli at Enab Beirut Dubai

Madoulaa Bil Ashta at Enab Beirut Dubai
Madoulaa Bil Ashta

Halawet El Jebn drizzled with rose syrup
Halawet El Jebn drizzled with rose syrup

coffee at Enab Beirut Dubai
rich Lebanese coffee

Enab Beirut Dubai has a homey atmosphere, and I think the warm vibe from the staff has something to do with it. They were welcoming and helpful. For us who are not familiar with all the Lebanese dishes, it is important that the staff know the food they are serving very well. We received great recommendations and the food which were new to us were introduced properly.

For a very unique restaurant in Dubai's dining hot spot, food prices at Enab Beirut Dubai are pretty good! Affordable in the sense that each serving is already enough for two people to share, even enough for four people if there are three or four types of mezze on the table. Most mezzes are priced at 20 to 30 AED. Grilled items are at 45 AED onward. Desserts at 18 to 33 AED.   

Enab Beirut Dubai is certainly the "new kid on the block" you have to meet! It is a place for foodies who want to have good ol' Lebanese cuisine with a contemporary touch. And in this Instagram era, when everything has to be photogenic, this restaurant has raised the bar!

Location Map:

Enab Beirut Dubai
City Walk II
Al Safa, Dubai, UAE
Timings: 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM

We were invited to dine at Enab Beirut Dubai. Opinions in this blog post are my own.

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