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Nov 16, 2017

Turkish Breakfast in Gunaydin Dubai

It's no secret that of all the places we have been to, Turkey is our favorite. Although we only spent 12 days in the country, we felt so at home that we suffered from severe sepanx when it was time to leave. We love the vibrant Turkish culture, the hospitality, and most especially the food! And until now, there always comes a day when we miss waking up to a classic Turkish Kahvalti.

It's nice to know that, here in Dubai, we have Turkish restaurants to run to when the craving strikes. Recently, we learned that a renowned Turkish restaurant - Gunaydin - in Souk Al Bahar has a weekend breakfast promotion. Ed and I were so excited to try it. So, we went there with high hopes that it would somehow relieve our longing for the traditional Turkish breakfast.

Gunaydin was established in 1965 as humble butcher shop in Istanbul. Serving high-quality meats, it emerged as a pioneer brand with over 40 successful restaurants and steakhouses in Turkey. Last year, Gunaydin's first UAE outlet opened in Souk Al Bahar. The Turkish restaurant/meatery rests on the waterfront promenade offering an astounding view of Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa.

Lady in Gunaydin Dubai
Turkish Breakfast

Gunaydin is a prominent address for steak dinners, but when we went there on a weekend morning, we noticed that it is an amazing dining venue for breakfast as well!

The weekend breakfast package in Gunaydin has an authentic line-up of Turkish breakfast staples. Our table brimmed with a fresh and colorful breakfast spread meant to be shared with family and friends. It instantly brought us back to the moment when we were invited to have breakfast in a farmhouse in Cappadocia!

turkish breakfast in gunaydin dubai
Cheese platter and Aegean olives

classic Kahvalti in Gunaydin
classic Kahvalti in Gunaydin

Just like in Turkey, the highlight of our breakfast in Gunaydin are the meat and eggs dishes. Ed and I loved Menemen; a Turkish-style scrambled eggs mixed with tomato and pepper. It is simple yet hearty; a comfort food at its finest! 

We also had oven-baked Pastrami Pepper, or Pastirma in Turkish. It's amazing how this thin slice of beef bursts with flavors and almost melts in the mouth. For meat lovers, another Turkish breakfast dish to try is Sujuk and Egg. The spiciness of the dried sausage pairs wonderfully with the creaminess of the sunny-side-up egg. 

sujuk in Gunaydin
Sujuk and Egg

pastrami in Gunaydin
Pastrami Pepper

menemen in Gunaydin

A Kahvalti is not complete without freshly-made Turkish bread and pastries. In Gunaydin, guests are spoilt with different hand-crafted varieties. Worth mentioning are simit (bagel-like bread encrusted with sesame), borek (delicious flaky pastry), and pide (Turkish pizza topped with cheese).

turkish bread in Gunaydin
Turkish bread, fresh from the oven!

borek pastry in Gunaydin

bread basket in Gunaydin
bread basket

Pide in Gunaydin Dubai
Pide or Turkish pizza

A selection of fruit jam, molasses, cocoa spread, kaymak and honeycomb are also offered. These are perfect spreads and dips for Turkish pita and simit! And to complete the Kahvalti experience, we had a fun conversation with newly found friends over endless cups of tea!

honeycomb in Gunaydin Dubai
Kaymak and Honeycomb

Bloggers in Gunaydin Dubai
New Blogger Friends!
Lester of The Metrosapien, Lovely and Janna of Roaming Spoon, and Maira of Maira's Simple Life

Unlimited Tea in Gunaydin Dubai
Unli Turkish Tea! Cheers!

We came to Gunaydin hoping to have a traditional Kahvalti that would bring back our fond memories of Turkey. We went home joyfully reminiscing those days... full and satisfied!

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Weekend Breakfast at Gunaydin Dubai
Every Friday and Saturday 8:30am-12noon
AED98 per person
For reservations please call +971 4 554 0700 

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We were invited to dine at Gunaydin Dubai.
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