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Nov 17, 2017

Beach Day in La Mer Dubai

I was one of the many people who got sad and shocked when Jumeirah Open Beach was closed to the public. Remember my 5 Reasons Why I Love Jumeirah Open Beach blog post five years ago? It was my favorite beach way back then.

Little did I know, my fave beach was not taken away from me and the rest of the beach-lovin population for good. It was closed for sometime to make way for a new beachfront property. 

Our beloved open beach was changed for the better, and it is now called La Mer!

sunny day at La Mer Dubai

La Mer is the newest baby of Meraas - the developer behind the cool shopping and dining districts: Citywalk, The Outlet Village, The Beach and Boxpark! Hence, Ed and I were completely astounded, but not surprised, when we visited La Mer one weekend morning! 

Contemporary structures for dining, retail and leisure were built along the shore. The streets are lined with palm trees, and string lights dangle from above. The walls are accentuated with vibrant artworks. And the signboards are colorful and perky! La Mer certainly possess that chic Meraas-touch!  

beautiful La Mer Dubai
La Mer Dubai

summer vibe in La Mer Dubai
Summer vibes!

restaurants in La Mer Dubai
the F&B area at La Mer North
Most are still closed when we visited.

murals in La Mer Dubai
Colorful mural and artsy lights. Very Meraas!

La Mer Dubai in Jumeirah
Burj Khalifa looming behind.

Our good ol' public beach looks very different now. It was transformed into a fresh and hip getaway spot! The seashore is a far cry from what it used to be. It used to have basic amenities, but now, it is dotted with pastel-toned beach shacks which are private shower rooms and toilets. The public showers look very fun and trendy with the wooden buckets.

shower buckets in La Mer Dubai
shower buckets

wooden ship in La Mer Dubai
wooden ship still under construction

shower rooms in La Mer Dubai
summer-toned shower rooms and toilets

Despite the huge development, the beach remains to be a public beach. No fees to pay, except when you want to rent a beach umbrella with a day bed or a floatie. The area is well-maintained. There's no trash lying around. The water is clear and still as blue as the sky!

On a weekend morning, the atmosphere is pretty calm. Probably only a few have known that the public beach in Jumeirah 1 is back. We had a wonderful time basking in the sun, getting our much-needed natural Vitamin D!     

public beach in La Mer Dubai
public beach in La Mer 

Lady in La Mer Dubai
Beach time! :)

Lady in La Mer Dubai
Yay for a less crowded beach!

beach in La Mer Dubai
Aren't we lucky to have this clear blue waters in a city beach?

La Mer is a sprawling property and only the first phase is finished! What we visited is La Mer North. We still have to check what's in La Mer South soon! And of course, we are also keen on visiting the water park when it opens! I heard a cinema, an air-filled trampoline called "Hawa-Hawa" and a surf park are on the works as well. 

Now, I have more reasons to love Jumeirah Open Beach... errr... I mean, La Mer!  

La Mer Dubai water park
Coming soon: La Mer Water Park! Can't wait!

Check out La Mer Dubai in our YouTube video:

How to get to La Mer Dubai (North) by public transportation?

* Take Bus 8 if you're coming from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, X28 if from City Centre Deira, C10 if from BurJuman.
* Alight at the bus stop near Palm Strip, opposite Jumeirah Mosque.
* Walk towards Dubai Marine Beach Resort, then to Jumeirah public beach.
* La Mer North is exactly where Jumeirah Open Beach is located before.

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