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Dec 10, 2018

24th St: Where Street Food meets Fine Dining

Being a fan of Dusit Thani Dubai's dining venues, I had mixed emotions when I heard PAX Italian restaurant will be closed down to give way to a fresh concept. I do love that restaurant, but fresh is good and I trust that it's all for the better.

So, when I saw that the new restaurant - 24th St. Asian Street Food - is finally open, it was more of excitement that rolled over me. 

24th st asian street food in Dubai

I had a good first impression with the ambiance! 24th St. Asian Street Food reminded me of hawker centers in Asia. It is casual and relaxed, yet not as loud and crowded. After all, this restaurant is tucked in the 24th floor of Dusit Thani - one of the finest hotels in Dubai! 

24th St Asian Street Food in Dusit Thani
24th St Asian Street Food in Dusit Thani

Asian restaurant in Dusit Thani
A street-style flair in a 5-star hotel!

live cooking station in 24th st Dusit Thani
These open kitchens/food stalls gave 24th St a hawker center atmosphere.

chef in 24th st Dusit Thani
You can watch the chefs prepare your meal, just like in the streets!

24th St. Asian Street Food brings a unique Asian-streetfood-meets-fine-dining concept to Dubai's dining scene. It has four lively open kitchens; Kim's Korean for Korean food, Chatakana for Indian delicacies, Lucy Wong's for well-loved Chinese dishes, and Momo San for Japanese cuisine. 

This is a place to go to if you want a wide variety of food in one venue. The menu is big so it was inevitable to get lost somewhere, but the staff knows the dishes very well. We're thankful to Casty for walking us through 24th St.'s menu! He gave out excellent recommendations and even shared an overview of how the dishes are usually served in the streets.

Kim's Korean in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Trendy Korean dishes are done right, right here! 

Momo San in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Momo San. For those who love Japanese street eats!

Korean food in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Korean starters

Indian food in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Freshly-made crispy Indian bread at Chatakana 

Ed and I wanted to fully experience the concept of 24th St Asian Street Food, so we decided to mix and match, and have a dish or two from the four pillars of the restaurant. The thought is quite weird but it actually worked!

For starters, we had the complimentary Kimchi from Kim's Korean, Laksa from Lucy Wong's, Pani Puri Shots from Chatakana, and Duck Gyoza from Momo San.

Laksa in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Singapore Laksa Noodles: 65AED
This noodle dish has a perfect balance of cream and spice. One serving is enough for 2 to share. 

Pani Puri in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Pani Puri Shots: 45 AED
My all-time fave Indian snack turned out to be so fancy in 24th st! Love the crunchy texture and savory flavor!

Gyoza in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Duck Gyoza: 45 AED
These little crispy parcels hold a bold juicy flavor inside! Delicious with or without the dipping sauce!

For the main course, we had Wok-Fried Singaporean Chili Crab from Lucy Wong's and Beef Galbi Skewers from Kim's Korean. 

Chili Crab in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Singaporean Chili Crab with golden buns: 36 AED per 100 gm
It's sloppy to eat but super worth the mess!

Beef Galbi in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Beef Galbi Skewers: 85 AED
Tender and deliciously marinated! Hands down, this is the best galbi in town!

And for dessert, we focused on Japanese sweets. We had Mochi Ice Cream and Japanese Cheese Cake from Momo San.

Mochi in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Mochi Ice Cream: 55 AED
3 flavours of delicate and chewy-licious mochi!

Japanese cheesecake in 24th St Dusit Thani Dubai
Japanese Cheese Cake: 45 AED
Pillowy and delicious, and perfectly complimented with fresh berries!

Overall, we had a uniquely wonderful dinner at 24th St. Asian Street Food. It was having street food without worrying about the risks (re safety and hygiene)! The menu says "taste your way around Asia" and our palates certainly enjoyed a gastronomic journey from the Far East to the South! 

24th St Asian Street Food
Dusit Thani
Dubai, UAE
Website: www.dusit.com

  Prices mentioned in this blogpost are as of December 2018.
Chatakana and Friday Brunch are on Entertainer Dubai! Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Whoop whoop!

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00
Dinner: 19:00 - 23:30
Friday Brunch: 12:30 - 16:00

Location Map:


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