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Dec 16, 2018

20 Photos That Will Make You Feel Seychelles is a Paradise on Earth

Ed and I recently visited a paradise... aka the Seychelles!

It was a holiday trip that we spontaneously decided to take. Nevertheless, it turned out to be epic! Except for a few one-minute long rain showers and gloomy skies during sunset, everything that was instantly planned turned out well.

I don't know about you, but I bet nothing can go wrong in this dreamy tropical destination off the coast of East Africa. 

postcards from Seychelles

Given only 48 hours, we opted to stay in Mahe - the largest island in the archipelago where Seychelles International Airport is located. We didn't have the time to visit the famous islands La Digue and Praslin, and definitely don't have the funds for Desroches island - where Prince William and Kate spent their honeymoon. 

However, Mahe island made us feel lucky enough! Here are 20 photos that will make you feel Seychelles is indeed a paradise on earth:

postcard-perfect view in Anse Royale
Seychelles is where the view is always postcard perfect...

beach in Seychelles
where you'll find an almost empty beach even during peak season...

Lady in Seychelles
where you can live your "Little Mermaid" dreams...

clear waters in Seychelles
where waters are amazingly crystal-clear...

Anse Royale in Mahe Seychelles
where a public beach looks like an exclusive luxury retreat...

Ed and Lady in Mahe Seychelles
and where you'll fall in love with the world all over again!

morning in Mahe Seychelles
Seychelles is where you can have quiet mornings like this...

Beau Vallon in Mahe Seychelles
where a random spot just across a budget accommodation looks like a glamorous hideaway...

where you can be accompanied by the neighborhood dog while having breakfast by the beach...

dog in Mahe Seychelles
and where you'll realize that he's the luckiest to chill like this all day everyday in paradise.

red fody in Mahe Seychelles
Seychelles is where you can do some wildlife-spotting.
Here's a Red Fody hanging around the backyard,

bird watching in Mahe Seychelles
and more rare species to identify!

coco de mer in Mahe Seychelles
Seychelles is a home to coco de mer...
(You know, the fruit that is fondly called the butt nut!)

cannonball tree in Mahe Seychelles
 the exotic Cannonball Tree...

flowers in Seychelles Botanical Garden
and flowers we have seen for the first time...

giant tortoise in Seychelles Botanical Garden
where the oldest inhabitants are probably these gigantic land tortoises...

Seychelles Botanical Garden
and where ecotourism successfully thrives!

hidden beach in Seychelles
Seychelles is where lush hills meet white sand beaches...

beach sand in Mahe Seychelles
where the waves bury your feet...

and where you let the ocean tempt you for a last-minute dip
before you catch your flight departing paradise.

Did I just convince you to visit Seychelles? 
Read about our budget trip here:

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