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Jan 8, 2019

Top Things To See in Dubai Miracle Garden This Season

The World's Largest Natural Flower Garden is back, and as I always say, it gets better year after year!

Dubai Miracle Garden, a top winter attraction in United Arab Emirates, is finally open to public after a long summer hiatus. Now on its seventh season, I couldn't help but reminisce how this amazing garden became the talk of the town (the world, rather) when it was launched in 2013. It became so popular that my blog post about it went viral and was even featured in an article at of NBC News! That's the reason why Dubai Miracle Garden holds a special place in my blogger heart. 

Dubai Miracle Garden 2019

Dubai Miracle Garden has gone a long way since it was first launched. The theme every season is well-thought of. The flower arrangements have evolved creatively and the designs are more detailed. There are more seating areas and food kiosks. The location is also more accessible to the public using taxi and RTA buses. And because of these improvements, I think it's acceptable for the entrance fee to shoot up to 50 AED! What do you think? :) 

Anyway, I must say, this is the BEST season of Dubai Miracle Garden so far. 

Here are the top things to see in Dubai Miracle Garden during your visit:

Mickey Mouse and Friends Sculptures

Mickey Mouse flower sculpture at Dubai Miracle Garden
Say "Hey" to an 18-metre high Mickey Mouse flower sculpture at Dubai Miracle Garden!

Flower Clock

flower clock in Dubai Miracle Garden
You'll easily forget the time in Dubai Miracle Garden, but let this pretty clock remind you.

Gigantic Teddy

giant teddy bear in Dubai Miracle Garden
It's the kind of teddy you can't hug. Sorry! :)

Flower Cottages

flower cottage at Dubai Miracle Garden
And also the type of cottages you can't go into.
P.S. The caretakers and the guards at DMG are still very strict. You cannot touch the flowers!

Life-size Emirates A380

Emirates A380 in Dubai Miracle Garden
The Emirates A380 flower structure debuted at Dubai Miracle Garden in 2016. 

Lady and Ed in Dubai Miracle Garden
It is the largest floral installation in the world and still one of the most-loved installations in DMG to date.

Alley of Hearts

Heart Passage in Dubai Miracle Garden
This one is a very VERY popular passage in the garden!
Tip to achieve a perfect shot: Visit early or learn photoshop. Hahah!

Super Trees in Full Bloom

flower trees in Dubai Miracle Garden
These blooming trees make the garden extra-colorful!

bee in Dubai Miracle Garden
Hey, this bee looks familiar!

Butterfly Walkway

Butterfly Passage in Dubai Miracle Garden
This passage gives the visitors a heads up about the Dubai Butterfly Garden nearby!

Giant Cats

giant cat in Dubai Miracle Garden
I'm not a cat person, but my favorite attraction at Dubai Miracle Garden this season are these giant felines! 

cat structure in Dubai Miracle Garden
See, how cute! And so awe-inspiring in person! 

Larger Than Life Elephants

elephants in Dubai Miracle Garden
This family of elephant is eye-catching as well!

Flower Castle

castle in Dubai Miracle Garden
Of course, this Kingdom of Flowers has to have one!

Dubai Miracle Garden

Park Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 9 AM to 9 PM
Weekend (Friday and Saturday): 9 AM to 11 PM

Entrance Fee
Adult (12 years old above): 50 AED
Children (12 years old and below): 40AED
People of Determination and Children 2 years old and below: Free of Charge

Location Map

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