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Jun 30, 2019

Bluewaters Island: What's in the newest island in Dubai?

Set to be the tallest observation wheel in the world, I have watched Ain Dubai slowly taking shape for years! The giant ferris wheel is still under construction, but the man-made island where it proudly stands has already been opened to the public last winter.

It is called Bluewaters Island, and oh-em-gee, it looks gorgeous! 

Bluewaters Island in Dubai

Bluewaters Island is tucked off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence. Secluded from the mainland yet conveniently accessible, this new spot uniquely boasts an urban-luxury-meets-island-vibe; something you can't find elsewhere in Dubai. 

Bluewaters Island in Dubai
Bluewaters Island in Dubai

Posh Island Life
The tree-lined boulevard is dotted with opulent living spaces, upscale restaurants, and cute cafes. At the far edge of the island is the elegant Caesars Palace where Gordon Ramsay's famous Hell's Kitchen is located.

Ed and Lady in Bluewaters Island in Dubai
Can you tell how much we love this new man-made island? :)
La Brioche in Bluewaters Island in Dubai
Coffee o'clock in La Brioche
coffee in La Brioche Bluewaters Island in Dubai
Cappuccino and Croissants! It's on Buy 1 Get 1 Free at The Entertainer Dubai App. 

World's Tallest Ferris Wheel
Ain Dubai, although still up for some finishing touches, is undoubtedly the focal point of the island. It is 250m tall; twice the height of the London Eye! I can only imagine the thrill and of course, the amazing views from the passenger cabin once completed!

Ain Dubai in Bluewaters Island
Ain Dubai
largest ferris wheel in Dubai
It's so gigantic, you can't miss it when you're on the island!
Ain Dubai ferris wheel
It will be the largest in the world once completed by 2020!

The Wharf
Adjacent to Ain Dubai is The Wharf - Bluewaters Island's retail zone. It is a semi-alfresco shoppers' paradise with over a hundred shops and restaurants. There are plenty of recreation activities offered and lots of urban artwork to gawk at.

Accentuating the giant ferris wheel are tall tree-like metal structures which reminded me of the Supertrees in Singapore; only they're not covered in foliage.    

artwork in Bluewaters Island Dubai
A classic Volkswagen wrapped in modern art. Cool! 
structures in Bluewaters Island Dubai
What do you call these?
supertrees in Bluewaters Island Dubai
I'll call them Metal Trees until I know what they are exactly! :) 

Spectacular Skyline Views
My eyes will surely feast on breathtaking aerial views once Ain Dubai is completed, but right now, the edge of The Wharf gets my vote as the best spot on the island for sightseeing and people-watching. There's an open space at the base of the giant wheel where kids can frolic and adults can laze and simply enjoy the scenery. 

After all, despite being in a posh island, the best things in life are free. 

Stunning view of the coast from Bluewaters Island
Stunning view of the coast from Bluewaters Island
JBR towers view from Bluewaters Island
a closer look at the sandy-hued towers of JBR
a traditional dhow cruise sailing in between the mainland and Bluewaters Island

How to get to Bluewaters Islands by public transportation?
Take a stroll from The Beach at JBR to Bluewaters Island. The two are connected with a pedestrian bridge. Or you can take a cab from the nearest metro station - JLT, now known as DMCC metro station. 

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