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Jun 26, 2019

How on point is The Pointe in Dubai?

I haven't been going out lately. I know I'm missing on a lot of new things in Dubai and this blog has dried up on new information. No FOMO and no apologies here though as I have personal -valid- reasons. ;) But I wouldn't deny, I've been dying to visit those cool new places popping on my Instagram feed.

On top of my list is The Pointe.

The Pointe Dubai

The Pointe is a new waterfront development located at The Palm Jumeirah, specifically at the topmost frond facing the center of the crescent - the bay of Atlantis The Palm. Built to be an iconic dining, shopping, and entertainment destination, The Pointe breathes in a new life to the already thriving palm-shaped island.  

The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah
The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah...
Lady at The Pointe Dubai
... brings something new and delightful to the island!
Lady and Ed at The Pointe Dubai
And despite the summer heat, everything seems on point!

I opted to spend one of my Eid holiday mornings at The Pointe. My family and I went there by Uber, which is I think the most convenient way of reaching and leaving The Pointe for now. There is a Palm Monorail station nearby, but it's still under construction. 

We arrived at 8 in the morning; a tranquil hour to visit The Pointe (and other attractions in Dubai as well.). It was just us at the beach and a small group of friends who left minutes later. It was quiet. The water was so calm that it flawlessly reflected the magnificence of Atlantis The Palm!

Serenity on point!

A postcard-perfect view of Atlantis The Palm
A postcard-perfect view of Atlantis The Palm 
Lady at Palm Jumeirah Atlantis
This alone can make The Pointe a waterfront hotspot! But wait, there's more!

The Pointe has a beach strip decked with colorful parasols and bean bags that silently shout "HAPPY HOUR!" And I mean, happy hour literally! You know, it's one of those places that makes your senses feel alive, one that emblazons good energy all throughout, and one that can potentially be a venue of special moments.

Positive vibes on point!

Beach strip at The Pointe
Beach strip at The Pointe
Bean bags at The Pointe Dubai
Bean bags as vibrant as Dubai's sunshine!

Beach day in Dubai The Pointe
How happy can I get?
Lady and family at The Pointe Dubai
Super! Especially when I'm with them!

The Pointe is still a work in progress. While most of the spaces are yet to open, the current offerings already look impressive! A few restaurants and retail shops near the plaza are up and running, the dine-in cinema at the East Side has opened its doors, and water activities are offered at the beach. 

We ran, I mean quickly walked, to Icons Coffee Couture when the heat became unbearable. It was also the time when a huge crowd coming from a tour bus flocked at the beach! Whew! Thank God we came early!  We had a good breakfast at the lifestyle cafe. I bet nothing can be more perfect than freshly blended smoothies, waffle burgers, and guilt-free ice cream on a hot summer day! 

Leisure time on point! 

The Pointe Dubai promenade
The promenade looks inviting! This will surely be a busy spot during winter months.
Breakfast at The Pointe Dubai
Icons Coffee Couture: one of the dining venues at The Pointe

Once completed, The Pointe will have over 80 restaurants, shops, and attractions - including a spectacular dancing fountain to make our Dubai nights livelier! Hayyy I'm excited!

Have you been to The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah? Tell me what do think about it in the comment section below. :)

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