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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Beach at JBR: Sun, Sea and Sand Sculptures

Let's go the beach, each. Let's go get away! Nicki Minaj's song echoed in my head since March! With the severe LSS, I kept on hearing the sun and the sea calling out my name. It's finally beach weather in the desert city! Yay! On a fine Saturday afternoon, Ed and I pulled out the beach necessities that have been hiding in the closet for several months. On our first beach getaway this season, we headed to the powdery sands of JBR. Though it's quite far from home, it has become our favorite as it is not crowded like any other public beaches in the city. 

The Beach at JBR Dubai

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Seafood Feast at Boardwalk

2014's second quarter began with another sweet surprise. Once again, for the third time, a notification with the awesome word "Congratulations" appeared on my iPhone! I thought it was some sort of a late April Fools' joke, so I repeatedly verified the sender and the comment just to confirm it wasn't a prank. Yah, paranoia strikes sometimes, especially when it's just too good to be true! Much to my delight, the Instagram notification clearly said that I won a meal for two at Boardwalk, an iconic restaurant overlooking Dubai Creek. Thank God for Instagram, hashtags and the winning streak! ;)

Boardwalk at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

Friday, April 11, 2014

Far Eastern Street Food at Wok It

If you think street food and fine dining don't match, think again! I recently discovered a dine out spot where I can have authentic Far Eastern street food served gourmet-style in a chic atmosphere. Wok It restaurant is a Karama gem that we took for granted for several months until we stumbled across the restaurant's booth at the Dubai Food Carnival. They had a busy stall at the event and that clearly means GOOD food! 

During the food carnival, Wok It launched a competition on Instagram. Being an IG fanatic, I joined the hashtag frenzy. My photo of Wok It's delicious Martabak Telor was chosen to be one of the winners of a Wok It feast, just a few weeks after I won a 3-course meal voucher in another Asian restaurant. Can't believe tags and hashtags can feed me well! :)      

Wok It Restaurant in Karama Dubai

Monday, April 7, 2014

Old Dubai Do-It-Yourself Walking Tour

A lavish urban getaway or a rich cultural experience? You can have the best of both worlds in Dubai! Apart from the awe-inspiring megastructures, Dubai is also known for its well-preserved historical sites. The city's culture and traditions can be strongly felt in its HEART; right in the bank of the saltwater creek where all the success stories started.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House in Old Dubai

Friday, April 4, 2014

Camel Burger at Local House in Bastakiya

I have a penchant for restaurants with unique concepts. My foodie adventures lead me to interesting dine-out spots, but I often shy away from exotic delicacies. My husband, though a thrill-seeker, doesn't have a stomach for adventure eating as well. We never had an appetite for something strange! That's why I was really shocked when he told me he'd love to try a burger patty made of camel meat!

To feed his great curiosity, we dined at Local House; a traditional restaurant located at the historical Bastakiya. Local House Coffee Shop and Restaurant has been serving authentic Arabic cuisine for more than a decade. In 2010, Local House fascinated both residents and tourists when they introduced the first ever Camel Burger in the UAE. 

Camel Burger at Local House Dubai