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Oct 1, 2014

A Taste of India in Gazebo Restaurant

I am not into food with strong aroma and flavor. I think my taste buds and my stomach are as fragile as my emotions, hence I was scared of Indian food. I was afraid of its intensity; the sting, the spice, everything! Then one day, I was lured by India, particularly Jaipur, through a travel documentary. So, I made a deal with myself. Before anything else, I must get over that senseless fear. I don't want to go hungry while travelling. :) 

Ed and I decided to go on an Indian date night for the first time three months ago. As most of our friends said that Gazebo is the safest choice when we want to acquaint ourselves with Indian cuisine, we went to the restaurant's branch in Deira City Centre.

Ed and Lady in Gazebo in Deira City Centre
Indian date night in Gazebo in DCC

Sep 28, 2014

A Spanish Feast in Seville's at WAFI Pyramids

Christmas Eve 2010, Ed and I came across Seville's; a Spanish restaurant in Wafi. That night, we found Seville's as an ideal dine-out spot for special occasions. It is a restaurant worth coming back to, so we said we'd go back soon. But the thing is, with so many options and so many new places to try in Dubai, "soon" turned out to be "after three years and couple of months!" It was only early this month, for Ed's 30th Birthday, that we finally had a chance to return.     

Tucked in Wafi Pyramids' rooftop, Seville's looks more like a homey Spanish villa than a restaurant. With its stucco walls and red bricks, rustic arched windows and vines clinging across its facade, Seville's is a secret hideaway in a shopping center! 
Seville's Spanish restaurant and bar in Wafi
Seville's: A Spanish restaurant and bar in Wafi

Sep 25, 2014

Serafina Italian Restaurant: A Piece of Northern Italy in Souk Al Bahar

Two hours. Three-course Italian meal. Four musical fountain shows. 

That's how our Satur-date went. It may sound like our normal date night in Downtown Dubai, but behind those words is an extraordinary dining experience. Ed and I were given the wonderful opportunity to have a taste of the authentic Northern Italian cuisine at Serafina Italian Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar

Serafina is a popular celebrity dine-out spot in New York. It is an intimate yet trendy Italian restaurant that has been welcoming famous stars like The Kardashians, Lady Gaga and Tom Cruise. It is well-loved by celebrities and non-celebrities, hence apart from its 10 locations in New York, Serafina also conquered the International scene. Today, it has branches in Moscow, Brazil, Tokyo, Mumbai and Dubai!  

Serafina Italian Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
Serafina Italian Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar

Sep 22, 2014

Fortnum and Mason Dubai: Afternoon Indulgence at The Parlour

What can make you happy on an excruciating summer day? If you ask me, I'd say ICE CREAM!!! :) So when an invitation that says "melt away your afternoon and create your own ice cream sundae" arrived in my mailbox, I immediately gave it my big fat YES! 

Honestly, my mind was all over the "create-your-own-sundae" thing and I didn't care about the rest! That's how crazy over ice cream I was. Blame it on the weather! Heheh! It was only a day before the event when I had the time to check the location map. It was then that I realized that the event I'm happily looking forward to will be at the glass-clad three-floor structure in the middle of The Dubai Mall and The Address Downtown. I have been eyeing on that pretty standalone structure ever since it was still under construction early this year! Little did I know that it is the home of Fortnum and Mason in the UAE! 

Fortnum and Mason is a luxurious shopping destination for the rich and the royals in the UK. It was established in Picadilly in 1707! That's more than 300 years ago! Today, Fortnum and Mason is a British Icon with branches all over Great Britain. The shop in Downtown Dubai is their first standalone store outside the UK.

Fortnum and Mason in Downtown Dubai

Sep 20, 2014

Parasailing in Khorfakkan Corniche: The Great Adventure in the Sky

Ed's birthday celebration has always been an adventure of a lifetime. I am not as fearless as my husband, hence it's not just him that I surprise with a ticket to adventure, but pretty much myself as well. 

We initially planned to go snorkeling as Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa's diving center offers boat trips to Shark Island. However, when we were informed that the morning trip departs at around 9am and returns to the hotel at 2pm, we changed our minds. We wanted to go on an escapade and still have hours to relax before check out time. 

I somehow dreaded the moment when I mentioned "water sports activities". Those three words created a melody to The Husband's ears. That moment, I knew that I had to prepare my physically and emotionally frail body for an adrenaline rush.

parasailing in Khorfakkan Corniche

Sep 18, 2014

A Sensory Spa Experience at 360 Health Club and Spa in Oceanic Hotel

I received a spa treatment as a surprise during our stay at Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa. Upon knowing that I'll be having an hour of pampering, I immediately booked a treatment for my husband as well. Leaving him in our hotel room while we are on a sweet escape is the least I could do, plus the fact that it was his birthday weekend. Although he said he don't need to be pampered at all, I felt he actually deserved it more than I do! 

So, at four in the afternoon, on our first day in Oceanic Hotel, we went to 360 Health Club and Spa hand in hand. 

Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa