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Jul 23, 2017

Things To Do in Manila NAIA Terminal 3 during a Long Layover

A long layover can be exciting, but it can also be dreadful. Ed and I have experienced being stuck for 16 hours inside an airport terminal because of my carelessness. We were just lucky that the "nightmare" happened in Singapore Changi Airport - the best airport in the world - which to me is a destination of its own.

But what if it happened in Manila? I could have not forgive myself for such stupidity! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit here. We still could have found ways not to get bored inside NAIA, although it is obviously not as great as Changi Airport. 

So, during my recent homecoming trip, I decided to do an experiment

In between my Domestic flight from Bacolod and International flight to Dubai was a 7-hour layover in NAIA Terminal 3. Instead of killing time at the nearest mall (We usually go to Mall of Asia.), I opted to stay inside and roam around the airport terminal!

Things to do in Manila NAIA Terminal 3

Jul 19, 2017

Summer Stay at Marriott Hotel Al Forsan

Every summer, I vow to endure the hellish heat and make the most out of the sunny days! The soaring temperature can be punishing sometimes. Well, yeah, cross that out. It is punishing most of the time. But I couldn't just stay in our room all summer long, especially when there's so much going on outside! 

So, to kick off summer this year, Ed and I headed to Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi! Our main agenda is to stay in Marriott's newest baby - Marriott Hotel Al Forsan, and to check out the latest adrenaline rushing activity in the UAE - Wakeboarding!

Marriott Hotel Al Forsan staycation

Jul 8, 2017

How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight on a Budget Airline

Last week, I flew to the Philippines (and back) via a budget airline for the 3rd time. Some of my friends couldn't help but ask why. Well, I say, why not? I don't really mind traveling on low-cost carriers, especially when I have to stretch our travel fund a little bit farther! But human as I am, I also have the tendency to compare.

Having experienced flying with some of the bests in the aviation industry, I know I'm missing a lot of things when I'm in a cheap flight. Yet I don't have the heart to loathe low-cost carriers because when I get to see the whole picture, what they offer is exactly what I paid for!

Instead of being disappointed, I learned how to make flying on a budget less excruciating. Here are some ways...

How to Survive Budget Flights

Jun 21, 2017

A Stylish and Affordable Staycation at Centro Barsha

Dubai can sometimes be overwhelming for budget-savvy travelers. With world-famous attractions and lavish hotels scattered all over the city, one can easily label Dubai as an expensive place to visit. But living here for nearly a decade, I have learned that this melting pot is not just for those who have money to burn.

Beyond the fancy lifestyle, Dubai has a string of affordable hotels fit for the new generation of travelers - basically, for those who want to see more, spend less and stay comfortable. Ed and I, being budget-conscious travelers ourselves, can pretty much relate to this!    

Here in the UAE, one of the hotel brands that we adore is Centro. It is an affordable lifestyle hotel brand of Rotana - a trusted name in the hospitality industry. We have stayed in two Centro hotels in Abu Dhabi and one in Sharjah a long time ago, and last weekend, we were in Centro Barsha in Dubai.  

Centro Barsha Hotel Review

Jun 14, 2017

How to Explore the Wonders of Siem Reap with a 3-day Angkor Pass

When you hear the word Cambodia, what do you think of? If I'm not mistaken, your mind will instantly drift to the country's most iconic temple - The Angkor Wat! The impressive world heritage site is the symbol of Cambodia; it is even depicted in the national flag!

I get flashes of the beautiful Angkor Wat whenever somebody mentions Cambodia too! It has been in my travel wishlist for so long, and I was stoked to finally able to tick it off during our recent trip to Indochina

A guide to Angkor Wat 3 day pass

Jun 11, 2017

Meet Mikel: The Greek Coffee Company

There is this new cafe in town that is giving me some serious wanderlust. Have you heard about Mikel? Their menu tells me to "enjoy your coffee romantically as in Paris, enjoy your coffee cosmopolitan as in New York, and enjoy your coffee traditionally as in Greece!" 

Oh well, Mikel has hit me the travel bug in me spot on!

Mikel Coffee Company Dubai