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Jan 18, 2017

Dubai Do-It-Yourself Tour 3 Days Itinerary

This blog post is inspired by the emails and Facebook messages I have received from blog readers who are planning to visit Dubai. Aside from FAQs like "Is Dubai safe?" and "How can I go from here to there?" , I was also asked to check DIY tour itineraries a couple of times. 

So, I thought, why not share my own 3-day Dubai DIY tour itinerary?

Dubai DIY Tour

Jan 16, 2017

Barilla Restaurant in Dubai Festival City

There's a newly opened Italian restaurant in Dubai Festival City and its name rings a bell. If you're a pasta lover, surely you have come across Barilla pasta in the supermarkets. The company behind the world's best selling pasta brand - Barilla - has opened several restaurants in New York, and now, it has arrived in Dubai!

Ed and I had the pleasure of dining in Barilla's first outlet in the Middle East last weekend. Here's how our lunch went.
Barilla Restaurant in Dubai Festival City

Jan 11, 2017

Mr. Crab Seafood Restaurant in Dubai

I have been constantly hearing about this seafood place in Al Barsha called Mr. Crab. You know me, I go crazy when I hear the word "SEAFOOD". But the thing with Mr. Crab is, it's too far from where I live. And with all those seafood places popping out nearby, I wasn't sure if Mr. Crab will be worth the journey.

But Mr. Crab has good ways of reminding me to seek out for him. First, I saw photos of my friends devouring Mr. Crab's seafood paella on my Facebook feed. Second, I stumbled onto Mr. Crab's drool-worthy Instagram posts. Third, I received an email invitation from Mr. Crab, himself, to try out the newly-launched menu. 

The third reminder had me! 

Mr. Crab restaurant Dubai

Jan 9, 2017

Cool Instagrammable Cafes in Silay

My hometown hardly welcomes big national brands in the dining scene. I'm not sad, neither worried. Silay is one of those towns that proudly holds a striking balance between growth and cultural preservation. Popular dining spots in the city weren't franchised from the metropolis. They were created by the locals for the locals! 

One of the best things I have stumbled onto during my recent homecoming is Silay's booming coffee culture. There are plenty of new cafes, each with a different style and concept. And the bonus is, in this Instagram-era, most of those cafes are visually perfect. They aren't just spots for a caffeine fix, they are gram-worthy as well!

cafes in Silay City

Jan 3, 2017

Lunch at Punong Gary's Place in Silay

Tucked in the outskirts of my hometown - Silay City - in Negros Occidental is a little piece of paradise called Punong Gary's Place. It was once a secret culinary hideaway, but because of its uniqueness, it easily became the talk of the town, the world rather! Awesome places could never remain a secret in social media; hence, I already knew about it before Ed and I went home for Christmas!

The moment we got our flight tickets to the Philippines, I immediately placed a reservation for weekend lunch. Although Punong Gary's Place has gained popularity, it remained a hideaway as it is exclusive to guests with confirmed reservation.

I received a prompt reply in their Facebook Page. Getting a reservation wasn't as hard as I thought. I excitedly noted the important details: Sunday lunch. 11am to 3pm. Table for 10. 5-course meal. 750 Pesos per person. 

750 Pesos! Yes, that is not a typo. Punong Gary's Place is quite an expensive dining spot.

Is it worth it? 

Let me show you.   

Punong Gary's Place Silay

Dec 14, 2016

The Sweetest Escapes of 2016

So, 2016 is nearly over! What? Where did the time go? 

It has been a good year for the blog. I've been spontaneously productive, and honestly, I'm quite not ready to say goodbye to the magic 2016 has brought into my blogging routine. Magic or mojo or whatever you call it, I hope it's here to stay as I love doing this... blogging, sharing travel tips and making my readers happy!

Looking at my 2016 blog archive, I realize how this year was sprinkled with surprises. Most of the sweet escapes that we had were totally unexpected!

Join me in the memory trail, will you?    

sweetest escapes of 2016