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May 21, 2015

Burj Al Arab: The World's Most Luxurious Hotel Inside and Out

2008, I came to Dubai with three things in mind: to work, to grow and to see Burj Al Arab.

According to my guide book, Burj Al Arab is only for the rich and famous. Hence, my only intention was to gaze at the sail-shaped hotel from the shore, on the same angle that I have seen in magazines, in a Filipino film and in refrigerator doors. But a few months after my arrival, a friend excitedly called to tell me she has special passes to Burj Al Arab and I can tag along for free! Of course, I did. I wouldn't miss it for the world! 

Burj Al Arab is exclusive for the hotel guests; people who can spend thousands of dirhams for a hotel stay or a lavish meal. It would be so unreasonable for Ed and I to spend our hard-earned money for a single night, so it was clear to me that it was my first and last opportunity. Unless, a kind soul would offer us special permits again.

And then, Jumeirah Restaurant Week was launched. It is an annual 10-day culinary event in restaurants of Jumeirah Group, restaurants in Burj Al Arab included. Ultimate dining experiences are offered at almost 40% lesser than regular! Still expensive, yet already reasonable! JRW started on 2012, but it was only this year that I felt I rightfully deserve the special treat! :)                 

the world-famous Burj Al Arab
the world-famous Burj Al Arab

May 17, 2015

My Five Favorite Water Parks in the UAE

Summer, the scorching hot season, is in full swing! So, how do you cool off? In the desert, this season can be so notorious that you might want to lock yourself in the room, turn the AC in full blast and lounge in the sofa with a scoop of ice cream. No sweat but poooff... there goes all your summer weekends to waste!  

In the UAE, summer means surprises (sale in shopping malls) and splashes (fun in water parks). And I'd choose the latter at any given day. As they say, collect moments not things! :) This country has the finest water parks. In fact, two of which are among the world's top 10 according to TripAdvisor!

Here are my five favorite water parks in this sunny side of the globe:

water parks in United Arab Emirates
ultimate summer destinations in the UAE

May 13, 2015

I Found SALT: The Food Truck at Kite Beach

Finally, I found SALT!

Well, I actually found it four months ago during my parents' holiday in Dubai. As we were constantly out and about, I never had the time to share that I finally found the much talked about food truck. I was introduced to SALT on Instagram by a blogger friend; Kenneth Surat - the awesome guy behind Surat Journals and The Traveling Journal Project. Since then, I wondered what's behind all the hype. I was smitten by the food truck concept and the location by the beach is definitely an add-on. 

So, one winter evening, my family went to Kite Beach with a mission. And that is... to #findSALT!  

SALT food truck at Kite Beach
SALT food truck at Kite Beach

May 5, 2015

Chez Sushi: Fresh and Funky Japanese Dishes and Custom Built Rolls

Ed and I jive along in so many things, but when it comes to Japanese food, we're worlds apart! He'd go for ramen or teriyaki as I unleash the maki monster in me. Whenever I tell him that we're going to a sushi restaurant, he would always ask if there are offerings other than sushi. He wouldn't be happy if there's none, yet he'd eat whatever I eat anyway. No choice! Haha! I'd feel a little guilty though; hence, I was really hoping I could find a good sushi place where I could meet him halfway.  

And we discovered Chez Sushi

Chez Sushi is the casual counterpart of Sho Cho - a renowned fine-dining Japanese restaurant and lounge in Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa. Both created by the same people, Chez Sushi offers excellent Japanese food that mirrors Sho Cho's finest cuisines, but in a more laid-back atmosphere.     

Chez Sushi in Dubai Marina
Chez Sushi in Dubai Marina

Apr 26, 2015

Friday Brunch at Original Wings and Rings

What can make a lady who's never ever into sports and who can live without alcohol spend a couple of hours inside a sports bar? Food! Good comfort food! :) 

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to dine at Original Wings and Rings. The name of the restaurant made me accept the invite in an instant. It sounds like a casual American bistro serving one of the best comfort food ever created... Buffalo Wings! It was only after I gave my big fat yes that I turned to Google for a little research. The info that Mr. Google gave me caught me off guard. Original Wings and Rings is a sports bar in Liberty House in DIFC with a tagline "Eat. Drink. Talk Loudly."

Of course, I was elated with the eating part. But the drinking and talking loudly? Uhmm. I have to be honest that I was scared I'd be a little out of place. 

Original Wings and Rings in DIFC
Original Wings and Rings in DIFC

Apr 17, 2015

El Sur: Spanish Tapas Lunch at The Westin Dubai

Dining out is my only refuge when my body is in dire need of another adventure. While waiting for the perfect time - sufficient funds and vacation leave approval, I'd let my taste buds explore a part of the globe by sampling a certain cuisine. And last weekend, I had a gastronomic journey to Spain without leaving the comforts of Dubai; inside a Spanish Contemporary restaurant at The Westin Dubai in Mina Sehayi called El Sur.   

El Sur at The Westin Dubai
El Sur at The Westin Dubai