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Oct 29, 2014

India: Overnight Stay in Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport

After receiving a very warm Namaste from our travel agent at Indira Gandhi International Airport, we were instantly whisked to Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport. The hotel stay is included in our tour package, so I never really bothered to do some extensive research. All I know is that we're booked for a night in a trendy hotel chain for the budget-conscious travelers who are not willing to sacrifice comfort. That's so us! :)

Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport in Delhi Aerocity
Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport in Delhi Aerocity

Oct 26, 2014

The Vibrant BubblOrange Brunch at Centro Barsha

Orange is the color that represents energy, warmth and good health. That is probably the main reason why c.Taste restaurant in Centro Barsha was brimming with a lively ambiance during the BubblOrange Brunch

It was almost two in afternoon when Ed and I arrived. Very late and terribly hungry, I was glad to see warm smiles and hear boisterous laughs as we stepped inside the restaurant. My senses immediately feasted on everything orange; the zest of the fruit and the vibrancy of the hue. The high-spirited staff jumped from one table to another, delivering the best restaurant service I have experienced so far. The whole new brunch concept is a purveyor of happiness I must say!

BubblOrange Brunch  at Centro Barsha
BubblOrange Brunch  at Centro Barsha

Oct 24, 2014

Travel Video: Our Golden Triangle Tour in India

How can you squeeze an unforgettable 4-day trip in a 4-minute video? It is difficult, especially for us amateurs! That's why it took us more than a week to publish this travel video. 
For four days, we explored three equally interesting cities in North India with our mini versatile video camera. We went home with over a hundred of clips filled with overwhelming monuments, humble abodes, good food, lovely people, and most of all hearty laughters! 

It was an amazing trip that deserves to have an amazing video! But because we still have a lot to learn on video making, we came up with this 4-minute video that we hope could give justice to the incredibility of the places we have been and the beauty of the people we have met. 

Lady and Ed in India
But first, let us take a selfie! :)

Oct 21, 2014

Chimes: Crab Fest and Dishes from the Far East

I love October! This time of the year is typically jampacked with awesomeness! :) Other than getting a year older and celebrating a journey to forever, October is filled with wonderful events. Just to name a few, there's the Oktoberfest funfair, the spooky Halloween parties and the annual Crab Fest at Chimes!  

For seafood lovers, Crab and Festival are two words that goes so well together. Think about succulent crab meat drizzled with scrumptious special sauce at a bargain price! So, the weekend after our short sweet escape in North India, Ed and I returned to Chimes; our crab haven in Al Barsha!

October Crab Fest 2014 at Chimes
October Crab Fest 2014 at Chimes

Oct 18, 2014

India: The Travel Plan and The Budget Flight

I can't remember how many times I was asked "Why?" and how many times I received a message with a "stay safe" at the end. I couldn't blame them and I am not surprised. If I was given the chance to travel to India 10 years ago, I think my naive self would tell me "don't even dare to go".     

When I was in college, during a Microbiology lecture on Delhi Belly or the Traveler's diarrhea, I said I'd never set foot in India. I perceive things differently back then. When I moved to Dubai, I discovered this strong desire to explore the world. Wanderlust! I always get the impulse to see, feel, smell and taste the unfamiliar.

After watching a series of travel shows and documentaries, my fascination for India grew. Because despite the flaws, India is beautiful! It was only this year that I felt I am ready for its incredible diversity. Call me crazy, but I was ready to experience the peace and the chaos, the revelry and the apathy, the pleasure and just in case I get hit by the dreaded Escherichia coli... the pain. 

India Gate in New Delhi

Oct 16, 2014

India: How to Get an Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival for Filipinos

We have just returned from Incredible India! :)

Ed and I, together with two of our friends, went on a Golden Triangle tour. I can't wait to blog about the memorable, mind-boggling and life-changing trip. But before anything else, let me first share how we applied and successfully secured our Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.

flight from Dubai to New Delhi
from DXB to DEL