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Oct 20, 2016

How to have a Perfect Parisian Picnic

Days after our trip, a friend asked, "What experience did you enjoy the most in Paris?" For a few seconds, I struggled for an answer because the whole trip was amazing. It's hard to pinpoint one out of the hundred beautiful memories

But after much thought, I told her "It's the Parisian Picnic!"

Parisian Picnic

Oct 18, 2016

Schengen Visa Application for Filipinos in Dubai

When planning for a trip, there are several hurdles to jump through. One of which is applying for a visa! Ed and I have been traveling once or twice a year, but we still dread visa applications - the stress in gathering all the requirements, the agony in waiting for the visa to be released, and mostly, the fear of receiving a refusal letter instead of a visa stamp!

That's why it took us awhile to visit Paris... because first and foremost, we needed a Schengen Visa! 

Oct 16, 2016

Sleek Budget Hotel in Paris

Paris is an expensive city. 

I heard that all the time, but still, Ed and I were keen on traveling to Paris on a budget. We believed that it's not impossible, we just have to make smart choices. So, when  I started looking for a place to stay for our 5-day trip, I let go of the thought of waking up a stone's throw away from the Eiffel Tower and focused on essentials - comfort and convenience at a cheap rate!

Budget Accommodation in Paris

Oct 12, 2016

Little Manila in Dubai

Little Manila captured everyone's attention when it opened in Deira last year. I was also drawn to it, but I somehow lost my interest when I saw photos of the queue outside the restaurant during its first opening week. I waited for the hype to die down, but came a downpour of negative reviews. So, I waited again. 

Now, it has been a year since Little Manila opened its doors. Most of my friends have already been there, and lately, the feedback has been good. So, a few weeks ago, I finally found myself walking in the lively Muraqqabat Road, searching for Little Manila, hoping not to be disappointed.    

Little Manila in Dubai

Oct 9, 2016

Dear Paris: A Photo Essay and A Love Letter for the City of Light

Dear Paris,

I have loved you ever since I was 10 - the first time I ever laid my eyes on you.

I was too young to know where you are exactly or how many miles you are from my little town. But, I promised myself that one day, I will be staring at your famed Iron Lady not just in my world atlas book but in real life.

I loved you more when I turned 18, when I embraced the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic and then I came to know that you are the most romantic city in the whole world.

A Love Letter for Paris

Oct 5, 2016

My Paris Bucket List


I'm in Paris! Wahhh! I'M IN PARIS! 

Sorry to sound like a broken record. I just need to type that again in all CAPS to remind myself that I'm here... for real! Ed and I arrived in The City of Light just in time for my birthday. We'll be here until our 5th Wedding Anniversary, which means we only have four days and a half to explore the city!

Honestly, I thought fours days are more than enough for Paris. But when I started researching for this trip, I realized that there are so many things to do other than seeing the Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa! Hence, in order to save time, I created a wish list which only includes the activities I'm interested in.

Paris Bucket List