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Apr 26, 2015

Friday Brunch at Original Wings and Rings

What can make a lady who's never ever into sports and who can live without alcohol spend a couple of hours inside a sports bar? Food! Good comfort food! :) 

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to dine at Original Wings and Rings. The name of the restaurant made me accept the invite in an instant. It sounds like a casual American bistro serving one of the best comfort food ever created... Buffalo Wings! It was only after I gave my big fat yes that I turned to Google for a little research. The info that Mr. Google gave me caught me off guard. Original Wings and Rings is a sports bar in Liberty House in DIFC with a tagline "Eat. Drink. Talk Loudly."

Of course, I was elated with the eating part. But the drinking and talking loudly? Uhmm. I have to be honest that I was scared I'd be a little out of place. 

Original Wings and Rings in DIFC
Original Wings and Rings in DIFC

Apr 17, 2015

El Sur: Spanish Tapas Lunch at The Westin Dubai

Dining out is my only refuge when my body is in dire need of another adventure. While waiting for the perfect time - sufficient funds and vacation leave approval, I'd let my taste buds explore a part of the globe by sampling a certain cuisine. And last weekend, I had a gastronomic journey to Spain without leaving the comforts of Dubai; inside a Spanish Contemporary restaurant at The Westin Dubai in Mina Sehayi called El Sur.   

El Sur at The Westin Dubai
El Sur at The Westin Dubai

Apr 9, 2015

Gourmet Burger Kitchen: Fresh Handcrafted Burgers in Dubai

During a spontaneous lunch in a seafood restaurant with a friend, she casually told me how much she adores Gourmet Burger Kitchen and asked if I have already tried it. When I said "no, not yet", she went on with recommendations which made me think of juicy burger patties instead of the grilled squid I was munching. It was a wonderful coincidence because on that very same day, Ed and I were invited for dinner at GBK Dubai Marina Mall branch. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, or simply GBK, was established in London by three gentlemen from New Zealand on 2001. They created an upscale burger joint with a Kiwi theme. Most people may already have gone tired of the typical burger from fast food chains and wanted something beyond the ordinary; something like the handcrafted, made to order, prime burgers loaded with fresh and interesting ingredients! So, GBK became a hit! Now, there are over 60 branches in the UK, Greece, Oman and Dubai.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Dubai Marina Mall
Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Dubai Marina Mall

Apr 6, 2015

Special Ostadi Restaurant: A Special Iranian Eatery in Dubai

I used to hate it when Ed calls to tell me he must go to Computer Street in Bur Dubai after work. I'd be stuck at home while he's running errands or else I'd go with him while wishing he'd find the right techie stuff in an instant. But, recently, I found a reason to patiently tag along every single time. 

It all happened when we took a wrong bus from Computer Street one night. We were supposed to go to an Italian fast food restaurant along Bank Street for dinner, but the bus took a left turn in Al Fahidi and halted at the bus stop near an unassuming Iranian restaurant I have heard so much about. 

Too hungry to walk to our supposed dinner venue, we found ourselves entering Al Ustad Special Kabab, also known as Special Ostadi Restaurant, for the first time. And five days later, right after Ed bought another I-don't-know-what-it-is-called piece for a computer, we happily walked to Al Fahidi, to our newly discovered gem! 

That's how good USK is, two visits in 5 days! :)  

Special Ostadi Restaurant in Dubai
Special Ostadi Restaurant in Al Fahidi

Mar 31, 2015

Itzza Pizza: Best Wood Fired Pizza in a Humble Pizzeria

Last Saturday, I discovered the one of the best wood-fired pizzas I have ever tasted in the UAE... not in a shopping mall, not in a hotel restaurant, but in a humble neighborhood pizzeria called Itzza Pizza. 

A week before the discovery, Itzza Pizza was the center of a foodie conversation between me and my blogger friends. The name rang a bell; it's not new to me as I have been stumbling across that catchy sound since my first month in Dubai. But, honestly, I thought Itzza Pizza is just another pizza chain that I can live without. Well, not until my blogger friends crazily raved about it.
And so, I read and drooled over their blog posts and excitedly looked forward to the time that I can prove it myself. 

Itzza Pizza in Dubai
Itzza Pizza flagship store in Umm Suqeim 1

Mar 29, 2015

Sushi Counter: Sushi with a Twist in Dubai

I'm such a big fan of Japanese Rolls; those artfully presented, delicately tasteful, bite-size goodies! It is one of the non-Filipino dishes I can have on my plate for consecutive days! So, when an invitation to a sushi roll tutorial and sushi tasting session popped in my inbox, the maki monster in me excitedly said yes.

So, on a Friday afternoon, I learned the art of sushi-making and devoured freshly made rolls at Sushi Counter in Sheikh Zayed Road. 

Sushi Counter is a casual dining venue with eight locations in Dubai and two in Abu Dhabi - the one in Al Raha beach is up and coming. It is where Japanese cuisine receives a distinct touch. The team's passion is to reinvent the traditional Japanese dishes by creatively infusing various cultures around the world. They launch new collections annually and introduce fresh creations based on current trends; hence diners discover something new to love each year!  

Sushi Counter in Sheikh Zayed Road
Sushi Counter in Sheikh Zayed Road