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Jul 19, 2014

Featured in The Filipino Times

If you happen to stumble across The Filipino Times Volume 1/Issue 6, turn to page 24 and you'll see... ME! Teehee. 

Lady and her Sweet Escapes is turning two next month. Two wonderful years in the Blogosphere and I'm still overwhelmed with the support I'm receiving from the Filipino community in the UAE. I am extremely blessed

The Filipino Times UAE

I get uneasy everytime I see myself in websites other than mine. So, being in a weekly paper for Filipino Expats in the UAE brought a lot of shivers and totally increased the heart rate! Yes, I'm still not used to this. I blog not to be famous, but to be an inspiration. I blog not to impress, but to express. This blog is powered by passion and not by the perks. 

Despite all the jitters, I am really glad that people appreciate what I do. I am always happy to share my story, hoping it could help and inspire others. As I always say, Lady and her Sweet Escapes is for my friends and for the anonymous readers whom I fondly call my soon-to-be-friends. 

Lady and her Sweet Escapes featured in The Filipino Times

PS. I would like to thank The Filipino Times for the feature on the Movers & Shakers section

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