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Thursday, November 8, 2012

iPhoneography: Snap Happy at Dubai Marina

I never thought I would survive a week without my camera, especially now that I'm actively blogging my weekend jaunts. I left my phone and camera chargers in our hotel room. Forgetful and foolish, I know! The housekeeping department of Kempinski Hotel safely kept my belongings until I have the spare time to travel and pick my things up. I had super hectic weekends after our mini-vacation in Ajman, so my precious camera has been sleeping for a month and I have been borrowing Ed's mobile phone charger (good thing we have the same phone model). Anyway, I survived with iPhoneography, an art of taking creative photos using the iPhone. 

Ed and I, together with my friends, went to Dubai Marina for two consecutive weekends. It is our fave chill-out spot in Dubai. There's a nice beach, a strip of restaurants along the coast line, a good view of high-rise buildings, yacht clubs and a mall nearby.  It is where we put our basic iPhoneography skills to the test. Though we have been there more than a hundred times, we were still snap crazy! Click here, there and everywhere!

We took a lot of photos, but these six are my favorites.  

Dubai Marina: at the beach

Dubai Marina: three angels

Dubai Marina Walk

Around Dubai Marina Walk

High rise buildings at Dubai Marina

Yachts at Dubai Marina

I thought it would be a disaster without my camera and I would spend weekends sulking at home, but I was wrong! Big thanks to iPhoneography,  I was able to have great pictures with or without additional filters! 

Directions to Dubai Marina via public transport:
* get off the train at Dubai Marina Metro Station
* Marina Walk and the Yacht club are just steps away from Dubai Marina Metro Station
* JBR-The Walk and the beach are quite far from the metro station, either take a cab or the feeder bus or walk for 10-15 minutes from the main road to the coastline. 



  1. maganda pa rin naman and mga kuha mo sis, na emphasize pa din how beautiful the place is..

    1. Salamat! =) I still can't wait to have my camera charger back though! =)

  2. They are indeed nice photos. I've noticed that among shutterbugs these days, they prefer putting a vintage or washed out look in photographs. I kind of prefer the full color effect, almost like looking at the real thing but only pro photographers can pull that off, I guess. :-)

    1. HI Aileen, thanks for dropping by! I love the full color too! But sometimes, vintage filter adds more drama to the photo! =)

  3. The photos are actually nice. I think that when you are really good at it, you can really take good pictures, whether you are using an iphone or a camera:)

  4. I also usually forget my camera and use iPhone instead. This is especially true when capturing sudden precious moments of my children.

  5. Great shots. iPhone is really more than just a phone as of this generation.

  6. very beautiful indeed. I wish to visit that place. :)

    From ComEx 11/6

  7. Wow you're really a good photographer indeed!



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