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Nov 21, 2012

PappaRoti: Love at first Bun!

I've been hearing great stories about PappaRoti Cafe at Dubai Mall week after week. Most of my friends went crazy for some time, while I ignored all the fuss! The cafe is just too crowded, too noisy, definitely not my ideal coffee shop. 
PappaRoti Cafe City Centre

I decided to give it a try when a friend told me that there's a less-crowded branch at Deira City Centre. A PappaRoti shop where I won't fight for a seat? hmmm sounds good to me! So, after a year, I finally gave in to the PappaRoti craze! 

PappaRoti cafe outside

Being first-timers, Ed and I spent some time choosing from the menu.

PappaRoti cafe menu
Bun and Hot Drink combo

PappaRoti cafe bun_and_cold drink combo
Bun and Cold Drink Combo

PappaRoti cafe bun at 11aed
11 AED for a bun? This bun must be something special! 

PappaRoti cafe bun options
And an option to spruce up the bun with an additional flavored syrup drizzled on top. 

PappaRoti cafe lay inthe house
We opted to have it simple, no toppings.
I ordered a combo of milk tea and bun.

PappaRoti cafe chocolate and bun
Ed had a hot chocolate and bun... and ordered another after he finished his first serving!

PappaRoti cafe another bun
Now I know why everyone went crazy over this simple-looking bun!
It is freshly baked with an aroma that tickled my senses.

PappaRoti cafe somethings special
There's something special within: a slightly salty, buttery filling, 
that compliments the creamy fluffy bun! 

The Bill:
PappaRoti cafe bill

A light snack for 2 at 67AED is quite expensive.   
But I fell in love... so hard that I would exchange any meal for a bun and tea at PappaRoti!  

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