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Nov 13, 2012

Tea Time at Share Tea

I prefer tea over coffee anytime of the day! Tea relaxes my senses, makes me feel better when I'm worried, stressed or sick. If cupcakes, pancakes and waffles are my comfort food, milk tea is my comfort drink. Recently, I dragged my husband  (literally, since he is not into tea) to ShareTea, a newly opened bubble tea shop at DCC Metro Station in Deira. 

Share Tea in Deira_City_Center Metro

Share Tea far view

ShareTea occupies a small spot at the metro station. There are few chairs for customers, but no tables. I hope they would extend their space soon and be a tea shop where one can relax after a busy day at work.

Share Tea Menu Display

Share Tea Display

Share Tea counter

The tea variations listed on the menu gave me a hard time, most are pretty interesting to try.
Rock salt is something new to me, so, I ordered Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cream!  

Share Tea menu booklet

-ShareTea 101-
The Asian girl who made my drink taught me the proper way to enjoy my drink. This process is applicable for the types with rock salt and cream toppings.

Lady's tips in  drinking Share Tea 1
1. my sealed drink
2. me and my Cocoa with Rock Salt
3. make a big perforation at the side, and a small one on the other
4. drink from the big hole and enjoy the taste of the topping 
(didn't know rock salt could go well with cream

Share Tea Lady tips
5. put the straw in and mix the remaining toppings to your drink
6. sip from the straw and savor the sweetness
7. forget about your worries and act silly (not actually a part of the process... hahaha)

Aside from drinks, ShareTea also offers something to nibble. 
Share Tea something to nibble

Taiyaki cake is a fish-shaped waffle with a yummy custard filling... so good with my cocoa drink!
Share Tea's fish_shaped waffle

Share Tea's waffle cut

The Bill:
Cocoa with Rock salt and Cream: 18 AED
additional pearls: 2 AED
Taiyaki Cake: 8 AED
Total: 28 AED

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