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Nov 10, 2012

South East Asian Night at The Californian

Ed and I declared the first week of October as No Diet Week. We both love to eat, and that week was the peak of our gastronomic escapade. We had four buffet meals in five days!!! If there's an expertise badge on Buffet Dining, I'd probably have one now! =) It all happened because my Birthday and our Anniversary fall on the same week. We had Seafood buffet on my Birthday, International buffet for breakfast and dinner on our advanced Anniversary getaway, and Asian buffet on our Anniversary night. 

We celebrated the 1st year of our blissful married life at Dusit Thani. Out of the many restaurants in the hotel, we chose to dine at The Californian because of the South East Asian theme on Monday nights.  

I used my phone's camera to take the photos. Sorry for the low quality! 
The Californian at Dusit Thani

The Californian's cozy ambiance

Lady and Ed at The Californian
The table reserved for us was near the window, overlooking Downtown Dubai. The restaurant is on the 24th floor, we had an awesome view Burj Khalifa , The Address hotel and Dubai Mall.

The Californian's dessert station
What's even more amazing? We were seated near the dessert station! Terrific! I could reach out my hand to grab a sweet or two. But of course, I was able to tame the monster with a sweet-tooth in me. 
The Californian's live cooking station
First stop on our buffet dinner was a live-cooking station for Tom Yum soup. I had the freedom to choose what I wanted on my classic Thai soup. I had it less spicy, with prawns and chicken

The Californian's salad station
And there was a table of Asian Vegetables: squash in cubes, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, string beans and some sauce. 
The Californian's appetizer
The buffet station of gourmet appetizers was beautifully arranged. Even the simple Asian starters looked so special.  
The Californian: Sushi Station
Exactly at the restaurant's entrance, there's a sushi station. All types of sushi were prepared right before my very eyes. It was the star of the buffet for me, went to this haven of California Maki twice!

The Californian: Bread
Because I have an Expert Badge on Buffet Dining (awarded it to myself, hahaha), I don't eat bread on buffets! Even a single slice can be heavy, I want my tummy to have enough space for the main course and desserts. And besides, I can eat those on regular days.
The Californian: Main Courses
The main course choices were impeccable! 
My favorites were Roasted Duck Curry and Pad Thai.  
The Californian: rice on banana leaf
The food presentation depicted the night's theme. Even the rice was served on a banana leaf! 
The Californian: desert in coconut shell
  And there was a dessert in a coconut shell !                          

The Californian: tempura fruit with chocolate
After I had the main course, I finally checked the dessert station. There was tempura fruit with chocolate dip...
The Californian: deserts
...fried bananas with grated coconut and chocolate, passion fruit jelly and assorted cakes and pastries.

I can't hardly believe I went  to the buffet table 8 times that night. I truly deserve that Expert Badge, huh?!

Here's what I had:
Clockwise: #1 shanghai rolls and three other kinds of appetizers, #2 tom yum soup, #3 coconut rice, roasted duck curry, chicken tongkatsu and pad thai, #4  fried dimsum and some veg, #5 maki, #6 another serving of pad thai, maki and dimsum, #7 three kinds of dessert, #8 steamed mango and ginger pudding

      The Californian: lady's food

The Bill:
Price for the South East Asian Buffet at The Califonian: 150 AED per person

The Californian: bill
No vouchers and no discounts. It was our Anniversary dinner date, we deserved the lavish treat. 
Dusit Thani Hotel's Lobby
The friendly staff at the concierge offered to take our photos at the hotel's lobby.  
(Don't mind our bulging tummies, we just had an 8-course meal!)
The Californian
Dusit Thani Hotel
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 

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