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Nov 16, 2012

Mexican Flair at Salsa Restaurant

I always get so giddy every Friday morning. My mind wanders outside the four corners of our room, giving strong signals to my feet to take me anywhere but here. In the Middle East, Friday is our weekend. While others laze around or do chores, Ed and I always prefer to roam, meet friends and dine out. We did all those three recently: roamed at Dubai Marina, met my friends, and dined at Salsa Mexican restaurant.  

Salsa Restaurant Dubai marina

Salsa Restaurant outside area

It was a perfect, sunny afternoon. Ed and I sat on a couch at Salsa's al-fresco dining area at the Marina Walk, sipping Iced Tea and munching nachos while waiting for my friends. I was looking at the awesome view of yachts and high-rise buildings, suddenly the fresh air was replaced with a sweet and strong Shisha (Hookah) smell. Since I didn't want to inhale oxygen with extra scents because I get dizzy often, we asked to be transferred to another table 

Salsa Restaurant couche outside

Our new spot was better, still at the restaurant's terrace. We ordered main courses and my friends arrived. But when the food was served another unexpected situation happened. There were flies, which came from nowhere, flying in circles on our table! Really gross! The perfect Friday vibe dropped to the lowest level! 

Salsa Restaurant terrace with aircon

Again, we asked to be relocated. We chose a table inside the restaurant, and everything went fine. No shisha scent, no flies... oh yes, I was happy! 

Salsa Restaurant inside area

Salsa Restaurant inside design

Salsa is well-decorated with a Mexican flair: lively, colorful and stylish.      

Salsa Restaurant interior

Salsa Restaurant wall

Good food is a must on a weekend meet-up with friends, I'm glad Salsa Restaurant did not fail us. We were served with complimentary nachos while waiting for our order. For our late lunch, we had a fish dish and the Mexican staples: tacos and fajitas. The servings were huge, good enough for 5 people to share.   

Salsa Restaurant ceiling
Freebie: warm and crispy nachos with salsa dip
Salsa Restaurant free nachos
Appetizer: cheese quesadilla served with guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes and onions

Salsa Restaurant cheese quesadilla
Deep Fried Fish: grouper fish fillet with fries and veggies on the side 

Salsa Restaurant fish fillet
La Parillada: a mix of beef and chicken fajita served with Mexican rice and beans

Salsa Restaurant La Parillada
Taco Salsa: beef topped with cheese and avocado
We all loved this!

Salsa Restaurant tacos
an extra serving of dips

Salsa Restaurant extra dip
Me, Ed and my friends having our delicious Mexican lunch
Hunger satisfied!!

Our lunch was on a promotional deal. We had 50% off the total bill because of a voucher from Cobone. Menu prices shocked me a bit, I never thought Mexican food could be that expensive. I was expecting to get a taco for 10 AED, just like in Taco Bell. Hahaha! 

Salsa Restaurant friends
Photo op with a Mexican hat before leaving the restaurant

We got our thumbs down for dining with the flies (that's 10 thumbs down), but we gave a perfect rating for the decors and food quality. Would I go back? Uhhmmm, if there's another promotion, maybe I would. I'd love to have another serving of Taco Salsa! :) 

Click here for Salsa's Mexican Restaurant menu and location.

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