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May 31, 2013

Bohol: Panglao Island Tour

A day after our Bohol Countryside Tour, we excitedly prepared for another getaway at dawn. We had a good home-cooked breakfast (Thanks again to Tita Malou, our lovely host) then we hopped on the van for a trip to Panglao Island. It was the seventh day of our family flashpack trip. A week on the road but without any trace of exhaustion on our faces! I remember, my friends used to call me "the energizer bunny" when I was in college. So, you can imagine me still on the go while others are already resting their tired feet! It was just on this family trip that I have realized that my "gallivanting energy" runs in the blood! :) 

Panglao is a beautiful island located in the southwest of Bohol. Tourists flock in the island to have the ultimate vacation which includes spelunking, beach bumming and island hopping. 

ed_and_lady's family_tour in Panglao Island Bohol

As I have mentioned in my previous post, spelunking at Hinagdanan Cave was supposed to be a part of our Panglao Tour. But since we finish our Countryside tour early, we visited it on our first day in Bohol. Hinagdanan Cave is located in the town of Dauis. The cave is made of limestone with large stalactites and stalagmites on its ceiling and with a secretly hidden green lagoon.
tour in Hinagdanan Cave Panglao Bohol

The moment we passed the cave's entrance, we were greeted by JB, a local teenager who offered to be our tour guide. He spoke English in a very funny way and threw a couple of jokes. He was so entertaining that we all agreed to let him lead our way. JB is a natural born comedian, a great tour guide and a pro photographer. Yup, he even gave us photography lessons! 

stairs in Hinagdanan Cave Panglao Island Bohol

Hinagdanan Cave is naturally lighted. There are holes on its ceiling where the sunlight passes. We have learned from JB that the cave was discovered when the land owner accidentally found a hole, in which he built a ladder to get inside. Thus, he named the cave "Hinagdanan" (in English: laddered).     

inside Hinagdanan Cave Panglao Bohol

light inside Hinagdanan Cave Panglao Bohol

family posing inside Hinagdanan Cave Panglao

Our Panglao Island tour started with a visit to the Philippines' smallest man in the town of Dauis. At the age of 66, Bayoyoy is only 2.5 ft tall. His short stature is caused by a medical condition known as dwarfism. Bayoyoy is so famous; he was featured in TV shows and even Philippine celebrities came to Bohol just to see him.   

ed_and_lady with Bayoyoy in Panglao Island Tour, Bohol

Flashpack trip day 7 was mainly for beach bumming in one of Panglao's white sand beaches. We had a day trip at Alona Tropical Beach Resort

Alona Tropical Beach Panglao Bohol

After hours of rest and relaxation at Alona Tropical Beach Resort, we ended our Bohol Vacation at Bohol Bee Farm. Our first stop was at the farm's store known as The Buzzz Shop. They are selling native souvenirs and organic products such as pastries, breads and spreads. 

tour in Bee Farm Panglao Bohol

shop in Bee Farm Panglao, Bohol

organic sandwich spread in Bee Farm Panglao

more products in Bee Farm Panglao Bohol

We tried the farm's delicious home made ice cream. I had two scoops; one avocado and one malunggay flavored! Malunggay is a green, leafy vegetable, so an ice cream in that flavor really sounds weird, but believe me it was so yummy. No wonder why Malunggay Ice Cream is Bohol Bee Farm's best seller! The ice creams were made of organic products, 100% natural, no preservative added! It's a guilt-free dessert!

Ice Cream at Bee Farm Panglao Bohol

lady with ice cream in Bee FArm

We roamed around Bohol Bee Farm and learned that it's also a resort. There are accommodations starting at Php 2,500/ night. They have a restaurant at the cliff where we caught a glimpse of Bohol's perfect sunset. 

restaurant at Bohol Bee Farm

Sunset in Bee Farm Panglao Island Bohol
sea at Bohol Bee Farm

ed and Lady in Bohol Bee Farm

We had a great time at Bohol Bee Farm. The only thing that puzzled me was that there were no bees in sight! I asked a staff before we left, she said they used to have, but all the bees died because of the climate. That was so sad to hear! Anyhow, the atmosphere at Bohol Bee Farm is so relaxing. In fact, we might consider staying at the resort for a night or two when visit Bohol next time. 

relaxing at Bohol Bee Farm

pool in Bohol Bee Farm

herbs in Bee Farm Panglao Island Bohol

ed_and_Lady happy in Panglao Island Tour Bohol

Panglao Tour Expenses:

Hinagdanan Cave: Php 15/ person
Alona Tropical Beach Resort Day Trip: Php 300/ person
Bohol Bee Farm: No entrance fee!
Homemade Ice Cream: Php 80


  1. Saya! Natawa naman ako sa 5th pic hehe. And napa-second glance ako kay Bayoyoy. I really thought he was a kid!

    1. Si JB kasi! Super kulit ng tour guide namin sa Hinagdanan. He made us do that "Walang Himala" pose! :)

  2. I love how Panglao can be enjoyable and so private at the same time.

  3. oh, i love the place...the sea, cave, organic veggies...kakainggit! i like to visit Panglao
    i enjoyed gazing your photos, especially the hammock pic hahaha

  4. Oh, the place is beautiful! Lovely pics!Hey, when you come back, consider visiting the Sagada caves too :)

  5. This is the first time I heard of Bayoyoy, maybe we'll visit him next time we go to Bohol. I loved swimming in Hinagdanan cave the first time I ever visited it. When I went back a few years ago, it didn't look as magnificent as it used to. We also missed visiting the Bohol Bee Farm and I'm also thinking about spending a night or two there next time. Love your fun photos :)

  6. It's More Fun in the Philippines talaga! Our country really has a lot to offer!

  7. I wish I had the budget for travel, even if it's just within the country. There's so many sights and wonders to see. You're blessed with such opportunities. It's like touring na rin when I read your blog posts. :-)

  8. i wish i could visit Bohol as well.. good for you as you have a chance to visit beautiful places


  9. As usual, I was entertained by the great photos that you have here. Really breath taking views and you can very well experience the beauty of nature. There's a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines that I haven't seen yet. I hope I could do it really soon. :) Thanks for the tour!

  10. great photos and adventure, sis! para na rin akong nakapunta dun! nice! sarap siguro pumunta sa Bohol, noh? thanks for sharing! :-)

  11. Great adventure! i think it is really more fun if you go on a trip like this with the whole family. Sarap mamasyal! Great photos by the way.

  12. this is the one we missed.. the panglao tour.. huhu i miss bohol already.. hehe it is so nice to relax and enjoy life for a while :)

  13. I am so glad that you enjoyed your visit here in Panglao. Natimingan na high tide ang visit nyo sa Alona Tropical. Btw, the owner of Alona Tropical won the Mayorty position last election.

  14. i have been to panglao twice and i say the powdery sand is comparable or even better than most beaches :)

  15. Good evening... May I know the contact number of your tour guide and how much did he charge you? thanks much

    1. Hello Yani! A friend toured us around Bohol, we only paid for the entrance fees. :)