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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bohol: Day Trip in Alona Tropical Beach Resort

Flashpack Trip day 7 was a day of pure rest and relaxation! We spent almost 7 hours lying on the pristine white sand, swimming in the clear blue waters of Panglao Island and just watched the day go by. Panglao Island in Bohol have wonderful beaches that are pretty much as beautiful as Boracay, minus the huge crowd. There is a public beach in the island, but since we wanted to spoil ourselves and experience a tiny bit of luxury that Panglao can offer, we looked for a resort that can accommodate day trippers. Bohol Beach Club was our top choice. Sadly, BBC was closed for renovation, so we headed to Alona Tropical Beach Resort instead. With the words "tropical" and "beach" on its name, Alona Tropical Beach resort sounded like PARADISE! 

Alona Tropical Beach Resort Bohol

We arrived at 10:00 am, happily hopped off the van and approached the reception desk of Alona Tropical Beach Resort. We were greeted by a staff and surprisingly heard a you-are-not-welcome-here speech! He blabbed about the negative side of day tripping in the resort. His speech goes like: "You can't use the pool. There are no washrooms for day trippers. There are no cottages. You can go the public beach instead! I can arrange a van service for you." 

What we heard was way too far from the warm Filipino hospitality that our country boasts! But no, we didn't made a U-turn! We all just stared at him and said "We are staying!" Why? Because Alona Tropical Beach Resort is perfect!!! We wouldn't let anyone deprive us from enjoying a beautiful sunny day in paradise! 

inside Alona Tropical Beach Bohol

building at Alona Tropical Beach Bohol

On our way to the beach, we passed by a lovely nature trail. There is a souvenir shop across the reception area, a swimming pool that we were not allowed to use and a little zoo. 

way to Alona Tropical_Beach_Resort Bohol

pool at Alona Tropical Beach Resort Bohol

zoo at Alona Tropical Beach Resort Bohol

The beach!!! Oh, the beach looked so divine; fine white sand, blue waters and palm trees along the shore! There are no cottages, yet there are sunbeds! Most sunbeds were not taken when we arrived, so we were able to reserve three for the family. 

ed_and_lady at Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol

sunbeds at Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol

stones at Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol

side at Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol

We walked along the shore, spent some quiet quality time, basked under the sun and enjoyed the beach. Seven hours of rest and relaxation in Alona Tropical Beach Resort was rejuvenating!  

beautiful Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol

jumpshot at Alona Tropical Beach Resort Bohol

ed_and_lady_sweet at Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol

goodtimes at Alona Tropical Beach Resort Bohol

running at Alona Tropical Beach Resort Bohol

When lunch time came, we went to the resort's restaurant. Baybayon Restaurant is located along the shores of Alona Beach. The restaurant is rustic! There are antique decors, wooden furniture and rattan chairs. We dined al fresco and savored the balmy summer breeze while feasting on seafood.

restaurant at Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol

inside Alona Tropical_Beach Resort's restaurant Bohol

family_dining at Alona Tropical Beach Resort Bohol

What we had at Baybayon Restaurant: 
calamares Alona Tropical_Beach Resort's restaurant Bohol
Calamares Curry: sliced squid in light curry sauce
fish_seet_and_sour at Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol
Fish Sweet and Sour: fried Tanguige in sweet and sour sauce
shrimps at Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol
Camaron Rebosado: deep fried battered shrimps served with chili garlic sauce
ice_cream at Alona Tropical Beach Resort Bohol
Strawberry Ice Cream
frappe at Alona Tropical_Beach Resort Bohol
Cappucino Frappe

We had an awesome day trip at Alona Tropical Beach Resort. The resort is so beautiful. I could give a 10/10 rating if only we didn't had that incident at the reception area! Day trip has a very reasonable rate is of Php 300/person. The Php 300 fee is consumable and was just enough for our seafood lunch and coffee break.

Alona Tropical Beach Resort
Barangay Talawa, Panglao Island
Bohol, Philippines 

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  1. wow, ang ganda naman diyan! and the food, looks really yum, sis! the reception staff sounded weird, though! instead of welcoming you, ganun pa greetings niya, tsk tsk! :-O

  2. the beach is so inviting, gandaaaah...hahaha
    sarap din ng food!

  3. The place is really good. I've been here in Bohol for more than 2 years but haven't visited the place yet, I mean inside :) But I have been in the same beach several time since it is public :)

    When it comes to hospitality, the Dumaluan staff are commendable, they are very accommodating.

    1. Hi Mylene, I also want to try Peacock Garden next time. I heard super ganda daw. :)

  4. i miss Alona beach badly.. huhuhu its so nice!

  5. your pictures are so nice.. make me want to visit the place.. maybe I be able to go there end of this year.

  6. So pwede naman pala mag day tour? Why did the staff say that? Hmm.. not very welcoming though. I hope they won't lose visitors because of this unfriendly behavior.

    1. Maybe because we're locals! I don't really know, but we noticed that he was courteous to foreign guests.

  7. I haven't been to Bohol and would love to go someday!! Thanks for this great post and I'll sure keep in mind Alona Beach Resort!

    Grace @ Sandierpastures dot com

  8. Bohol is really a beautiful place to relax and unwind.. :)

  9. How much was for the day tour? The staff sounds really rude. I think i'll stick with PINR if i choose a day tour. You can use a lot of amneties, pools, beach, manmade island, jacuzzis, and a cave to explore. It looks pretty. Too bad the staff was so rude to you

    1. Day trip costs Php 300/person. How much does it costs at PINR? :)


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