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Jun 27, 2013

Breakfast Date at Social House

Ed and I were at The Dubai Mall for breakfast and a little sale shopping two weekends ago. We normally spend lazy Friday mornings at home, but that weekend was an exception due to my craziness over Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale! Well, it was more of a need than a want as I only have few more sprays left on my VS Bombshell. I badly need to purchase a new scent before the mall gets crowded and while there's still enough stocks on sale. :) 

So, it went out as planned. I had my VS goodies before I had breakfast! Crazy eh! I know, I know! I'm just lucky to have a very supportive husband who endured the pangs of hunger while I was at Victoria's Secret for almost an hour, just for a perfume, a lotion, and a lippie! :)  Okay, enough of the girly stuff. Let's talk about breakfast! 

Social House in The Dubai Mall

Ed and I finally tried the best-looking restaurant at The Dubai Mall. We have been planning to dine at Social House ever since it opened, but we always end up in another restaurant! Social House is so posh and so pretty! It looks homey but very sosyal and just for sosyals (Filipino slang for something classy and expensive and for someone rich and sophisticated). Heheh! With the restaurant's tagline "Eat, Drink, Socialize", it seems like a restaurant for the in-crowd; the kind of group which I don't really think we belong in.  :)

decors at Social House

Social House has a warm yet classy ambiance

Social House's beautiful interior

So finally, that weekend morning, we firmly decided to dine at Social House and have the breakfast favourites. The prices on the menu are quite expensive for breakfast. While ordering, I did hope that everything will be worth the price! Anyhow, a weekend morning date seldom happens for Ed and I, so I guess the splurge is somehow acceptable. 
breakfast menu at Social House

Our morning drinks were served in tall glasses, each with a tiny chocolate cookie on the side. Ed had caramel latte and it was hazelnut mocha for me. It was a big YES for our coffee, definitely worth every Dirham! My drink was in 3 delicious layers; creamy froth drizzled with chocolate syrup on top, followed by a light mocha and hazelnut concoction and a strong coffee and chocolate mixture at the bottom. I couldn't speak for Ed's latte though, but he liked it. So, I bet it's delicious as well. 

breakfast drinks at Social House

Then came our breakfast... our super duper WOW breakfast! The breakfast favourites were beautifully served! Ed had truffle creamy Scrambled Eggs served with rustic bread toast, turkey bacon, rocket salad and mushroom, cherry tomato and herbs side dish. He was so happy with his choice! 

big breakfast at Social House

Ed and his big breakfast at Social House

I had mixed forest mushroom, cheese and fine herb three egg omelette with chicken sausage. Just like Ed's choice, my breakfast also had bread toast, rocket salad and mushroom, cherry tomato and herbs on the side. The omelette was cheesy, gooey and very very tasty! I also like the salad dressing. It wasn't my fave classic vinaigrette, it was mild tangy and a little sweet; twice as delicious as my favorite dressing!

lady's choice of breakfast in Social House

lady in Social House

And while having a lovely breakfast date, we enjoyed this great view of Burj Lake and tall skyscrapers at Downtown Dubai. It definitely went down on our record as "the best weekend breakfast in Dubai". Let's see if something can top that in the coming months. :)

view from Social House

No wonder why people love to "eat, drink and socialize" at Social House. The food is superb, the ambiance is very warm and fancy at the same time. It is not just a great spot to dine and socialize, it also has a comfortable nook for people who just want to have a wonderful meal with a loved one. Social House serves insanely delicious breakfast everyday; 9 am to 12 noon on weekdays and 9 am to 1 pm during the weekend.

Breakfast for Two:
Hazelnut Mocha: 23 AED
Caramel Latte: 23 AED
Truffle Creamy Scrambled Eggs: 42 AED
Forest Mushroom Omelette: 42 AED
Total: 130 AED

Social House
The Dubai Mall
Lower Ground Floor


  1. You and your hubby definitely had a great breakfast there! =) Lovely couple...

  2. the place is vintagey and nostalgic, the color combination is laid back and relax :) plus the food - that beautiful presentation of fresh produce and hot just-off-from-the-pan omellete! - oh goodness!

  3. Nice weekend at Dubai Mall. I think we've been to Dubai Mall but I can't remember it right. Social House is sosyal nga. But then, if you can afford it once in a while, why not?

  4. wow, yummy breakfast indeed! coupled with lovely view, perfect morning date! :-)

  5. That looks a very delicious and lovely breakfast! Seeing your photos, I wish I can also enjoy those perks in life- eating out. :)

  6. Just added you through G+. I am surprised to read about you - kalahing Med Tech pala kita, wow! Wala na nga lang ako sa pratice - I am busy working with my three children, house works and the bakeshop, plus church service. I am missing the Bacteriology section most =) Pasensya ka na masyado ko natuwa na MedTech ka.

    MomMy Hanny

    1. Hi Ms Hanny! Sayang, balik ka sa Laboratory life. The world needs more Med Techs. Heheh. It's not too late. :)

  7. I also love hazelnut on my brewed coffee...yum! That is a sumptuous breakfast. And the place is so homey, I have to agree. It's a place that when you first enter it, you kind of like gush about it. :-)

  8. Yum! Breakfast sure looked delicious. The servings were hefty as well that it would have suited me fine for lunch.

  9. Buti hindi kayo tumataba with all the yummy food you've been having, hehe :) Looks intimidating nga, good thing you didn't let it stop you from having a great time :)

  10. that was a superb breakfast, grabe the serving is weighty
    i like your omelette, lots of cheese...delicious

  11. Wow! Another food trip! I wish I can experience all that, kaso wala budget eh, hehehe

  12. wow! VS, i wish there is a victoria secret boutique in the mall too.. by the way the foods are yummy..I am sure i can finish two plates of it..hehehehe


  13. More fun and memorable moments like this with the hubby! :)

  14. wow wow wow! the place looks so divine! XD i hope i could visit dubai one day.. XD

  15. This is something I really missed before we had a son. Un dalawa lang kayo and you can do everything without worrying someone is waiting at home. But nevertheless, having a son is worth everything. Enjoy moments like this. By the way, the egg omelette looks so yummy. Kanina ko pa actually bina-balikbalikan un photo, haha.