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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Things-To-Do When You're Stuck In Changi Airport

This is a continuation of The 19-hour Travel Nightmare post. 
To better understand my story, click here first! :)

On our second lay-over in Singapore, Ed and I spent the night at Ambassador Transit Hotel just as planned. When I woke up the next day, I hoped the travel nightmare was merely just a nightmare. Then, reality came rushing and slapped me on the face! We're stuck in Changi Airport!! Ouch!  So, you think Ed and I would sulk at the corner, weeping and drying each other's tears? Nope, we're better than that! We came up with a Plan B! :) We grabbed some guide books and created an epic impromptu itinerary INSIDE Changi Airport!
Things to do in Changi Airport Singapore

Singapore's Changi Airport Guide

Singapore's Changi Airport is one of the bests in the world! In fact, it is considered to be a five star airport and has won several awards, including "The Best Airport in Asia". Let me show you why you don't need to worry when you're stuck at Changi Airport for hours. 

Watch. Play. Create.
watch a tv show or surf the net in Changi Airport Singapore
watch a TV show or browse the net at Xperience Zone
make an e-postcard in Changi Airport Singapore
Make an e-postcard...
Ed and Lady's e-postcard in Changi Airport Singapore
...and send it to your loved ones. 
play a game in Multitouch Screen in Changi Airport Singapore
Game on!
play a puzzle in Changi Airport Singapore
Puzzled what to do next? Do some puzzles...
watch a movie in a movie theater in Changi Airport Singapore
or watch a movie instead!
make a piece of art in Changi Airport Singapore
Make a piece of art...
Lady's finished art in Changi Airport Singapore
Voila! Stuck yet happy at Changi!

Garden Hop!
map of Different Gardens in Changi Airport Singapore
Follow the Garden Trail
Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2 Changi Airport Singapore
Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2
Lady in Sunflower Garden, Changi Airport Singapore
It's a great day in Singapore despite of it all!
BAmboo Garden at Terminal 2, Changi Airport Singapore
Bamboo Garden at Terminal 2
Cactus Garden at Terminal 1, Changi Airport Singapore
Cactus Garden at Terminal 1
Butterfly Garden at Terminal 3, Changi Airport Singapore
Butterfly Garden at Terminal 3
Butterflies inside Changi Airport Singapore
I've never seen butterflies inside an airport. Only at Changi!

Relax. Unwind. Rejuvenate. 
swimming pool in Changi Airport Singapore
Tired? You can lounge by the pool at Terminal 1...
Lady having a foot massage in Changi Airport Singapore
.... or get a foot massage!
snooze lounge in Changi Airport Singapore
You can also take a short nap at the Snooze Lounge!

Kaya toast and a cup of coffee in Changi Airport Singapore
start your day right with a Kaya toast and a cup of coffee
Singaporean Meal at Changi Airport Singapore
have an authentic Singaporean meal at Prima Taste
Mee Siam, Lakse and Hainanese Rice in Changi Airport Singapore
left to right: Mee Siam, Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice
Lady and het her authenthic Singaporean Food in Changi Airport Singapore
Mine! All mine!
Chili Crab in Changi Airport Singapore
crispy soft shell chili crab 

Being stuck in an airport may sound horrible, well not if you're in Changi! I departed Singapore and arrived in Dubai with a relaxed mind and a smile on my face! Oh and a happy pocket too as all attractions are free and the food are very affordable! :) I do love Changi Airport, but once is enough. Never again shall I spend 19 long hours inside an airport terminal. I've learned a lesson from the travel nightmare that I have created myself. I hope you did as well. 


  1. Sayang, we did not roam around Changi Airport the last time we went to Singapore. What is also admirable are the employed senior citizens who are given the opportunity to still work and earn some cash for themselves.

  2. That was a very good alternative after you failed from plan A. I didn't realized that there are so much to do in Changi Airport. That airport is simply amazing. World class! :)

  3. wow... parang staycation lang but only so much better. kudos to you and your husband for not wallowing inside your hotel room. haha! sulit nga naman because you were able to explore the attractions the airport had to offer.

  4. wow! parang hindi naman boring ma stranded sa changi airport maraming dapat gawin.. the place is worth exploring...

  5. Wow! Now, that's a great airport. Truly made to make travellers at ease even if they get stuck there. Lots of activities, even my kids won't get bored.

  6. With all the attractions they have right inside the airport, it looked like you had a free tour also. :-) Not really that bad being stuck for hours seeing that there are so many things to keep you entertained.

  7. Is it all for free? I like Plan Bs, most of the time, it outdo the Plan A.

    1. Yes, there are no fees for the attractions. :)

  8. Ayun naman pala, lots of free activities to explore while stuck in Changi. Siguro kung kami yun, natulog lang kami. hehe. thanks for sharing this (mis)adventure with us!

  9. wow naman! okey lang din pala ma stuck sa Changi Airport! Marami pa ring happenings! :)

  10. Ay ang sarap all your food! You had fun after all - yay! Hmm, I wonder what would have happened if you were stuck in the NAIA? :P

  11. Not bad na din sis. Changi Airport is full of sites to see and for free pa. I will keep this all in my mind. As if we will travel to Singapore no. Hehe

  12. i was waiting for this post hihi! so, eto pala nangyari sa inyo when you were stuck in Changi Airport. Not bad after all. and all free! so nice! looks like you really enjoyed your stay inside the airport. I remember when we went to Singapore, i was in awe at how beautiful their airport was. although we were not able to roam around, i knew it was nice. and your pictures and this post proved my assumption. thanks for sharing! :-)

  13. Wow! i dont know that SG has a nice aiport, hindi pa kasi ako nkakapunta. hehehe


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