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Aug 11, 2012

A Magical Day at Disneyland Hong Kong

It was a rainy day when we arrived in Hong Kong. We were supposed to visit Disneyland Park right after we have checked in at Hollywood Hotel, but due to the rain showers, we decided to do it the next day. Though I have made a travel itinerary for our entire HK trip, it was flexible enough to handle misadventures, bad weather in this case. And so, Mr. Golden Sun finally showed up on our second day in Hong Kong, the day when all my childhood Disney Dream was fulfilled!

Since we stayed at Disneyland's Hollywood Hotel, we took the free shuttle bus from the hotel to the park. It was a 5-10 minute ride.
Ed and Lady Excited going to Disneyland Hongkong

I have felt the magic even outside the park!  I can't stop myself from doing child-like hops on our way in.
Ed and Lady at Disneyland Hongkong

The park's main entrance is quite far from the bus and train station, but we were entertained by the sights and sounds. Mickey and friends are everywhere, from the fountain, benches to park lamps. Disney songs can also be heard in the entire park.
Pose at Disneyland Hongkong

My Prince and I at the castle. My fantasy of being a Disney Princess was fulfilled.
Famous Disneyland Castle at Disneyland Hongkong

I love you Mickey! 
Here's a photo op with Mickey and Minnie. We queued for 30 minutes just to have this picture! 
Mickey and Mini in Disneyland Hongkong

One of the attractions is Adventureland, wherein we rode a wooden boat and traveled though an exotic jungle. 
Adventure Land at Disneyland Hongkong

Mad Hatter Tea Cups, a fun family ride at Fantasyland
Mad hatter Tea at Disneyland Hongkong

large bowl of rice toppings for lunch
Tip: buy a 3 in 1 meal ticket which only costs HK$125 , you will get 2 full meals in a restaurant of your choice and 1 drink or 1 popcorn for snacks
Having lunch at Disneyland Hongkong

 Small World is a mini around-the-world trip. Dolls in different national costumes dance and sing the song "It's a Small World after all" in different languages.   
Small world at Disneyland Hongkong

Tomorrowland is a space-themed attraction which features thrilling rides.
Tomorrowland  at Disneyland Hongkong

The Golden Mickeys is a show which features our all-time favorite Disney characters. 
The Golden Mickey at Disneyland Hongkong

Flights of Fantasy parade along Main Street
I got the chance to dance with the Disney Royalties!
Flights of Fantasy Parade at Disneyland Hongkong

It was October when we visited Hong Kong. Disneyland had two parades that time, "Flights of Fantasy" in the afternoon and a scary Halloween parade at night. 
Halloween parade at Disneyland Hongkong

Sleeping Beauty's castle was even more beautiful at night!
Sleeping Beauty's castle at night in Disneyland Hongkong

Disney in the Stars fireworks display was such a treat! A great way to end my magical day in Disneyland.
Fireworks to end the day at Disneyland Hongkong

Expenses (per person):

Standard Day Ticket - HK$ 399
3 in 1 meal ticket -HK$ 125

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