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Aug 31, 2012

Breakfast at Tim Hortons

Our cruise trip was cancelled a day before Eid Al Fitr (a Muslim holiday). At 7:30am, I was already wide awake and on a holiday-mode. Wondering what else to do on a non-working day, I remembered having Tim Hortons' gift vouchers from my cousin. FYI, Tim Hortons has been our latest favorite cafe and bake shop for afternoon coffee breaks. I have been dying to try their breakfast sandwiches. That once-in-a-blue-moon moment, a holiday without any plans, turned out to be the right time for us to check what Tim's can offer for breakfast.

Ed and I headed to the train station and rode a train to Financial Center, where the nearest Tim Hortons cafe is located from our place.
view of Financial Metro Station
Financial Center Metro station and Sheikh Zayed Road's skyscrapers

Happy face going to tim Hortons Cafe Dubai
Excuse my silly face! I was just too happy to be at Timmy's for breakfast! :)

The cafe was already half-full when we arrived. We ordered egg & sausage biscuit breakfast sandwich, hash browns, a small box of timbits and upgraded our drinks to hot chocolate instead of brewed coffee.  For us, Tim's hot chocolate is the best and also the cheapest (not counting Mcdonald's in). The hash browns are quite small but tastes good, far better than the usual fast-food type. Though my husband said the secret ingredient might be MSG, I think it is some herb or some special spices.
Food at Tim Hortons Dubai

We are number 1 fans of Tim's biscuit ever since. For breakfast, it is perfect with sausage, egg and cheese. A good replacement for our usual wheat bread sandwich.
Tim Hortons' biscuit with sausage, egg and cheese

For dessert, we had donut holes or the Timbits.
Timbits at tim Hortons Dubai

The cafe also offers fresh baked goodies like croissants, bagels, donuts and muffins.
croissants, bagels, donuts and muffins at Tim Hortons

croissants at Tim Hortons

We spent an hour lounging at the cafe's comfy couches, reading the paper and having our usual chitchat while having breakfast.
Enjoying in Tim Hortons

It's a perk that Tim Hortons' branch at Sheikh Zayed Road is located near the metro station and with a good view of Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower.
View of Sheikh Zayed from Tim Hortons

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