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Aug 12, 2012

Hong Kong: Ocean Park

Ocean Park in Hong Kong is for the little girl inside me who loves going to Zoos and for my husband who is into everything extreme. The park is 2 in 1, it has cute and educational attractions, as well as fierce and adrenaline-rushing rides.

Directions to the park and expenses are at the end of this post.

Friendly park staff are more than willing to take your pictures at the main entrance, just as long as you pose for their official camera too! The moment you enter the park, in mere 5 minutes, your photos are already in tacky, expensive souvenirs you'll have to buy, but of course you can decline.
Ed and Lady in Ocean Park Hongkong

The park is divided into two. You can explore the other side by cable cars or train. I'm not sure if there are buses as well. We rode the cable car to the "thrilling rides area" and took the train back to the "educational area".
Cable Car in Hongkong Ocean Park

My husband is a dare devil and I am the exact opposite. He tried almost all the rides, while I sat on a bench doing what I love to do in theme parks, eating park food!

Ed in extreme rides at Ocean-Park Hong kong

Lady eating food at Hongkong Ocean Park

Make sure to check the park schedule for shows and be at the area 15 minutes before the scheduled time if you want to get good seats.
Stars of the show: seals and dolphins.  
seals at Ocean Park Hong kong

Dolphins at Ocean Park Hong kong

My first Panda encounter!
Panda at Ocean Park Hong kong

Jelly Fishes at Ocean Park's Marine World
jelly fishes at Ocean Park Hong kong

In Ocean Park, the entrance fee gives you access to everything. So, ride-all-you can til you faint and see-all-you-can til you learn. 
Lady at Ocean Park Hongkong

Directions to Ocean Park via public transport:
- Citybus Route 629 takes you to Ocean Park from Admiralty Metro Station or Central (near Star Ferry)
- bus transportation starts at 9 am until 4 pm, in 10 minutes interval
- route and schedule might have changes, so please do check Ocean Park's website as well

-Bus Fare - HK$ 10.6 for adults, HK$ 5.3 for children
-Ocean Park entrance: HK$ 280 for adults, HK$ 140 for children
Travel Tip: Airport Express Tourist Pass have discount coupons inside the kit, there's a 10% discount for Ocean Park's entrance fee  

*Food expenses depend on where you eat. The park has fine dining restaurants where food is expensive and the queue is long during lunch time. We ate in a food stall which offers submarine sandwiches. Sorry, I can't remember the exact price, I think it was around HK$ 30-50 per person.

Here's our entire Hong Kong Adventure itinerary.

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