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Aug 11, 2012

Friday Night at Bob's Fish and Chips

Bob's Fish and Chips is a little, cozy restaurant in Dubai Marina. I have never heard of Bob's before, but a website which offers discount vouchers had a promotion for the restaurant, so my husband Ed and I gave it a try.

I was craving for prawns that night, so I had grilled tiger prawns with salad. There are four jumbo prawns in a serving, good enough for one. 

Who eats steak in a seafood restaurant? My husband did! Out of the blue, he ordered prime steak which looks delicious but tastes ordinary. It comes with a baked potato by the way.

We should have ordered their specialty, fish and chips, and we might have been more satisfied but it was worth a try. Thanks to the discount vouchers, we just paid 60 AED, definitely cheap for a dinner in Dubai Marina.

Meal for two: 
prices without the discount 

Grilled Tiger Prawns - 46 AED
Prime Steak - 48 AED
Small Water - 5 AED
7 up - 8 AED

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