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Oct 12, 2012

Asian Delights at The Noodle House

Out of all the Asian Restaurants in Dubai, The Noodle House at Burjuman Centre is on top of my list. It is very close to my heart, not just because they serve cuisines from South East Asia (where I am from), but also because I had memorable times spent at the restaurant. 

Whenever we dine at  The Noodle House, I can't help but reminisce Ed's first day in Dubai 3 years ago and my Parent's first day of vacation 2 years ago. I can still remember how Ed was raving about the roasted duck the first time he tasted it. We even asked for another set of duck pancakes and hoisin sauce. I remember my parents' happy faces during our family lunch, though they were on jet lag. I'm not sure if those smiles were caused by our reunion or by the delicious lunch we devoured. 

Lunch at The Noodle House has been a part of the "warm welcome" for my VIP guests. Because they are too special, their first meal in country should be perfect. It has also been a venue of our spontaneous dates. It is the first restaurant that pops to my head whenever we are at Burjuman Centre. We never get tired of their sumptuous Asian dishes. As a matter of fact, we came back recently for our all-time favorites.

Let me show you the reasons why I love The Noodle House. 

The Noodle House Restaurant in Burjuman Mall, Dubai
a relaxing setting for lunch that turns into a romantic spot for dinner

Order Pad at the Noodle House Restaurant in Burjuman Mall, Dubai
the cute noodle pen and "tick-what-you-want" order pad

Roasted Duck at the Noodle House Restaurant
my all-time fave: Roasted Duck - Singapore style with hoisin sauce 

Egg fried rice and pancake wraps at the Noodle House
Egg Fried Rice and
Pancake wraps for the Roasted Duck

Curry Laksa at the Noodle House
another favorite: Curry Laksa with chicken and prawns

Peanuts and Chili Flakes at the Noodle House
chopped peanuts and chilli flakes for the Laksa

Asian Spices at the Noodle House Restaurant
Asian Spices

view from the Noodle House Restaurant at Burjuman Shopping Mall
the view from the restaurant
Who wouldn't love this?

Ed and lady at the Noodle House
Ed and I (in my Noodle House Bib, in case things get messy)
Don't we look so satisfied with our delicious lunch?
The Bill:
Roasted Duck - Quarter: 45 AED
Curry Laksa - Small: 40 AED
Egg Fried Rice: 20 AED
Water - 1.5L: 13 AED

Because I reminisced too much, let me also share my precious memories.

Ed First Lunch in Dubai at the Noodle House Restaurant in Burjuman Mall
2009 - Ed's first lunch in Dubai

Welcome lunch for my parents at the Noodle House
2010 - welcome lunch for my parents

I am looking forward for more great moments with good food at The Noodle House!
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