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Oct 30, 2012

Hearty Breakfast at Cafe Kranzler

After a morning swim at the beach and a walk on the shore, we're back at Cafe Kranzler for a hearty breakfast. Just like our dinner, the buffet breakfast was a part of the deal we purchased at Cobone. At 9am, Cafe Kranzler was full, we never felt unattended though. Since we had our dinner in the terrace, we requested for a table inside the restaurant for a change of view. The manager asked us to wait in the lobby, and in less than 2 minutes we were escorted to a table near the buffet.

Breakfast choices were of large variety, mostly were breakfast staples. Everything were served simple, except for the yogurt in fancy glasses (which I totally adored by the way). 
Cafe Kranzler Morning Buffet
the wide-spread buffet

Cucumber juice at Cafe Kranzler
fresh cucumber juice

Fruit Cubes at Cafe Kranzler
fruit cubes

Panettone and Waffles at Cafe Kranzler
panettone and waffles

Cold Cuts Cafe Kranzler
cold cuts

Chef in action at Cafe Kranzler
a chef in action, making all types of egg dishes 

Cereals and nuts at Cafe Kranzler
cereals and nuts

Pork at Cafe Kranzler
This was a surprise... they served pork! 

Bread and spreads at Cafe Kranzler
bread and spreads: peanut butter, butter, honey and jams

Yogurt at Cafe Kranzler
I thought that was a dessert in a cocktail glass, but it was yogurt with fruit bits! 

ed at Cafe Kranzler
Ed and his plate of omelette

Lady at Cafe Kranzler
me and my buffet plate#1

Plate 1 at Cafe Kranzler
Plate #1: vegetable salad with vinaigrette dressing, small slices of mackerel,
bacon and ham

Plate 2 at Cafe Kranzler
Plate #2: potatoes, a piece of beef sausage, two chicken sausages, fried rice,
and because I was curious, I took small pieces of century egg & thousand years egg 

Plate 3 at Cafe Kranzler
#3 in bowl: cereals, almond flakes and choco chips in low fat milk

Plate 4 at Cafe Kranzler
Plate #4: cookie, waffles with maple syrup, white chocolate chips, strawberry sauce
 and some almond

Yogurt in a glass at Cafe Kranzler
#5 in a fancy cocktail glass: a pretty serving of yogurt with strawberry

Cafe Kranzler's Breakfast Buffet is 95AED per person. As I have mentioned, our overnight stay was with the free breakfast and dinner for only 500AED. It was an amazing offer from Kempinski Hotel Ajman! We might purchase this deal again, if the promotion returns next year. :)

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