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Oct 7, 2012

Yas Island Trip Tips

I have been posting about our getaway at Yas Island for 2 weeks. To end the series, I want to share some tips which I haven't mentioned on my previous posts. Yes, I've been saving the best for last.

Yas Island in Abu Dhabi
Yas Island: Abu Dhabi's Leisure Zone

Tip #1: getting to Yas Island via Public Transport

Road tripping to Yas Island from Dubai via the public bus is easy as 123. At Al Ghubaiba bus station in Dubai, we rode the E01 bus to Abu Dhabi. Bus fare is 25AED. 

Fare going to yas Island Via Public Transport

After 2 hours, we arrived at the Abu Dhabi Main Bus Terminal. To go to Yas Island, there are two options: take a taxi cab for 60AED or more, or take the public bus for only 2 AED. 

Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal

We were not on a rush, so we decided to take the frugal way: via the public bus. From the bus terminal, we crossed the pedestrian overpass to the bus stop along the main road. Then, we checked the bus schedule and routes. Bus #180 and 185 goes to the Yas Plaza Hotels, where Radisson Blu and other hotels are. 

Walking at the over pass going to the bus Stop to Yas Island

Tip #2: Stay for a night

You can explore Yas Island for a day, but if you opt to have more time for rest and relaxation, then book an overnight stay at one of the hotels at Yas Plaza. 

Hotels in Yas Island
Yas Plaza Hotels: Rotana, Centro, Crowne Plaza, Staybridge, Park Inn and Radisson Blu
Radisson Blu at Yas Island Abu Dhabi
Radisson Blu at Yas Plaza

Tip #3: get discounts on Ferrari World official photos or get it for free

Taking photos at Ferrari World is not prohibited. But, there are areas where precious moments can only be captured by the park's official photographers. One photo is worth 75AED. You can get a discount when you buy more. All photos in a USB is worth 250AED.  

Official Photo at Ferrari World Yas Island Abu Dhabi

To get a photo for free, make new friends! =) Ed found a friend during his roller coaster ride. His seatmate at Formula Rossa was so generous. He bought two photos and asked for Ed's email address so he can send copies to him.  

Ed and a new found friend at Formula Rossa Ferrari World Yas Island

Tip #4: go hotel-hopping 

After dinner, we went for a stroll around Yas Island. We visited the Yas Viceroy Hotel which reminds me of Singapore's Esplanade. The hotel is near the Yas Marina Circuit where F1 races take place.

Ed and Lady at Viceroy Hotel Yas Island Abu Dhabi

We took pictures of  the futuristic-designed hotel and watched the fast cars zooming at the race track. 
Ed at Viceroy Hotel Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Lady at Viceroy Hotel Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Ed inside Viceroy Hotel Yas Island Abu Dhabi

The night was still young, so we looked for a place to chill-out. I was craving for a cold drink and some dessert, while Ed wanted to relax with a glass of beer. I was so glad we found a place at Yas Island where we could have His and Hers "chill time". Though our ideas clashed, Island Cafe at Rotana Hotel catered both our cravings.

Lady outside Yas Rotana Hotel, Yas Island Abu Dhabi
Yas Island Rotana
Island Cafe at Rotana Hotel Yas Island Abu Dhabi
our Chill-Out spot: quiet and not crowded (we like it that way!)
Ed and Lady enjoying the night at Island Cafe at Rotana Hotel Yas Island Abu Dhabi
quality time, well spent
beer, nuts, iced tea and strawberry cupcake in Island Cafe Rotana Hotel Yas Island Abu Dhabi
beer and nuts for him
iced tea and strawberry cupcake for me 
So, that is how we chill... not in bars, no loud music, no tipsy moments. That seems to be pretty boring for a young couple, but for us, it was a great way to cap off a good day at Yas Island!

Tip #5: ask for a late check-out

Radisson Blu allows late check-out. Check-out times vary, depending on the availability. We were allowed to stay until 1pm. We were also given extra hours to use the pool after checking out, but we chose not to since it was scorching hot. 

in Radisson Blu Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Tip #6: on going back to Dubai

It is easy to search for buses bound to Dubai at the main bus terminal. Green colored buses have routes within Abu Dhabi, while red ones, like bus E01 (shown in the photo below) are Dubai bound. Abu Dhabi to Dubai fare is cheaper, only at 15AED per person. 

Bus going back to Dubai from Abu Dhabi

The Yas Island Series comes to an end. 
Check out the links below if you have missed my previous posts. 

As of the moment, another getaway within the UAE is brewing. If you have suggestions, feel free to post a comment. I would love to receive travel tips from you guys! 

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